How do I get rid of the “Invalid character in text content” error?

(Update: Edited the problem description for clarity.)

Abbie was getting the infamous "Invalid character in text content" error every time she closed a conversation window.  (Click here to see what the error dialog looks like.)

From her review of the Messenger 7 Beta I know that Abbie uses Messenger Plus.

Messenger Plus is usually the culprit when this error shows up.  Messenger Plus allows users to add characters, in one form or another, to their display names that Messenger doesn’t handle.

When you close the conversation window in Messenger, Messenger updates the history file.  During the update to the history file Messenger encounter the character that is outside the range of supported characters and this error is the result.

So, how do you fix this?

That’s where Jonathan Kay enters the picture.  Jonathan has written a great tool (scanxmllogs) to scan the history log files and clean up any characters that Messenger has a problem with.

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