Virus Alert – W32.Serflog.C spreading through Messenger

There is a new virus spreading through P2P applications and IM.  Details here.  This looks like a particularly unpleasant one.

If you practice my 2 second safety rule, you should be fine:

So let me introduce "Jeff’s 2 second safety tip" — Never open a file or link you receive in IM unless you can answer two questions about the file.  "What is this?" and "Why did you send it?".

Stay safe out there. 

Don’t click on any of the following files, it no matter who sends them to you:

  • Crazy frog gets killed by train!.pif
  • Annoying crazy frog getting killed.pif
  • See my lesbian friends.pif
  • My new photo!.pif
  • Me on holiday!.pif
  • The Cat And The Fan piccy.pif
  • How a Blonde Eats a Banana…pif
  • Mona Lisa Wants Her Smile Back.pif
  • Topless in Mini Skirt! lol.pif
  • Fat Elvis! lol.pif
  • Jennifer Lopez.scr

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    3 Responses to Virus Alert – W32.Serflog.C spreading through Messenger

    1. Unknown says:

      I contracted this virus and have no idea how to fix it. I cannot use system restore, as it will close out of the window. I cannot get to any anti virus sight or use websearch efficiently because it will also close my browser out. How can I fix this? Please email me the response. Thank you

    2. Overdo says:

      I\’m glad to see the recent bout of IM pests has caused a technical solution to be implemented by the Messenger team. Social education can only go so far :(

    3. al says:

      Thank you for this information. Since I found your space, and spaces of your colleagues, I have learned some very valuable information that i\’ve shared with many fellow bloggers.Bookman

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