New Messenger Update

A new minor update of MSN Messenger was made available this morning.  You can visit to download the new version.  This version is 7.5.0311and has no major changes but does contain some bug fixes.  Unfortunately, the 80048820 error that many of you have commented about has not been fixed.  I will however post some information with some steps that may help with fixing that error.
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40 Responses to New Messenger Update

  1. Issam says:

    hey i have the same error 810003cc can anyone pass this invitation  plz
    my email is

  2. Essam says:

    i have the same error
    can anyone plss invite me
    my mail is
    alot of thankx for the first one who will invite me  . . . . . :)

  3. nathaly says:

    nesecito ayuda porfavor quien puede ayudaeme please me sale error y no puedo entrar a mi msn ayudemen si no sean mala onda porfavor please.

  4. Niyati says:


  5. marita says:

    i have this problem and what it says at the top of the page doesnt work.
    it says i have an invalid IP number how do i fix this?

  6. Unknown says:

    i downloaded this msn 8 thinking it was gr8 but i keep getting error 810003cc!!! it wont let me sign in!!!

  7. MIKE says:

    Ive tried all the msn help services, really annoying me now , i keep getting the error message 80048820 someone please come up with a solution that works, im so sick of web messenger

  8. Unknown says:

    Hola pero que significa ese error el error 810003cc?

  9. Unknown says:

    same problem some body help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Tracy says:

    I just fixed my error 80048820 by registering msxml3.dll, it worked immediately after! I have not been able to use MSN messenger 7.5 for almost 2 months. I decided to try that it fixed the problem. :)

  11. Paul says:

    I get the 81003cc error when another user wants to access MSN8 from my PC, although it works for me it wont let him sign into MSN8,

  12. Jon says:

    Dudes, I\’m so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some error comes up 810003cc. It
    wont lemme sign in. Could it be bcuz of my bro (uses this pc) got the
    invite. If so , how do i fix this????

  13. vic says:

    error 8004882f………. HELP ME

  14. Unknown says:

    Installed version 7.5-0324 and experienced same problem. Solved it as proposed by registering msxml3.dll.

  15. kees says:

    Am I stupid, but has anyone noticed that this 7.5 0311-0324 connection error is not an isolated issued?  Where is Microsoft?  The MSN site carries no warnings about this.
    Just to quote a good summary of the problem:
    "I am currently using the version 7.5 and I can\’t connect to the server. While I was using the version 7.0 I had no problems of that kind, and when I switched to version 7.5 the Messenger returned the error #80048820 when connecting.The connection troubleshooter said that Key Ports couldn\’t be accessed. The thing is, that I turned off my firewall protection for the Messenger, and I still got that same error."
    I have run batch files to reregister dll\’s, reregistered XLM, reset IE settings, SSL 2,3 revocation, certificates etc, turned off firewalls tried versions upto 324 to no avail.  Windows Messenger works fine, Unistalling 311-324 and installin 7.0 also works fine.  So there is not much wrong with my network or most other users having this problem.  Please stop posts about incorrect time, and Nortons (this should be black listed by the way) because it\’s a problem with one peice of Microsoft software on a Microsoft OS.
    Will continue using version 7.0 (good idea to download full install of new releases and store with accurate version and build number, rather then using the automated install, at least then you can roll back if these issues occur.
    …..waiting for build 326?

  16. Unknown says:

    can anybody help me with the error 81003cc from the msn messenger 8 live i can\’t sign in !!
    heelp me please as soon as possible !!!!!!!

  17. anel says:

    I have problem with msn 8,0 live beta can you halp me?error is 810003cc????

  18. hotgoss says:

    haha i have the same problem what a pain in the ass, can someone help me out once you have figure it out, starting to get the shakes without msn lol

  19. shaylee says:

    I downloaded the newer version of 7.5 messenger, now it wont let me sign in. It is error 0048883. Someone please e-mail me and tell me how I can get it to work!

  20. Unknown says:

    this is annoyinn as hell… my files on my desktop are hidden too… =\\

  21. Arnie says:

    I get error 80048883 after installing 7.5.3022. Now MSN won\’t connect. I tried reregistering the msxml3.dll file. But that did not correct the problem.

  22. Arnie says:

    I upgraded to 7.5.3022 from 3011. Now I can not sign in. MSN says I am attempting to use an invalid IP address. 7.5.3011 worked just fine.I had the problem last night. So I went to the Messenger web page and downloaded and installed 3011. Then it worked fine. Tonight I got brave and decided to download and install 3022 again. Now I can\’t connect and get the same error about attempting to use an invalid IP address. Worse part is that now build 3011 is no longer on the MSN web site.Anyone have any ideas?

  23. April says:

    i am sick of this error of 80048820..i just started getting it today…somebody please post some ways to fix it

  24. Danny says:

    I can only sign in if i turn off my firewall cause of error 80048820 some1 email me plz

  25. aurélien says:

    i have some trouble with the MSN MESSENGER BETA 8.0 …it says i cant use the ID to connect //version not allowed error 810003cc ….could you help me please ? thank you !!

  26. jules says:

    help me i have the same error code .ive tried everything to fix it .i can get on web messenger thats it,but its not the same, did u all fix ures in the end?feel free to email me with solution ,cheers

  27. Jimmy says:

    my problem is Error 80072efd wtf do i do?????????

  28. edwyn says:

    I keep getting error 8004882f. Now my computer won\’t even work with any of the older version of msn, i\’ve tried every single one from 5 upwards but every time i attempt to connect i\’m told i have to update. Whenever i use 7.5 i\’m told the service is busy. someone please mail me if they find a solution. done all the trouble shooting steps already!

  29. Barakathali says:

    hi bcoz of this error i have got a lot of problemsi coudnt talk to my friends and have been away or not in contact to them from two days i really feel awkward and wish that you help me get out of this

  30. Chris says:

    Problem is caused buy unregistered Msxml3.dll fileTo register the Msxml3.dll file: 1. Click "Start", click "Run", type the following command, and then press ENTER: %windir%\\system32\\regsvr32 %windir%\\system32\\msxml3.dll After this command is completed successfully, you receive the following message: "dllRegisterserver in <file_name> succeeded." ; 2. Click "OK." 3. Close msn messenger4. Sign in to MSN Messenger again.

  31. Cindy says:

    I give up! I think I have tried just about everything to fix the issues with Messenger 7.5. Does any one know how I can reinstall version 7.0? At least then I\’ll be able to instant message.

  32. Lyric says:

    hey i have error 80048820 and it is driving me nuts please email me and tell me how to fix it.I cant live with out msn.

  33. Unknown says:

    hey i have the 80048820 error and its annoyin it wont let me sign in on msn 7.5 now can u email me and tell me how 2 get it sorted please and can u do it soon as possiblecant live without msn lol

  34. Unknown says:

    80072ee6 <—error number, i checked my firewall settings, they\’re all configured to allowed msn messenger to connect, however it still can\’t connect it doesn\’t even tries to connect i think, even tho i hit login and bam! there\’s the message again, i tried all the steps suggested, such as re-registering the dls and other stuff, but i still can\’t sign in, any help would be greately appreciated. thank you.

  35. Artan says:


  36. Yasser says:

    hey i have the 80048820 error and its annoyin it wont let me sign in on msn 7.5 now can u email me and tell me how 2 get it sorted please and can u do it soon as possible

  37. Umavalee says:


  38. Afecto-SuLiReN says:

    I have the problem of 80048820 and the truth have tried(meant) anyhow paar that turns the messenger 7.5 and nothing works PLeaseee I need to know since I can open my messenger again for that it does not allow it to me for this mistake…

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