myMSN and RSS support

MC has two really cool pieces of news.  First, Spaces has hit the 1.5 million user mark.  Second, the myMSN team is adding support for RSS feeds.

Click here to read the whole thing.


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2 Responses to myMSN and RSS support

  1. Unknown says:

    Islamic HumanismThis is a weblog designed as a part of my intellectual struggle for releasing Islamic culture from the contaminating fundamentalist and religious ideologies; in order to reconstruct my personal identity and to help re-configure the identity of many like me who are sick of unfair representations of their culture/beliefs by both corporate media and the so-called Islamic states. Islam was originally an egalitarian, emancipatory, humanist, and even secular movement against the dominant form of aristocracy and its related religious ideology, polytheism. Like many social movements it was constrained by its historical context. Hence, it had to use the language of religion to communicate easier and to forge its ideas into more understandable discourses. However its worldview is based on a meaningful life with meaningful ends which are realizable by humanity. Allah is the real potential of such aspiration, Therefore Muslims must not be pessimistic about the realization of freedom, human rights/ethics and justice. In Islam, these goals are confirmed to have originality in "the Existence" (ALLAH). There is an inherent willingness in the Existence to support any action in harmoney with these goals. Today, we need to reconstruct Islam by extracting its emancipatory ideas and by releasing it from its original historical and discursive requirements, by discovering and dismissing the interpretations of Islam that are institutionalized for the purposes of power. " © IslamicHumanism 2004-

  2. Eric Swanson says:

    The MSN Spaces\’ RSS feed also allows you to add content to your own website. Copy and paste the link below to learn more.!1pdVO89fmNKwqmwfervd6IGg!312.entry

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