Get rid of Persistent Gleams in Messenger

Gleams are the little gold stars on a contact’s icon that indicates that their Space has been updated.  When you single click the contact icon it launches the contact card which gives you a preview of the update to the Space.

Once you view the contact card the gleam disappears until the next update to the space occurs.

However, there have been some folks that have reported that even after viewing the contact card the gleam remains ore persists.  Here’s a workaround to get rid of persistent gleams:

  1. Close any conversations windows you have open in Messenger.
  2. Close Messenger.
  3. Exit Messenger.  (If you can’t exit Messenger, use the task manager to kill the msnmsgr.exe process.)
  4. Open Internet Explorer.
  5. Tools, Internet Options, Delete Files, OK.
  6. Restart Messenger and sign in.

Now when you launch a contact card the gleam should be cleared.

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3 Responses to Get rid of Persistent Gleams in Messenger

  1. Diane says:

    I\’ve tried all ways and means but the persistent gleams are still there.  I\’ve also contacted Support but all of their solutions don\’t work.  I only had this problem when I created another Passport and signed it with it previously and then signed out – ie.
    (1) Signed in with Passport 1.
    (2) Log out.
    (3) Signed in with Passport 2.
    (4) Log out.
    (5) Signed in with Passport 1 again.
    I don\’t think my problem is machine specific.  I think it has to do with my Passport account.  Help!

  2. Messenger says:

    Varsity,I\’ve asked Brian, the Support PM for Spaces, to comment on this. He\’s got more ideas about this than I do. But, here\’s one possibility. If someone goes in and touches *anything* on their space (stats moduel, whatever) that can cause their contact to gleam.Brian will have more info.

  3. Tom says:

    Got a vaguely similar problem: Gleams appear whenever a contact with a Space signs in, regardless of whether they\’ve updated it or not. I don\’t have trouble with it \’sticking\’ though.

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