TechTree Reviews MSN Messenger 7 Beta

Reviewed by Aalaap Ghag.  Aalaap wasn’t impressed.  From the review:

With nothing substantial (and relevant to communication) left to innovate on, both are scrambling, with eccentric features in their next-of-kin products, to woo the cosmetic-happy crowd over from each other’s user base. Features like display pictures and high quality emoticons are understandably well received and up to a certain extent, also quite useful. But features like Yahoo’s Audibles and IMvironments are simply a waste of time and bandwidth. Till version 6.2, MSN Messenger had only the good and useful features – display pictures and high quality emoticons, but now they’ve gone and done it too.

Let’s take a peek at the reasons why I won’t be upgrading to the new MSN Messenger 7.0, unless my life depends on it.

In fairness I should say that I have talked to a lot of folks that love the features Aalaap doesn’t like.  Read the whole review.

And after you’re done reading the review, if you haven’t played with the beta yet, I suggest downloading Messenger 7 Beta and trying it out for yourself.

Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you have questions or comments about the Messenger beta.

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3 Responses to TechTree Reviews MSN Messenger 7 Beta

  1. Matt says:

    The one and only thing I care about that I think should be added to MSN Messenger 7 is a feature that allows you to have a video conversation with multiple people…..IN ONE BOX. You have it already so that you can have a conversation with multiple people all in the same chat box, and you can have conversations with mutliple people on webcam in different boxes, so why not give us the option to have a webcam conversation with multiple frineds all in the same box so everyone can talk at the same time and see everyone at the same time without having to switch back and forth between boxes! That\’s my rant.Matt

  2. Messenger says:

    Matt, I appreciate the feedback. I\’ve passed it along to the Messenger team.

  3. Matt says:

    I\’d have to agree with Aalaap on the whole.My master list of grips:* Get rid of the advertisement at the bottom of the messenger window. I was using MessengerPlus to get rid of it, but the author decided to remove the \’hide\’ option.* Allow me to hide the tabs down the left hand side of window. I dont care about all those things – they just take up valuable screen space.* Cut down the space the window uses, so I can see all my contacts! It used to be *just* acceptable with version 6.2, but, now its crazy.I do like the winks and the handwriting support, but they\’re things that i dont think i\’d ever use. I did appreciate that now my pic shows up filling the whole box, where before it was too small, but thats not really all that much of a biggy.

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