Messenger cannot sign in – Verify firewall settings

If you have trouble signing into Messenger, verify if Messenger is enable dthrough your firewall. For steps for most common firewalls refer to for help.
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  1. «®•°.¸kokowawa ¸.•°®» says:

    i\’ve a problem also when i try to add a blog this messege is written : This space is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

  2. Siobhan says:

    hi tryin 2 log into msn messenger but message keeps comin up, it failed because the service temporaily unavailable. Pls try l8r. Error code 80040154.
    Can someone pls try and help? Not very with it when it comes to computers so pls try and make it simple. Great when they do what u want them to do!!

  3. Lx says:

    Hi Ppl,If your a little stuck with your MSN, feel free to drop me an email and I will gladly help in anyway I can, I can\’t promise to be sucessful everytime though!Email:

  4. valeria says:

    thanks alot for ur help

  5. LUKE says:


  6. LUKE says:

    i try to do go on msn but when i say sign in it said troubleshoot and i press troubleshoot and it ticks evry thing els apart from wireless
    so can any 1 tell me wat to do thanks. please

  7. chocolate says:

    stiill cant !
    dun everything poss

  8. Camilo says:

    I think that I discover the reason of my currently down space, because I was trying to impersonate MYSELF!!! I was trying to put my xbox gamer tag into my space, my gamer tag no corresponds to my hotmail account and I just wanna make a link to it, its that a crime?

  9. Camilo says:

    How can i recover my lost msn space ??? the following message appears when I try to get it This "space is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later" thanks in advance

  10. Unknown says:

    everytime i try go get on msn ICAN\’T BEACUSE IT KEEPS COMMING UP TRUBBLESHOOT  and then it comes up repir so i press it but it does n\’t work PLEASE help me

  11. Unknown says:

    hey how the hell do u vertify ur e-mail address?? it means i cant change my name on messanger, do u know how bugging it is??? please help me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Unknown says:

    Every time i go 2 check if i hav any emails it wont allow me it says "Account Temporarily Unavailable" is there any way i can fix this cos i really need to send an email and i may hav some very important ones, please help!!

  13. Antoinette says:

    Same issue as everyone else here: for the past month or so, I\’m no longer able to log into MSN Messenger.  I\’ve tried all suggestions I can find here – verified date/time settings, uninstalled/reinstalled several times, re-registered all of the DLLs listed in several of the postings, I\’ve made sure the Windows Firewall (I\’m running XP) had MSN Messenger selected as an exception to allow, then tried disabling the Windows Firewall, altogether.  Still get the same message of: "Signing into MSN messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. 800b0001".
    Anyone from Microsoft out there?  Could really use some help.

  14. lila says:

    still have the problem fire wall keyports
    unable to sign itonet messenger 3 weeks now
    tryed to do a system restore it wouldnt let me said currupted file
    the only thing i downloaded was whe i clicked on desktop icon to sign in a yello bar was across it and it said new downloads for msn messenger thats when the problem happened
    also i have in my control pannel add in for desk top search games and have no idea how it got their no files on computer wont let me delate it says fatal errorr
    when i try to download msnmessenger the tool barr and make msn my home page is already clicked i confused and need help support wont help
    is their smothing that can help very sad old lady could you help me

  15. Alice says:

    I haven\’t been able to sign into msn messenger since getting my new pc. i uninstalled it, then re-installed it again, and the same message comes up- there may be a problem with your service or connection… or firewall settings, review these .. etc, and so i press TROUBLESHOOT- the little tick list comes up and it ticks the first 4, then at DNS it stops, the progress bar is moving up and down, i leave the computer for ages AND NOTHING HAPPENS! So i can\’t go anywhere from there if the CONNECTION TROUBLESHOOTER DOESN\’T EVEN WORK! Please help me, what should i do???

  16. gary says:

    Hi i had exactly the same problem YIPPEEEE FINALLY FIXED MINEjust going round in circles the troubleshooter telling me everything is fine. But no luck connecting. I freshly installed windows, freshly installed messenger 7.5.Still no good. i reconfigured my router settings still no joy…………………………….Then i noticed i had set my pc to January 2005 soon as i corrected the date in my pc messenger would connect..So it seems the date has to be set correctly ………CHECK THIS IN YOUR PC BEFORE ANY OF THE OTHER SOLUTIONSDoh i was only a year out …………

  17. Kimberley says:

    i cant sign on to msn messenger at all…i keep getting the troubleshoot thing and when i click it, i get a message saying my \’default gateway apperas to be offline\’…..ive tried so many things…deleting firewall, entered those codes listed on the support site….nothing works!!help me, i need to use this!!!

  18. Kate says:

    Please it\’s me again, I have tried everything, firewall settings, time and date, everything, the whole list that you have, yet nothing seems to work. I have the newest version 7.5 beta, I have d/led 7.0 and 6.2 and they don\’t work either, the proxy test said that I should be able to connect but it just freezes still. Please if there is anything you can do or have me try.

  19. Danny says:

    i am getting the same problems now iswell its anoying i cannot sighn into my msn at all now on my full comp i have tried trouble shouting it but that doesnt work can u please please help me i miss msn PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Kate says:

    Hey all.I suppose I\’m having the same problems as everyone else. I can\’t sign on messenger. I tried everything uninstall reinstall, install older version, all those register server commands, nothing works, they say they are all successful but msn keeps freezing when I log on. I\’ve sent dozens of error reports. Normally it wouldn\’t bother me but I really need to get on. Please help in any way you can.Thanx

  21. ben says:

    whenever i try to sign in on msn 7.5 it freezes before it fully signs in? i even reformatted my computer and its still doing the same thing, so i\’m stuck using windows messenger if you can help it would be very appreciated,

  22. james says:

    HI To Japs, I tried your fix, by changing the MTU number on my Netgear router ( using AOL broadband and it worked )well done and thanks.

  23. clodagh says:

    hey can someone please help me. it is coming up that the service is temporarily unavailable but when i sign in with another email address it works. is there something up with my account. i can read emails i just can\’t sign in to msn messenger, i have msn messenger 7.5. i have tried everything on this page and none of it is working.someone please help!

  24. young says:

    MAn,… geting sick of this error …. Signing into MSN messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavaiable. PLease try again later. STUPID i tried everythign that said up there but it dosnt work…. Waht the HEll is UP>~!

  25. Unknown says:

    msn messenger wont let me sign in, the pop up says that signing in failed because the service is temporarily unavailable?!! i dont understand what this means, its been a few days and i still cant sign in, i cant even check my emails… why is the service unavailable for me.. only i cant sign, but using another email i can… ?? whats up with my account?! tina

  26. xaNdReAlOux says:

    Xan, I had the EXACT same problem! I tried all the possible solutions and after restarting, it was fixed. I am confident that this was what solved it:1. Click Start2. Click Run3. In the textbox type: cmd.exe4. Click OK5. The command window will open. Type the following commands in the command window and press ENTER. Some of these commands make take up to 60 seconds to execute. Just wait for each one to complete before entering the next one.regsvr32 Mssip32.dllregsvr32 Softpub.dllregsvr32 Initpki.dll6. Usually this seems to work. However, if this doesn\’t work, you may need to register more files. Here are the common trouble-makers. Continue to enter these into the command window:regsvr32 Cryptdlg.dllregsvr32 Rsaenh.dllregsvr32 Gpkcsp.dllregsvr32 Dssenh.dllregsvr32 Slbcsp.dllregsvr32 Mssip32.dllregsvr32 Wintrust.dllregsvr32 Sccbase.dllHope it helps! x

  27. nickyNARCISSIST says:

    i cant sign in and it comes up saying its error 80072efd and 80048820 ive tried everything i can think of and nothing works. if you can help me please email me cos i dont know what to do and its soooooo ANNOYING!!

  28. nickyNARCISSIST says:

    i cant sign in and it comes up saying its error 80072efd and 80048820 ive tried everything i can think of and nothing works. if you can help me please email me cos i dont know what to do and its soooooo ANNOYING!!

  29. December L. says:

    I had the problem like everybody else of not being able to sign in due to services not being available.Well I found this fix, tried it and it worked like a charm so I thought I would share.DecemberDescription -Common error message seen when trying to uninstall or reinstall MSN messenger. Here\’s the fix.Directions -When uninstalling MSN messenger or reinstalling it, sometimes people get one of the following errors:Signing into MSN messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. 800b0001Signing in to .NET Messenger Service failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.By re-registering some files, this is pretty easily fixed.Fix: 1. Click Start 2. Click Run 3. In the textbox type: cmd.exe 4. Click OK 5. The command window will open. Type the following commands in the command window and press ENTER. Some of these commands make take up to 60 seconds to execute. Just wait for each one to complete before entering the next one. regsvr32 Mssip32.dll regsvr32 Softpub.dll regsvr32 Initpki.dll 6. Usually this seems to work. However, if this doesn\’t work, you may need to register more files. Here are the common trouble-makers. Continue to enter these into the command window: regsvr32 Cryptdlg.dll regsvr32 Rsaenh.dll regsvr32 Gpkcsp.dll regsvr32 Dssenh.dll regsvr32 Slbcsp.dll regsvr32 Mssip32.dll regsvr32 Wintrust.dllregsvr32 Sccbase.dll

  30. SuckerPimp says:

    I had the same problem, but it was no more after i had fiddled with some date/time issues i had

  31. Unknown says:


  32. aandrewstock says:

    I am having the same problem as everyone above were i cant get into my msn account as it says (signing in to MSN messenger failed because service is too busy. please try again later) I\’ve been trying for over a week now and still cant get in. Please can we get some helpAndy

  33. jasper says:

    Hi for all those still struggling with this fault there is a solution and surprisingly aol had the cureThis is the solution that will ahve you on messenger in no timeStart,Run and type Internet explorer opens it brings up the router settings pageScroll down to WAN settings on the left hand sideClick here and it opens the settings pageLook for the MTU number which will read 1458Change this number to 1400 and you MSN problems will be overNote: This fix is for users on AOl broadband using a netgear dg834g wireless routerHope this helpsJaps

  34. Gem says:

    i keep having the gateway offline error too. it happen on one of my accounts so ive been using another account for the past month or so but the today i tried to sign in on that account i got that error too. i dont have any other accounts to use and i can sign into any other hotmail service just not msn 7.5. its really annoying because i dont like windows messenger but it looks like im going to have to use that now.why cant this be fixed? its not as if its only happening to a few people…….

  35. Unknown says:

    man why da heck nobody is solving the damn problem?….damn i need sign on da thing how come its not workin i\’ve tried EVERYTHING man..shit. helps.

  36. Sarah says:

    somebody anybody who knows what to do when msn says: sorry msn is temp. unavailablei just downloaded 2 days ago email if you do.

  37. stuart says:

    i get the same error as skope007 i tried the trubleshooter and it siad chexk for hardware conficts, i did. i uninstalled stuff that were in conflict (some sound drivers) and i can\’t reinstall em, lets hope everything will be fine or i\’ll get pissed off. the msn support site is crap, i can\’t find any help at all so i\’m gonna move to firefox, i heard its ALOT better and the customer support is the best around

  38. Kyle says:

    hey everyone, just recently i have not been able to sign in, or i have been eventually, and when i do get it i start a conversation and whenever i say sumthing it says that delivery notification about not being able to delvifer the message like if someone goes offline and it happens when thay are definetly online, can anyone please help me and if so reply post or email me on

  39. Unknown says:

    I have not been able to access my Space in 3 days. I get "This space is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." Is it trashed? How would I know if it is a system issue or if something happened to my Space? I\’ve gotten this error before, but it usually clears up within a day. ANY help would be appreciated!!

  40. Jeff says:

    Start > Runregsvr32 MSXML3.dllThis is a solution to the "temporarily unavailable" message….

  41. AzN says: search up the error code on google or some internet search engine…along with phrases like \’MSN\’ \’Trouble shoot\’, \’trouble signing in\’. If that doesnt help, check system time, to see if thats is a problem…Then check if you\’re online or \’working off line\’ (just to check, turn it on then off again)And if you cant find anything to fix it, uninstall internet explorer and msn,THEN reinstall internet explorer, reinstall msn and everything else… IF and ONLY if nothing helps and you\’re deperate to get on msn, and THIS IS THE LAST RESORT, only if you\’ve backed everything, do you format your computer… THIS SHOULD BE USED only if your really sure, and desperate, which i wouldnt advise…. just use an older version, before a newer version than the one you\’re using comes out.

  42. SoPhNeSs says:

    heyi have js got a new computer n its sharin a connection n i have the old msn messenger but whenever i try to load the new 1 or use it it says \’signing into msn messenger failed because the service is too busy. please try again later\’ but it wirks on the old msn n i dont no what else to do. iv tried evythin pleas help it is soooooo annoying.xxxxxxxx

  43. Ardie says:

    Boy, I\’m also getting rather tired of this 7.5 difficulty w/msn msg… seems my other one worked just fine and the FEW times I\’ve got it up for a few minutes… it has worked fine. I don\’t believe it is the settings on my pc. Anyway, I\’m not going to start messing with them just to see if that is the problem…it could lead to bigger problems, besides, I really don\’t have the time… why don\’t you put out the old msn for all of us who are having programs can reload that one. This is one big BUMMER! Now I know why most of my friends are using other messengers. Come on guys…get your act together!! Most users out here are users, not pc gurus.

  44. Luc says:

    TIRED !! I have msn messenger 7.5, and everytime I run it, the error 80048820 pops up !! Yay !!When I run up the debug thing, everything is ok, and my internet explorer is online….. So .. What\’s the problem !! I\’m sort of tired of searching the intire site of google for an answer.HELP !!! (Thanx)

  45. Ettore says:

    Im flipping out man mi msn 7.5 won sighn me in. When ever I try to sighn in it will show me as online but the screen freezes to the sighn in screen and wont show mi contacts, then if i click the screen at the very top it ses msn not responding nd when i check the error report contains it ses that mi offset is 00000000 ???. It has been doing this for about 5 months and i dont know why so plzz help me ASAP.

  46. Unknown says:

    Ok, when I type my name into my sign in bar on msn 7.5… it takes 10 seconds for one letter to show up, but it is storing the text, not only that but it gives me a service is temporarly unavilable so I check the service, its running fine, my hotmail is running fine but msn is not… could it be spy ware or a virus targeting msn 7.5?I know for certain its not a firewall or program I put on my laptop for it, cause I just got it and theres barely anything here, my pc msn is fine but Its been a few days since I checked it, any help would be great on figuring out this.

  47. Patrick says:

    80048869. Firstly: Do make sure that within Internet Explorer on the menu (File -> Work Offline) is UNCHECKED. This solved my problems with not being able to connect with Messenger 7.5. Playing around with firewalls and running regsvr32 dll\’s, carrying out a repair on 7.5 or re-installing it did not have any affect. This might go unnoticed if you\’re using another browser like myself.

  48. Patchtheman says:

    Ever notice how you are all posting the same problems over and over and no one is actual responding to you?! We know what the problem is….why post what is already there?

  49. Unknown says:

    80048869 error – SOLUTION:Solved thanks to Trillian multiclient :D which wrote in status window:"We could not sign you in to MSN Messenger because Internet Explorer is currently set to work offline. Please change this setting on your browser\’s File menu, and then try signing in again."

  50. Justin says:

    I also got the \’\’Signing into MSN Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later\’\’, I\’ve tried all kinds of recommended stuff and it still doesnt work. my friends sign in on my computer with their account so i know that it is not my computer (or is it, u tell me). I need help. please contact me on a resolution as soon as possible.

  51. Michael says:

    i cant sign in2 messenger ever since i downloaded 7.5 and i keep getting error code 80048820 ive changed my clock settings and everything and it doesnt work how do u fix it? i also have these other error codes coming up, 80072efd and 80048869. i have 2 use web messenger now can u pleaze tell me how 2 fix it?

  52. Unknown says:

    pourquoi les routeurs ADSL mettent t il le bordel dans les parametres de connexions type MSN ?

  53. Jacky says:

    I\’m thinking it has to do the virus spreading around on msn messenger. maybe

  54. Mark says:

    this is driving me crazy, for a few days now I\’ve been recieving the error that the server is temp. unavailable… then all of a sudden it will work for the night, then the next day the same thing for hours.This is ridiculous, anyone know how to fix this?

  55. gfhtfh says:

    OH MY ACTUAL GODseriously ive tried EVERYTHING, updating the clock, reinstalling, system restore, firewall, EVERYTHING and nothing has worked at all…still getting the same stupid message for 80048820…and also the password thing adds an extra diget when i go to log in…it\’s been like this all day and it\’s so fuj09eru59047646

  56. Danielle says:

    i have the same problem as everyone above. \’signing into msn messenger failed because the service is temp unavailable. please try again\’. But i tried to sign in on my friends email addy and it let me!!! so it cant b my computer or firewall or whatever if it lets me sign in as someone else!!! whats goin on?!! some one help!! please!! please!! please!!

  57. hannah says:

    i have been tryin to get msn for ages now and i have been workin on e messenger and since we hav been gettin aol gold it as not been lettin me sign on to msn please can u help me please on this one xxxxxhannah

  58. Kate says:

    Heya It Wont Let Me Sign In .. It Comes Up…:-Signing In To Msn Messanger Failed Because The Service Is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Try Again Later .81000314Can You Please Help Because Ive Treyed Several Times And Its Still Not Working.. But The Internet Is…Reply Bak A.S.A.P

  59. kelly says:

    hey der… i keep gettin the 80048820 comin up!! i only dowloaded msn 7.5 today and cant get it 2 work. the message it keeps sayin is: " your firewall ,may be blocking messenger from connecting to the service. please review your firewall settings"" if any has had dis problem and nos how to solve it can ypu please please let me no. cheers… i have tried also trying of my firewall but still no joy??

  60. Cassie says:

    I am also getting the temp unavailble and its not cool… I live in rural ausralia and without my MSN i cant communicate with anyone with out making an interstate call… MSN please help me! i have no fire wall and i can access my hotmail… what is wrong??? and why havent you fixed it yet you are leaving people in the lurch…PLEASE HELP ME

  61. João says:

    I also got the \’\’Signing into MSN Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later\’\’, for two days now… and yes its freaking me out already. Can\’t the Microsoft "technicians" do anything about it?! Or they are on a leave? Its really anoying to now that 80% of my contacts is online, and I\’m doomed to the "Signing into MSN Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later" thing.From Portugal, -> \’Signing into MSN Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later\’ user :P

  62. Sara says:

    Whenever I try to sign into my regular msn account, I get a message that says \’Signing into MSN Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.\’ Well, that has been happening for a few days now, and I\’m getting sick of it. I can sign into any other account, except the one I actually use. I\’m frustrated with this problem. Any way to help?

  63. View says:

    \’signing into msn messenger failed because the service is temp unavailable. please try again\’???

  64. Jamie says:

    the computer always whan you go on it has trouble shoot please help!

  65. Raymond says:

    Yup,this is frustratin\’ error code 8004882f , installed Netgear router DG834Gt, MSN Messenger 7.5 won\’t let me sign in.Keeps saying their too busy, at this rate they will soon have no users.Seems to be a firewall problem ,tried all the usual tricks no results.Who writes all these programmes Enid Blyton !anyone had similar probs with WiFi-back to basics…no hair left to pull out !!!

  66. Kibz says:

    HI,I really really need somebody to help me! i just dont know what to do an its making me very frustrated! I jus recently downloaded Messenger 7.5 and it was working fine…all of a sudden 3 days ago it said it was temporarily unavailable try again later i tried and tried and was unsuccessful…i went to help i did all the checks an everything was ok…i tried deleting messenger 7.5 it didnt work…i checked my firewall settings an it was on the safe list….There is nothing wrong with anything on my computer …….Please someone please help me!

  67. Jack says:

    MSN just isn\’t working anymore.. i can\’t log in most of the time.. and it says its unavailable, even though everyone else and my other account can log in.. I think i\’m gonna find another version..

  68. Georgia says:

    tamerkatey28 i have exactly the sme thing as u it not firewal or clock n i cn get windows messenger i realy duno wat it is cn sum1 please help us!!its a 8004882f PLEASE B SO KIND N HELP!!!

  69. Georgia says:

    tamerkatey28 i have exactly the sme thing as u it not firewal or clock n i cn get windows messenger i realy duno wat it is cn sum1 please help us!!its a 8004882f PLEASE B SO KIND N HELP!!!

  70. Stepheh says:

    ok, i keep getting the same thing over and over again. it says \’signing into msn messenger failed because the service is temp unavailable. please try again\’ or what not. then i ran that connectivity test. It says i have a problem with my host files.WTF?!i click repair, but it does nothing.ive tried deleting and reinstalling.nothign doing.weird thing is, that it will connect when i first come on, then disconnect me and not reconnect for an hour or so.its seriously annoying me..someone please help!?!??

  71. Micha says:

    It seems a lot of people are having similar problems. I\’m having a gateway offline problem too, except I get error 80048869. There are a couple of strange things about this: 1. If I go to Tools > Options > Connections > Advanced settings and click on the top "Test" button, I get a successful result, it reports I can connect to the MSN Messenger Service.2. I am the network administrator here, and our firewall/gateway has been configured to allow MSN Messenger services through. I can confirm that the gateway is indeed online and working properly, yet I still get the error.It would appear that the Messenger support personnel don\’t read and respond to these comments.

  72. Matej says:

    I have the same problem problem as KJaitlin. MNS never lets me log on and keeps saying error 80048820. I emailed MSN support but haven\’t gotten a reply, and I checked my settigns and I found out I wasn;t connected to .net servers. The only problem is, no matter what I do I cannot get a connection to the .net server. Am I doing something wrong? What can I do so I can use MSN?

  73. Kaitlin says:

    i keep getting that stupid error 80048829 and i cant figure out what to do. Isent an email to the msn peps but it didnt help. It says that my default gateway is offline and i dont know how to fix it. I checked my firewall so i know it has to be that. Does anyone know how to fix it???kat

  74. Unknown says:

    es love

  75. Laura says:

    cant sign in my msn messenger

  76. Jordan says:

    Hey, i have the 80048820 problem on msn, but frm readin this site i see im not alone. ive tried all the suggestion but still no effect. it is really trying my patients now. wen i run the trouble shooter it says that my firewall is blockin msn from connecting, could sumone please tell me how i can change my firewall settings. please…

  77. Unknown says:

    it says my gateway is offline n i dnt no wot that means!

  78. JOANNA says:

    I have just downloaded messanger 7.5 and have the same problem as all these other prople its pathetic. I try to sign in and there is no response at all, not even to say try later!

  79. Mark says:

    I\’m getting an error 80004005, seems to be no support for it. IE connection working fine, Troubleshooter gives all green ticks but when you try to connect, no go.Works fine at home, problem only via one of the work proxy servers. Problem is that the one it works on is being shut down.

  80. Daniel says:

    I\’m having a similar problem, 80072745 – but only on the university network!! at home, it works fine.. same computer, etcnarrowing it down to a \’network\’ issue, what could be causing it ? network protocals? I should mention I\’d installed Norton Internet security in between it working and not, but again, this can only relate directly to the uni network – at home, it seems any network experts who might know what exactly is the conflict?help!dantheman107@hotmail.comi\’m sure we\’ll get to the end of it at some stage!

  81. Ricky says:

    Hi Who can help me!!! Ill keep this brief, Im usin AOL 9 which is going thru a wirless router, im running windows XP Pro with SP2 and i have disabled my firewalls (both windows and router) I have also installed Messenger 7.5…So it should all be good shouldnt it???…No, everytime i try 2 signin on messenger it just says the system is busy and i cant connect, now unfortunatly i cant blame this on the version of messenger because i cant view secure connections thru IE, but if i use the aol software i can?? Eg hotmail, i cant log in usin IE but i can with aol?!?!? has any1 else had this problem and/or do u kno how 2 fix it??? HEEEELLLLPPPPP IM GOING CRAZY!!!!! P.S windows messenger works fine!!!Shame its not as good!!! please email me back! Many thanks every1!!!!!

  82. Jamie-lea says:

    hey i tryed logging in the 7.5 verson but it keeps tellin me there is a problem would u have any ideas??????? plz reply back tp my space account or email me plz thanx

  83. gary says:

    that error 80048820 try this it worked for mecheck the pc clock fortimedatemonthyearmake sure the clock is set right

  84. Unknown says:

    I try using the method as posted by IMnatwork, and my msn 7.5 is now working. Thx alot!

  85. Unknown says:

    ang again it keeps adding a extra digit to my password,, i mean wut the hell..come on…

  86. Unknown says:

    i need help msn 7.5 is not signin me in wut to do i tried evertyhgin and now stuck with windows messenger..i h8 that one…i dunno wut to do..i got headaches b/c if msn 7.5

  87. Sonesh says:

    I have found the answer. it was quite obvious. cant understand why i didnt thkn of it earlier. DO NOT GET 7.5. DO NOT GET NEWER VERSION. DO NOT KEEP TRYING.i did also consider contacting tech support, but it was easier just to delete 7.5 and install 7.0(yo can do it from add remove programs in control panel in case you were wondering).And if your still stuck, move to icq. apparently it better

  88. Daniel says:

    cant get online because of \’Hosts File\’ what ever the hell that means! I NEED HELP!

  89. christine says:

    Hi on dial upin the UK and Idownlaoded the new 7.5 version which altermatically replaced the 7.0. i was able to get into the new version no problem! until I rebooted then i could not get online . My dial was saying that I had changed my user name and password!! Of which I ghad not. I have windows XP pro.In the new messenger I looked on the troubleshooter and it said that my IP is not valid!!!!I tried everything even called my server. they suggested to go back to messenger 7.0 I tried to get rid of the 7.5 with add and delete program and go back to 7.0 it still did not work. soas last resort for me I had to do a system restore for the day b4 and I have messenger 7.0 back of which i did get the wizard to repair…..ALAS I am back up and running again in 7.0.

  90. Unknown says:

    I had the same problem, so I unistalled v7.5, downloaded v6.2 from installed. when i tried to log in i got a message saying i had to get the new version. i said yes and installed.worked for me, only takes a few minutes worth trying.

  91. Allison says:

    I followed Allen NG\’s advice and ran these, and it worked. Thanks.regsvr32 Dssenh.dllregsvr32 Gpkcsp.dllregsvr32 Slbcsp.dllregsvr32 Sccbase.dllregsvr32 Softpub.dllregsvr32 Wintrust.dllregsvr32 Initpki.dllregsvr32 Rsaenh.dllregsvr32 Mssip32.dllregsvr32 Cryptdlg.dll

  92. kailash says:

    Does anyone know how to get around problem 80048820

  93. Beth says:

    Tried every thing apart from syncronice the time with msn, how do you do that ive had a look and cant find any thing with it on plz help im extremly frustrated !! :(

  94. BenedicT says:

    i cant sign in msn 7.5 and i have checked my firewall. it was off. but i still cant sign in. it say that my gateway is offline. how can i get it back to online?

  95. Leanne says:

    Now, fingers crossed!I read further down that your time has to be correct for messenger to work. So click on your time and choose synchronise with MSN or Windows. This worked for me and Ive tried all of the other solutions on this page.Good Luck!

  96. Artists are bad spellers says:

    OK,after hours of antagonising and going totally crazy i gave up! screw it, and tried to download MSN 7.0. Damn it! it appears that its been sucked into oblivion like my patients!But i am writting to spread the word* i say in a god like voice* and the word (and solution) is SYSTEM RESTORE!my computer has a facility called System Restore and it allows you to restore your computer settings to a chosen time (ie before MSN 7.5 was downloaded) and dont fear you will not loose files or data etc. i did this and low and behold i have MSN 7.0!!!!MWAHAHAHAHA!I beat you once again MSN!!!! That\’ll teach you to!

  97. Artists are bad spellers says:

    me too! please help me someone!

  98. sami says:

    i get the same message every bloomin time, havent signed in once! whats the deal any one out there know how to fix this? time and date are all good! it has nothing to do with the firewall either because i have turned it off, help any one? 8004882!!!

  99. Christopher says:

    I have only read a few fixes here for not being able to sign on. I have tried the date and the firewall fix. I went as far as turning off the firewall. No luck. I\’m stuck here not being able to talk to family and msn messenger 7 is no-where to be found. Sucks to be me until someone comes up with a fix. Anyone got a fix? Error code 80048820

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