New Messenger Release

A new version of MSN Messenger is available for download at  MSN Messenger 7.5 includes new features such as Dynamic Backgrounds and Voice Clips.  There is also the new Connectivity Troubleshooter for those that are having problems logging in and connecting to the Messenger Service.  Also, there is a new Login UI screen where you can even manage all of your Messenger logins.
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100 Responses to New Messenger Release

  1. santiago says:

    mamon yo,mamon el destino que te hizo inferior

  2. Unknown says:

    oi jesus te ama

  3. Fadi says:

    why cant you permanently delete from block/alow list?

  4. jessica says:

    hey ppz!!!! x Jay xx

  5. john james says:

    hi every1

  6. David says:

    hi alll im 16   m uk   i like listin  to rap
    i like to drink abit

  7. ●ℓєνι● says:

    does any1 no ow 2 access msn at skol ,iv tried audiowatcher and msngo but neva r wrkin any mre ,cn ne1 help??? WB x

  8. Christopher says:

    hi every one

  9. Daniel says:

    you could either go into ur personal firewall n make sure msn iz on the list or remove msn completely n re instal it i had 7.5 but it didnt work so i went on to n download 7.0 n its workd ever since hope it helps

  10. Eya says:

    I have a error 8004820, even the firewall is off, still not signing in it really pisses me off help me PLEASE

  11. Daniel says:

    hi ppl does any1 have a site that u can use msn on ? apart frm audiowatcher or msn2go if u do plz email me it or leave a comment on ere fnx p.s if any1 has an invation for the new msn plz can they send me 1 fnx again

  12. DIEGO says:

    i have net messenger service failed because the service is not compatible with this version of the program, plase i need hepl thanks

  13. naomi says:

    i need 2 no ow 2 down load 7.5 coz i onli ave 7.0 HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Unknown says:

    ik wil zo snel mogelijk terug op msn !!!!
    anders gaat er wat vliegen hier hoor met magische krachten hoor !!!!

  15. -xX▫▪sқyєє says:

    my voice clip doesnt work

  16. Unknown says:

    I have a problem, we are unable to download msn onto the work computers, so i have been using msn.audiowatcher to access it, but now audiowatcher has been blocked, so i can\’t get onto it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can solve this problem??? If you do please make a note of the solution on this web page, i will be checking it regularly……your help and time will be very much appreciated!

  17. Unknown says:

    I have a error 8004820, even the firewall is off, still not signing in.

  18. lisamarie says:

    hi ya

  19. Daniel says:

    hi hve u got an invertation 2 da new msn ??? if u hve plz plz plz cn u send me an invite i will n i will repay u da favor add me fnx

  20. Unknown says:

    why cant you permanently delete from block/alow list? i think that should be an appropriate tool for some of us….could u look at a way to update and correct this problem…thanks in anticipation

  21. Corrine says:

    Can someone please help me. I\’m desperate!!! I\’m an English teacher and I use my My Space to teach my students. For the last few weeks noone has been able to access My Space. My contact card no longer shows the Space or the photos that it used to show to advertise the new blog additions and no yellow star is shown either. My own Contact card on my Messenger shows an invitation to get a Space, even though I have one with lots of stuff on it. The Space is really important for my work in exchanging language lessons.

  22. sian says:

    msn is doin my head in now i hav down loaded the new msn 7.5 i ave ad loads of problams every time i sign in it say sorry msn is teperary univalbal plz let us troubleshoot. its really annoying!!!!!!

  23. Unknown says:

    msn messenger 7.0 is o.k., but every1s sayin how gd msn messneger 7.5 is, but y dnt it wrk, its really really annoyin, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Unknown says:

    msn messenger 7.0 is o.k., but every1s sayin how gd msn messneger 7.5 is, but y dnt it wrk, its really really annoyin, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Yugi says:

    Pls msn Yuna_920127 to tell how to solve this problem pls………..i download the register messenger dll files edi but still cnat solve the problem,someone cna help me?pls……..

  26. Yugi says:

    Help me,i getting error 81000314 tis noon and den cant login!!!!!!!!!!!!!someone can help me plss……someone tat noe to solve tis prob pls help me….pls……..begging u……

  27. Vujan says:

    I also have problem "service is temporarily unavailable" since this morning. Yesterday everything worked ok. Does anyone have solution for that problem???? PLEASE HELP ME

  28. Rob says:

    hey does anyone have a solution to "service is temporarily unavailable" because i was having problems with it earlier, thought it was due to the trojans i had that were affecting other things, so i reformatted, with my completely reformated computer, same problem goes on forever, any solutions to be emailed to me are greatly appreciatedThanksrob

  29. Mark says:

    stupid 80048220 msg, people at ms should test their problems thoroughly before releasing it out to public. As a programmer, i knew it was messenger straight away not my computer… but for those who know nothing about software or computers, they may be stressing out a lil. MS fix your software so people can use it without any hassles.

  30. Unknown says:

    its so annoying i know!! i downloaded it then it go deleted so i tried to get it again but its saying i can\’t download it! wtf?!

  31. Unknown says:

    people.. i dont no how to stop the error code thing and i have it to.. it if your windows msg.. isnt working like mine go to this site and its a web messenger.. alows you to sign in..

  32. Unknown says:

    Hey, the \’Turn on what I\’m listening to\’ feature doesn\’t work with iTunes for me, it works with WMP though, but all my songs are on iTunes. Please help.

  33. Déborah says:

    hello i\’m french i speak english so,so… my msn messenger has a erreur (80048869) do you help me please? thank you!!

  34. Unknown says:

    this is too anoying..i stil cant sing in to my stupid msn…plz some1 give me a idea to solve this prob…plz plz….

  35. Ian says:

    msn 7.5 don\’t work on my pc either but it works on some of my friends pc\’s i think it has something 2 do wiv having a network. i managed to find msn 7.0 on shareware msn7.0 still works

  36. Rob says:

    Why the hell isn\’t it connecting I had troubles signing in before but eventually signed in but now I can\’t sign in at all! This is what happened to my old email it suddenly stopped working because of the error 81000314!

  37. Adeola says:


  38. Kate says:

    help… whenever i try to sign into my msn it says the network is busy or my firewall is blocking it and to try again lateri checked the fire wall and there it is not blocking it at all… i recently got wireless on aol and that is when the problem started, what can i do? please help me

  39. Jon says:

    Just started getting the 80048820 error on 7.5. So frustrating. But I noticed that I had the year on comp set to 2006, DOH! Rectifying this rectified the problem.

  40. meril says:

    error 80048869 !I can\’t sing in!i had msn 7.0 and i tried to sign in- nothing!Now i have 7.5 but i can\’t sign in too!!Please help me:(What shall i do?

  41. My says:

    8004886e.. låt msn dö

  42. kaoru says:

    hey :Dim having problems with 7.5 as says"sorry we were unable to sign you in into MSN at this time.please try again laterto let us try and troubleshoot bla bla bla…"what is this?im not getting problems w/ 80048820 and i rly dunno what to dodoes ne1 else have the same problem?

  43. vinny says:

    ok so i just got 7.5 nd it wont let me sign in nd ….it says d error 80048869 accured…nd it wont fix nd i try nd try over nd over again nd it wont work…would it help if i gobak 2 7.0 nd if yes hw do i do dat ?i need help !!wat do i do????duz ne 1 kno wat 2 do????HELP ….im so freekin pssd!!

  44. haithem says:

    i have tried all the things u guys said in this page and i still have 80048820 :S

  45. Andy says:

    my msn 7.5 people can hear me but i cannot hear anyone else and they have 7.5.Is that a prob with my system and is their a fix to this

  46. Andrew says:

    i googled the Error code 80048820, it told me to adjust my time… i did that, then it told me to download this file that will fix whatever is causing this, so i download it, and msn still doesnt work.i also have msn 3.0 or one of the really earlier versions on my computer, i dont know how i am able to have two msn\’s on my system (pretty cool when i can message myself lol).However, i get the same error when i try to sign in with that also.

  47. Sebastiaan says:

    Hey Guys,It\’s not only 7.5 which is having this problem windows messenger is having the same problem with the same error code, so SaMmIo2000 it\’s not gonna work signing in on windows messenger. I\’m having this problem since yesterday and no recent software or hardware changes have been made so that is not causing the problem

  48. Greg says:

    Error code 80048820… MSN won\’t let me sign in.. and it\’s pissing me off.. some1 help me… I can sign in with Windows Messenger, but not MSN 7.5.. last time I download yur damn updates.

  49. A says:

    ive got the mother of all problems w/ my msn. it wont sign on, and my comp takes up to 10mins shutting down!!!!!! .. my laptops friggin brand new so that cant b at fault!!! AND wen i uninstalled msn 7.5 it took only 10secs to shut down!!. ugh its messing up my system. any ideas on wat 2 do???

  50. Matt says:

    Ok, I am trying to fix my friends computer who has the same problem as everyone else. he told be that the last time he was on msn before it stared with this error someone sent him a link to a webpage that then did something to the computer. I am assuming it was some kind of active x auto-installer. anyway from trouble shooting it, I have narrowed the problem to some kind of "malicious firewall" that is on the computer running as some kind of service… and my reasoning for this is, because I brought the computer and plugged it in to my network and I know my network like the back of my hand. Ok so network is not a possibility. Then the integrated windows firewall is off… so that takes care of that. And then there is some Norton internet security thing. I disabled that and I still got the error. I’ve run about 3 different deep scan utilities and they still can’t find it and call the system clean. So I am at a loss of what to do… I have looked over this page and tried it all. Maybe my information will shed light onto this problem. Thanks I will be checking this later, and posting, if I find a solution.-Matt Boswell

  51. Aaron says:

    MSN is a pile of poo, worked fine for few days same as everyone else then bang gateway not on blah de blah! I downloaded msn 7 again and thou lets me log in, as habit of login in and out every few minutes grrr

  52. Unknown says:

    Everytime I try and sign in 2 msn messenger 7.5 it says my defult gateaway isn\’t working PLEASE HELP!!!

  53. Jacky says:

    a simple solution try.follow simple instructionstart>controlpanel>administrative tool>services. Locate the name "dns client" and "dhcp client" you must do this instruction for each one1.right click "dns client">then properties. under general tab. make sure startup type is on "automatic" click apply then click on start2.right click "dhcp client">then properties. under general tab. make sure startup type is on "automatic" click apply then click on start. note when your in the control panel, you MUST SWITH TO CLASSIC VIEW, to see administrative tool. 2nd make sure you have full access to the pc.if its still doesn\’t work you need to configure your firewall settings, goodluck

  54. Jacky says:

    operating system XP homehere\’s what i did with mine, this is only for firewalls with zone alarm2 on the left pane click on the word "firewall" the firewall window, locate the word "advance" should be at the middle bottom4. in the advance setting windows make sure only these 3 settings are check "1.disable windows firewall" "2. allow outgoing dns/dhcp in trusted zone on high setting" "3. allow outgoing dns/dhcp in internet zone on high setting"

  55. Sheena says:

    I had that error too (80048820), did a bit of googling, and found the following solution on a chinese site, it worked for me, hopefully it\’ll work for you toostart -> run -> regsvr32 softpub.dll -> enterstart -> run -> regsvr32 mssip32.dll -> enterstart -> run -> regsvr32 initpki.dll -> enterthe last one takes a while to run, but be patient and it\’ll tell you when it\’s donehope this helps

  56. Balázs says:

    I can\’t sign in because I\’ve got a 81000314 error. I tried everything, but it doesn\’t work…what should I do? :(

  57. Unknown says:

    well i\’m having the eaxact same problem, 80048220, and i\’ve done everything i can find bout how to solve it on any website i could find. i\’ve tried tons of times to sign in, reconfigured my date & time, ran THREE files that says it will now work, tried to sign in as away or busy, etc.; and many other methods. NOTHING WORKS!!!!! y can\’t msn fix this problem?!?!?!?!?! or acutally THINK of some way to SOLVE it b4 they RELEASED IT TO THE PUBLIC??!?!?!??!?! msn should definitely make sure there\’s an answer 4 all us suffeers out there b4 they give us faulty services. i would really like some answers though. wouldn\’t everybody?!

  58. Unknown says:

    LOOK LOOK LOOK, i found a way to fix 80048820 on my messenger 7.5.. hope it will help others out there too. I searched so many places to find the solution, but no luck, until i found it by accident myself. First, open your connection properties, and should see 3 tabs, General, Authentication, Advanced. Choose the Authentication tab. If your box "Enable network access control blah blah blah" is checked, then uncheck it. Then should be able to sign into messenger. I tried over 50 other methods i read about that did not work, but this did, for me at least. If anyone knows any important reason this should have the checkmark, please let me know by writing to the above name at hotmail. GOOD LUCK in trying this. ;)

  59. View says:

    …Can\’t Log-In! :-(

  60. View says:

    Messenger Is Automatically "Shortening" My Password!!!???

  61. Chris says:

    Also getting this error code 80048820 – and have done for the best part of a week. Prior to that msn 7.5 was working fine. I\’ve tried removing the program and re-installing but to no avail. Has anybody found a way round this? Thanks for your helpChris

  62. supercoopertrooper says:

    hello i need help, i cant sign into messenger so i cant talk to my friends at home i have tried everything and wondering if you could help. The number that shows at the bottem is 80048820

  63. Mariane Godoy says:

    my MSN doesn\’t start says the massege 80048820 and this error doesn\’t appear in anyware and my name and pw is correct.

  64. Unknown says:

    why dont u guys have window messanger its a only way to get on it ofc there is no features and all that shit and my boyfriend apparently has the problem to get on 7.5 and it pisses me off and msn workers need to work on that and fix the scrolling and all that so we can all get online and be happy….fuckers!

  65. Drew says:

    Well..i just found a website thats supposed to help and fix this error 80048820 error…here it is..i hope its helpfull to all you people.

  66. Drew says:

    well…all id like to ask is that you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fix this stupid frigin mother poopin 80048820 error…everyone keeps getting i think its about frigin time theres a fix for it or again..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fix it someoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..and then tell it to CNN and all the everyone wil know and everyone wil be saved and

  67. ken says:

    I tried everything, including checking my date and time (which, btw, were correct). This is a permanent error. 80048869 and 81000314). Nothing makes it work. I am a programmer and I test things thoroughly before releasing them. Shame MS doesn\’t.

  68. Jessica says:

    So…It sounds like my MSN 7.5 issues are no different from anyone elses! They talk about how the new msn has the connectivity feature thats so GREAT…. it sure would be great if it worked! "Your gateway is offline"… well thanks for telling me… now what is it? How do I fix it? Nothing quite getting told what the problem is… but then not having a solution or providing some info regarding what it means! LOVING IT. Has anyone come up with a solution? Mine will sign other peoples msn in… but it won\’t connect mine… awesome! Thanks guys, this new msn is really a step up on the technologically advanced scale… it doesn\’t work.

  69. fukin_mcr_luv says:

    omg got msn 7.5 n it worked fine 4 a bit den suddennly, for no reason ,it started giving me error 80048820 and when i went on troubleshooter it says my "default gateway" is closed and it cannot repair it wen i click on repair!!!! please help its driving me INASNE!!! x x

  70. Jamie says:

    I have a problem, have installed MSN 7.5 and my Icons from 7.0 have disappeared.. is there anyway to get them back??J

  71. Unknown says:

    some one help my msn messenger is soooo fucked up, i dont even know wats wrong but shit keeps hapenin to it, like signing out closing coversations and it say error 80072745, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. BotBuilder says:

    Yet another problem with MSN 7.5. Error number 80048869. Everyone else seems to have trouble with 80048820, anyone got a solution for 80048869? Date/Time are correct.Thanks all.

  73. Unknown says:

    Alright u guys the solution to ur problem, for those of u complaining about not being able to sign in, delete version 7.5 and then go to google and type in msn messenger 7.0 and d/l works!

  74. Unknown says:

    Alrighty so from my understanding MSN was created to make life easier…..UMMM well that has not been the case in my situation…one also would think that by d/l-ing the \’NEWER\’ 7.5 version, it wouldn\’t be such a hassle! Apparently I have been wrong to assume it would be an easy task….in fact it hasn\’t and i AM PISSED!!From what i have read many have been experiencing difficulties….and nothing has been done to ACTUALLY help us!!…..grrrr….in my case i am being told i cannot sign into MSN b/c a firewall may be blocking messenger from connecting to the server..and the reason code is 80048820<– i noticed that not many had this as their code…..and i figured OK maybe its MY i tried and i tried and i tried some more…only to come to the lovely conclusion it really isn\’t my computer..BUT MSN!! grrrI have exausted my options as to how i can solve this problem….and i still cannot sign into MSN…7.5 or the ancient version either!!!SO MY SUGGESTION is that you lovely techy something up to help us !! or create a NON-FLAWED 7.6 version or something!!AND if ne one who\’s had my problem<80048820> and has been able to fonally log into their MSN…plz post up HOW u were able to do so!!THANX

  75. Robyn says:

    hey again everybody. i found a site that lets you download msn 7.0!!! i downloaded it but it doesnt work….maybe msn servise is down….but ill try later….heres the site>>> >>>

  76. Robyn says:

    OMG! im am getting so mad about that msn 7.5…i have the same problem as everyone else 80048820. im sorry to tell you all that i dont know how 2 fix it…im really mad….i just want to go back to 7.0 but i cant find it anywhere because it always leads back to 7.5!!!! and usually i would just use windows messenger, but now that doesnt even work!! CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME AND EVERYONE ELSE ON HOW TO FIX THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????

  77. mary says:

    how come i cant sign into msn messenger, the error reads that it isnt working at this time try later but i can switch user on my computer and it works for them

  78. Kenny says:

    i downloaded msn messenger 7.5 and i have the same problem as everyone else, 80048820 error. It also says that my default gateway is offline, could someone email me and tell me how to fix the problem?cheers

  79. Unknown says:

    I just downloaded that messenger 7.5 and now i cant sign in. The error code i get is 80048820and the message reckons my firewall is blockin it but i already set it to let msn in email me with instructions at

  80. jAy 44 says:

    UR FUCKED IN THE HEAD!!!!!!!! u say its a easy cock suckin fix 2 get messenger 7.5 to sign in..FUCK OFF!!!! its a shit fucker…u watch trailer park boys..ur like fuckin jim layhe…UR DRUNK AND FUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so FUCK OFF and lemme sign in BIEATCH!!!!!!!

  81. CammaJamma says:

    Alright, I can tell you my probem. When I sign in, I input the email addy and password, and then I hit sign in. When it starts the sign in process, I can see two extra ** magically grow in the space where the password is. Then I get the incorrent password messages. Help?

  82. Mc YoUnGy says:

    ~Hugs ~ Ok, This Is A Test To See How Many Friends You Have On The Internet !! It\’s Just A Test. Ok, Here Goes. Instantly, When You Receive This Page, You Must Send It To At Least 10 People, Including The Person Who Sent It To You. *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* *Hug* You Have Just Been Hugged !! That\’s right, there\’s no getting out of it this time!! This is the start of a full-scale Hug O\’ War! So hug everyone you know!!! Hug your friends, your enemies, everyone!! With all the other forwards out there, I thought this would be a good one to start. The hug is my favorite sign of affection. It can mean so much, and many things at the same time. It can be a sign of love, friendship, comfort or anything. So here you go. All I can say it will do is brighten someone\’s day. I mean, we all need a hug once in a while. So send this on if you\’d like, to anyone who may need a hug, send it back to whoever sent it to you, send it back to me!! Goodness knows, we could all Really use a hug sometimes. I hope you have a nice Dayand don\’t for get to add my space on your space plzz bye xx

  83. Nicole says:

    Hey Whats up with MSN lately????It keeps signing me out and now just recently, its not letting me sign in…let me know if you got any ideas..send me a e-mail to…thanks

  84. Gemzie says:

    Yup, the same problem as most ppl here, attempted installing and all – my date and time appears to be correct so i don\’t know what to do, all i know is that i wanna chat with my pal who is going to sea soon!! ahh!! Gemx

  85. Feyorah says:

    I keep getting the same message everytime I try to sign into msn 7.5 Its this stupid 80048820 thing. I have tried everything. My windows messeger won\’t even work now. Can you please tell me what to do. Thank you

  86. Unknown says:

    New msn is CRAP! i have error code 80048869! i wish i had kept the old one, this sucks. any help would be great.

  87. ALEX says:

    I have two pc\’s and it works on one but not the other the thing is there almost the same pc just different chips in and one is on bt internet and the other is at my girlfriends house and on ntl???Even so that shoudnt make any difference to messenger runin on them or not, but what ever i do i carnt get it to work at the one thats at my girlfriends house!!!I have looked up this 80048820 and alot of people are saying just go back to 7.0 but ill be damed if i can get it from anywhere you get leads that all lead back to the same place 7.5.Does anyone know where i can get it from? please please please!Id rather go back to 7.0 and wait till the get it sorted out atleast id be able to use messenger again!

  88. Michael says:

    u need to dbl click and change the date an time (bottom right corner) fix it to the right date and time and it will work :)

  89. arieta says:

    Hi everyone,I have read some of your comments and basically I have the same problem loging in the 7.5 version of messenger. It says ERROR CODE 80048820.Someone kind enough to e-mail me the instructions and explanations about this error code.THNX

  90. ryan says:

    hey people this is my first time on here….. ive got the same problem on msn as every1 else…. ive gathered that you need to change the date and time but how do you change it? i cant find how you get on to it….. i would be greatful if some1 cud reply or email me the solution thanks

  91. Yasmin_X says:


  92. Yasmin_X says:


  93. Bret says:

    Webslinger-Fresha how did you change the date setting because i have that error code comming up

  94. Umera says:

    I have msn messanger 7.5. i have installed , uninstalled & reinstalled again. But I keep getting error 80048820 could you please send me an email, explaining what it is to me & please also HELP ME FIX this problem.

  95. barb says:

    I have msn messanger 7.5. i have installed , uninstalled & reinstalled again. But I keep getting error 80048820. Now call me dumb, but I don\’t even know, nor am I able to find out what this eror means. So first of all could you please send me an email, explaining what it is to me & please also HELP ME FIX this problem. published By(

  96. barb says:

    I have msn messanger 7.5. i have installed , uninstalled & reinstalled again. But I keep getting error 80048820. Now call me dumb, but I don\’t even know, nor am I able to find out what this eror means. So first of all could you please send me an email, explaining what it is to me & please also HELP ME FIX this problem. published By(

  97. Unknown says:

    Apparently, its the ad section. I\’m a-patching this. =_=

  98. Unknown says:

    When I open up the main MSN Messenger window, I get an IE script error.this:(exclamation sign) An error has occured in the script on this page.Line: 1Char: 207Error: Undetermined string constantCode: 0URL: Do you want to continue running scripts on this page? Yes NoIt just inexplicably started doing this. I updated, uninstalled, reinstalled, repaired, nothing works. :s

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