My wish list for Spaces in 2005

I love Spaces.  Spaces is definitely in the running for the Silver Medal in the "2004 MSN Cool Release Olympics".  The other contenders are the Search Beta and the Toolbar Suite Beta.  The new Hotmail release and Web Messenger deserver honorable mention.

Messenger 7.0 Beta has a solid lock on the Gold Medal (of course!).

But there is one "big ticket" issue that keeps me from enjoying Spaces as much as I might otherwise — Spaces is a web application.  Generally I find web applications to be less useful and harder to use than comparable Win32 applications.

Even web applications that are extremely well done aren’t as useable as their Win32 counterparts.  Take Outlook 2003 and Outlook Web Access 2003.  Both are "best of breed" applications, but given my druthers I would choose to use Outlook for my day to day PIM needs over OWA.

I like the power, usability and flexibility of Windows applications.

So here’s my wish list item for Spaces in 2005 — write an add-in for OneNote that allows me to manager and publish my Space from inside of OneNote.

I know that using an outliner as an interface to a blog isn’t an original idea, but I still think it is a good one.  I know I would use it.


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2 Responses to My wish list for Spaces in 2005

  1. Messenger says:

    Matthew, are you asking for the ability to submit a blog entry over IM or a button/tab that will take you to your Space?

  2. Matthew says:

    Maybe a tab from Messenger that allows you to blog something real quickly. Well, the OneNote idea is good too, so both of them!I\’m still waiting for group Spaces, come on Spaces 2.0!@Matthew

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