Suggest a topic!

I’m hoping to make this Space into a Conversation.  To do that, I need feedback from y’all on what topics you would like me to discuss.

Is there something bugging you about the Messenger 7 beta?  Let me know.  Do you have a feature request?  Tell me what it is.  Aren’t sure how to do something in Messenger?  Aren’t sure if what you want can even be done?  Let me know.

Leave a comment, send me mail (messenger_support_space AT or send me an IM (same address).

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4 Responses to Suggest a topic!

  1. Ralph says:

    While on Msn messenger conservation window.I pressed at the bottom a fanta orange soda add .It now is orange at the inside of my MsN messenger conservation window with the word fanta in the middle of the conservation window.I uninsialled the MsN messenger 7.0 and reinstalled ythe same and the fanta advertizement still apears .Please tell me what I need to do to remove this.Thank YYou\’Ralph

  2. The AAron says:

    yes, the update notifications. I saw it a few sites but not on others, and i haven\’t seen how to put that on my page, a friend wanted me to set it up since I update irregularly.thanks

  3. Messenger says:

    What kind of alerts? New email notifications? Notifications that your Space has been updated? Let me know.

  4. The AAron says:

    how do i make alerts apear on the screen so people can sign up?

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