Receive an Alert in Messenger when a Space, or blog, changes

(Updated 2/21/05)

I just found a Space for LiveMessage.  They’ve got great instructions on how to setup LiveMessage Alerts.  Click here to read the whole thing.

Via Abbie and Ryan I found LiveMessage.  LiveMessage is a very cool service.

Here’s the idea. 

One of the coolest integration points between Messenger and Spaces is a new feature called "gleams".  A gleam is a small, golden star in the right hand corner of your contacts icon.  The gleam shows up when your contact updates their Space.  If you click on the contact icon it will pull up your buddy’s contact card.  The contact card tells you what has been changed on your buddy’s space.  You can also click the "flip" button in the top right of the card to see contact information for your buddy, hence the name "contact cards".

The gleam let’s you know when a space has been updated.  Very cool, but what does that have to do with LiveMessage?

Ah, glad I asked!

What if you want to be alerted when someone’s Space changes but they aren’t on your contact list?  That’s where LiveMessage comes.

First off the person who owns the Space, or blog, you’re interested in must setup their Space/blog to use LiveMessage.  Once they do, you simply click on the ‘receive alerts’ link (the exact name is decided by the person who owns the Space) and you’ll be taken to the Messagecast site to finish the process.  This is seriously cool stuff!

One of the biggest advantages that Spaces has going for it is integration with Messenger.  This gives any blogger near parity with Spaces integration.  Really good stuff.

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3 Responses to Receive an Alert in Messenger when a Space, or blog, changes

  1. Unknown says:

    Ha! It was a bit confusing to set up…they can certainly simplify things though! But overall, I do enjoy the alerts. Once it is set up, they are easy to manage.

  2. Messenger says:

    You need to click the "Syndicate this site" link at the top of your Space. That will take you to the URL you need.

  3. The AAron says:

    When I tried to set this up it keeps asking for a difference "URL feed" whats the correct URL to put in here?

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