Janac’s very cool Space

Via MC I found Jana’s Joint.  She’s a Product Manager working on chats and communities applications.  If you’re interested in keeping up on the latest chats from Microsoft, sign up for an alert.  I did!

I’ve also added a link to Jana’s space in my "Other Links" list.



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4 Responses to Janac’s very cool Space

  1. Celtic_Warrior1888 says:

    Ah! That will explain it. Fair enough.Cheers for your help Jeff – appreciated.

  2. Messenger says:

    Mr. Celtic :-)Here\’s the deal.There are really two contact cards in MSN Messenger 7. The YOU card, the card you see for all your contacts, and the ME card, the one you see when you clcik on "View my contact card".There are no alerts for the ME card, so the ME card takes a snapshot of how the world looks when you signin and stays that way.But you don\’t really want to see the ME card anyway, do you? We all want to know what our contacts will see when they click on our contact card in their contact list.For that there is a workaround and it is to add yourself to your buddy list, that way you\’ll see gleams and alerts as you\’ll normally do with any other buddy.

  3. Messenger says:

    I\’ll ask Brian and see if he has any ideas. I haven\’t seen this problem before.

  4. Celtic_Warrior1888 says:

    Hi, I\’m using the Beta of MSN 7.0 (public build).I was just wondering if you were aware of an issue between Contact Card & Spaces. By this I mean, for example, I have blogged several times today, however whenever I view my Contact Card in MSN, the blog it notes is about 3 days old.Is there an known issue with Sync\’ing between 7.0 & Spaces?NB: I have not deleted my Space at any time (still the good old one I created when Spaces was launched).Cheers! :-)

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