Manila first impressions

I’m in Manila visiting two of our support centers.  I flew in last night at 11:00 PM local time.

Manila is a vibrant city.  Even at 11:00 the city was bustling.  In the short ride from the airport to the hotel there were two things that really struck me.

First, the colorful vehicles used as combination bus/taxi.  As we pulled out from the airport the first one went rushing by inches from my window.  All I could see was a blur of color.

The driver told me it was a jeepney

The jeepneys were cool.  They were all very colorful and each one was unique.

The second thing that struck me was how bad the traffic is and how different the driving style is from what I’m used to.

Even at 11:00 the main road was pack.  And I’ve grown use to Seattle drivers.  Seattle drivers are, in general, pretty polite and not very aggressive.  Filipino drivers tend to be a bit more, um, aggressive.

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3 Responses to Manila first impressions

  1. Unknown says:

    Hope you enjoy your stay here in Manila! Glad to hear you think we\’re doing a good job. ;)

  2. Messenger says:

    Thanks Matthew.I think our centers in Manila are doing a great job. All the work needs to be done back in Redmond to (1) produce a better product that generates less need for support (2) product a product that is easier to support (3) produce better content for the frontline agents doing the support.I\’m one of those folks who thinks that if your support experience isn\’t very good, the blame utlimately lies in Redmond, not with the agents that deliver the support.

  3. Matthew says:

    Cool Jeff, I hope you can improve the support center, you certainly have your work cut out for you. :-p@Matthew

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