Error code 81000365 at sign-in

I’ve seen ia number of reports of folks getting an 81000365 error trying to sign-in to MSN Messenger.  Many of the 81000365 errors at sign-in have been resolved by re-adding MSN Messenger to your firewall allowed application list.  It seems that some firewalls don’t recognize MSN Messenger build 6.2.0205 and are blocking it.


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4 Responses to Error code 81000365 at sign-in

  1. Unknown says:

    HelloI have found a security bug on MSN Spaces.I can actually log on to someone else\’s space as owner. Can you email me and I send you the details ? Or is there somewhere where I can post it (with a screenshot, as it is rather difficult to explain) and it gets read sooner rather than later ? Cheers

  2. larry says:

    solo quiero q me ayuden ha desbloquear sto ,por favor

  3. larry says:

    ayudenme a salir de este bloqueo

  4. Jonathan says:

    It\’s the same with every new version…

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