Why can’t I use the “handwrite” feature in Messenger 7?

Updated: (Added a link to a Journal security fix)

Updated 4/29/05

Some folks still aren’t seeing handwrite tab even after installing the Journal Viewer.  This may be an order of installation issue.  Try removing MSN Messenger and Journal Viewer.  Install Journal Viewer and then install MSN Messenger.  Word is that fixes the problem.

One of the cool new features in Messenger 7.0 is ability to use Ink in a IM conversation on your PC to give your message that “hand written” look.  Ink is usually a TabletPC feature, but in Messenger 7 it is available to anyone whose machine meets the minimum system requirements.

But, some folks are installing the beta only to discover that this feature isn’t "there".  Here’s the low down on Ink in Messenger 7.

Minimum requirements for handwrite capabilities are:

  • Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or above.
  • Microsoft Windows Journal Viewer 1.5. Download now.
  • Security Update for Windows Journal Viewer (KB886179). Download now.


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13 Responses to Why can’t I use the “handwrite” feature in Messenger 7?

  1. Unknown says:


  2. Nicky says:

    i reil want this handwriting this but i dont know how to get it :(

  3. kayleigh says:

    has any 1 got the installment for the handwrittin because i av got it but it will not work it says i have 2 install things and i dont no what so if u have the installment will u please add me am propa confussed

  4. heyPolly says:

    i still don\’t get how to use the handwrite thing…

  5. Ömer says:

    doesnt need all that.use ink redist

  6. luke says:

    i have got msn beta 7.0 but i cant get handwrite fing an i have got that lil jernal fing an it dont do nofink when iv got it wat do i do wiv da jernal fing to get handwrite

  7. Unknown says:

    how do i make the hand writing thing work??…i tried it, but a thing pops up saying i need to install software.. but i have everything it sayswhy wont it work!?

  8. Messenger says:

    Rachel, you need to install the Journal Viewer or some other Ink enabled application (OneNote for example). Once you have an Ink enabled application installed, if you are running Windows XP or Windows 2000 SP3 and higher, the Handwrite feature will show up once you exit and restart Messenger.In many cases, the easiest thing to do it install Journal viewer and reboot your machine. We it restarts, the Handwrite feature should show up.

  9. Terence says:

    How about make it variable compatibility to even Windows XP Service Pack 1 or above as well?

  10. Rach says:

    sorry it me again i have windows xp but i still dont no how 2 set up handwrite ( \’\’ , )

  11. Rach says:

    how do i set up handwite i have msn messenger beta 7.0 but i dont no how to get it started please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Messenger says:

    Did you install Journal Viewer and the hotfix? If you did, you\’ll need to restart Messenger. You might want to reboot your machine to make sure you get MSN Messenger rebooted.

  13. Jen says:

    My handwrite option isn\’t there :S I\’m on Windows XPHelp!

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