The “other” IM client from Microsoft

Microsoft has two IM clients, Windows Messsenger and MSN Messenger.  My site deals primaryly with MSN Messenger but every once in a while I like to post something about that "other" IM client. has a great article that talks about some of the cool new features in Live Communication Server’s new client code named "Istanbul".

So now Microsoft will have three IM clients:

Istanbul will leave Microsoft with three instant messaging clients, including MSN Messenger. "The Istanbul client is designed to be the best client for Live Communications Server," says Ed Simnett, lead product manager for real-time collaboration at Microsoft.

I think this part sounds cool:

For example, Istanbul pulls Out of Office and calendar information from Exchange to help determine presence status. … Imagine scrolling through a list of dozens of coworkers in another department and determining immediately who is around to take your question.

Read the whole thing here.

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2 Responses to The “other” IM client from Microsoft

  1. Marcus says:

    i keep getting 1603 error whenever i try to install msn messenger.. ever since i uninstalled sp2, i haven\’t bene able to install msn messenger.i have enough space on my hd, i unchecked the encription on my temp folder, i registered msi file, and downloaded the patch..i unstalled all my anti-spyware program, and i have norton antivirus program which i disabled…yet, i\’m still having a problem with the install..what can i do?thanks

  2. Charles says:

    How about getting the Messenger team to release the specs/API on Winks and Deluxe Display pictures so other companies can compete fairly?

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