My 5 favorite new features in MSN Messenger 7

As I mentioned in this entry, the Messenger team has released a beta of Messenger 7.0.  The beta is packed with cool features.  I thought I’d share my 5 favorite new features.

  • Nudges.  Almost everyone I’ve talked to about the beta loves nudges.  I love being able to grab the attention of the person they’re IMing with.
  • Message Recall.  Message Recall automatically inserts the last couple of lines from your Message History into the conversation window every time a new conversation window opens.  I love the context this provides.  I have a lot of conversations that end up spread out over a couple of hours, sometimes even days and it helps me to understand where the conversation left off.
  • Winks.  Winks are like emoticons, only better.   Winks are full screen automations that play over the top of the conversation window.
  • Display Pictures in the signin toast.  When someone logs into the Messenger service the notification you receive includes a "thumbnail" view of their display picture.  This makes it easy to tell if one of your contacts has changed their display picture.
  • The new Main Window.  The main window has been updated with a new way of displaying statuses for your contacts.

Well that is my list.  Did I leave out your favorite feature?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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2 Responses to My 5 favorite new features in MSN Messenger 7

  1. Messenger says:

    The chief integration point between Spaces and Messenger is in the form of the new Contact Cards and Gleams.In the Main Window UI when you hover over the icon to the right of a contact\’s display name you\’ll see that the default action for that icon is to view the Contact Card. The Contact Card includes links to the most recent updates your contact\’s space.So how do you know when a contact has updated their space? That\’s where the new Gleam feature comes. When a contact updates their spaces their icon in the Main Window will have a little gold star on it in the bottom right hand corner.I\’ve seen reports that gleams aren\’t showing up for some folks. If that is happening for you, try clearing your cache in IE and see if that doesn\’t kick start them.

  2. Neil says:

    I quite like the theme packs – a background, display picture and some new emoticons is quite nice to have. I still don\’t see where the integration with Spaces is going to be though – am I missing a tab in the messenger window or something?

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