Broken links between contact cards and spaces

Anita asked:

hey i had a space and then i deleted it, but i made a new one, but on my contact card it still goes to the old one even though it’s not there anymore. is there any way that can change?

Dare has addressed this in this entry.  The downside to Dare’s approach, as he noted in his blog, is it will delete any content you have purchased or downloaded as well as resolving the problem Anita is having.

I have some good news.  Working with the Messenger and Spaces dev teams we’ve found a way to clean up the link between your space and contact card without risking any downloaded content.  Here’s how you can do it:

  • sign out of Messenger
    Note: You may have to use the task manager to kill Messenger.  If you do, pull up the task manager and hunt through your process list for msnmsgr.exe and kill that.


  • open a command prompt
  • type "cd %appdata%\microsoft
  • type "cd msn messenger"
  • "del /s ListCache.dat"
  • restart Messenger

That should do it!

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31 Responses to Broken links between contact cards and spaces

  1. Pakorn says:

    Me too my contact card is empty it doesn\’t show the link to my spaces. In addition, I cannot view anyone\’s spaces due to their contact cards are empty as mine. Please help

  2. Josef says:

    i have the same problem. i deleted my old blog and create a new one. initially it appeared in my contact card and later it disppeared. now nobody can get to my space via my contact card. i have deleted the listcache.dat but the problem remained.

  3. Unknown says:

    i have the same problem as anita ( i had an old space, deleted it, got a new one, but the old space shows up on messenger), and i saw how to fix it. It says open a command prompt. How do i do that????

  4. omnia. says:

    I don\’t have beside my name a person\’s contact card,I don\’t know why.Also a have album on my msn space but I don\’t have a  yellow star beside my display name or my e-mail.PLZ help meeeeeeeeeee,MANY thx

  5. Alex says:

    i\’ve up dated my space but this doesn\’t appear on my contact card i\’ve deleted blog entries and they still appear on my contact card do u no how i sort it?

  6. Unknown says:

    hey how do i get my mobile and home numbers off my contact card cause really scary people are starting to call me.

  7. Gail says:

    how do i edit and/or delete the phone numbers from my contact card???  And, why is the Nickname not changed after I  "Save" changes.  I\’ve also restarted, but nothing changes.  It\’s driving me crazy!!!!

  8. Unknown says:

    Chris i have exactly the same problem, i have a msn space but my contact card has nothing on it either. Also i am unable to view my contacts spaces via their msn contact card either :( plz help many thanks

  9. Angie says:

    How do I change information on my contact card displayed on MSN Messenger like my MOBILE or PHONE NUMBER? PLS. HELP!

  10. Amy says:

    get my space its so much easier to use and hey to all you liverpool fans shame bout man untd pppft yeah right

  11. Chris says:

    Yes. My friends have me on their contact list, but there is just nothing on my contact card (just like i dont have a space)

  12. Matt says:

    basically, i cannot view other peoples "my space" i will check back on the topic, please help, it is driving me insane. thankyou…

  13. Unknown says:

    I have the same problem…I have a space but it doesnt show up in my contact card…what should i do?

  14. Wonder woman a.k.a nicole says:

    it still didn\’t work i accidently put these songs on my music when i waz testing it out and i deleted those songs in my music space but they still show on my contact card, this is really annoyin as i hate those songs please wat can i do?

  15. Roy Fokker says:

    Same problem, I can\’t see my CONTACT card, it seems that other people can…….. HELP PLIS

  16. silvia karen says:

    Same thing here.. I\’ve got a MSN Space with this MSN Passport account, but when viewed in Messenger with another account, the contact card information won\’t show anything about the Space, nor does the address book in Hotmail show the little contact card icon, like it does for other people that have msn space.I tried deleting listcache, but it just got rid of personalized image.. the problem remains. I\’m using MSN Messenger 7.5.0299.

  17. baby jayne says:

    hello cool space check mien out thanks plz leave me a comment thanks

  18. David says:

    I would like to edit my contact card…do I have to create an msn space to do that?

  19. baby jayne says:

    hello guys im avin the same prob i cant see my space on my contact card and i cant see other ppls on there contact card could u tell me wot the prob is plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

  20. .::[V O O D O O C H I L D]::. says:

    just wunderin if ne1 cud help me. wen im on msn msnga n ppl look at ma contact card dey can c ma ome n mobile numba on it, so i wantd 2 change it 2 make it not b on der, but wen i look at ma own contact card it dnt show ma numbas so der aint nuthin 2 change but otha ppl can stil c it if ya get me :S plz help id b so gr8ful cheerz xXx

  21. Unknown says:

    I had the same problem… if you have a double partition than MSN can\’t help… they simply say "figure it out yourself" but then just open \’cmd\’, close MSN Messenger and type \’del /s listcache.dat\’ then all the listcache.dat files are deleted and you\’ll be able to view your card again. :)

  22. Dina says:

    Help Plz!!! I can;t see the link to my space in my contact card and I want my contacts to see it as well. =) In advance thankyou!

  23. Messenger says:

    Lummers,I\’m not sure I understand your question. Are you not seeing a contact for yourself, or is it that people who have you on their contact list aren\’t seeing your contact card?

  24. David says:

    I tried that suggestion and i still have no space , is it because i have an msn address

  25. David says:

    My space hasnt set me a contact card at all

  26. Francisco says:

    Hi! =)I have exactly the same problem as Rðx¥08… =/I\’ve created a space, but when me or other people view my contact card, it doesn\’t show up anything about my space… It\’s just like I haven\’t created any space yet… =(Do you know what\’s the problem and how can I solve it? =PThanks in advance! =)

  27. Messenger says:

    -ChillinInRexburg-, thanks for the positive comments.

  28. *Brandy* says:

    AHH! THANK YOU!! I\’ve been looking for this solution FOREVER! Oh thank you guys SO MUCH!

  29. Messenger says:

    I want to make sure I understand the problem.All the folks who have you on their contact list, when they view your contact card, don\’t see any indication that you have a space. Correct?

  30. Unknown says:

    I have a space but it doesnt show up in my contact card…what should i do?

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