Messenger Contacts

If you are having issues with your Contacts List,  read on

You are unable to see your complete contact list when you sign into Windows Live Messenger whereas through Web Messenger or MSN Messenger you were able to see the complete list.


When you launch a conversation window with a contact you see their friendly name being displayed incorrectly though the e-mail address is correct


You see an information bar in your conversation window that the user is not on your contact list though they are actually on your contact list.


If you see an empty contact list after upgrading to Windows Live Messenger, follow the steps below:


1. Sign out of Messenger

2. Click Start and Run and type in %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Messenger\ and hit Enter

3. This will open a new Windows Explorer window

4.  In the window that opens double click on your Messenger ID.

5. Double click on the Contacts folder.

6. Delete the two folders you see inside the Contacts folder.


If you have lost some contacts:

Each user who signs in to Messenger has a contact list. If the user is signed in with a Microsoft domain e-mail address, that user’s contact list is shared between Hotmail and Messenger.

1. In the main MSN Messenger window, click Add a Contact on the Contacts menu.

2. Follow the steps in the wizard to add the contact.

Note: MSN policy is to delete an inactive user’s address from other users’ contact lists after 60 days of inactivity. This does not apply to inactive MSN paying subscribers or to inactive Hotmail Extra Storage subscribers.


 How can I remove the nick name of a person so that it reverts back to their original display name?


In order to remove the nickname you may have assigned do the following:

1. Right click on the contact whose nickname you wish to remove and choose “Edit Contact”

2. Choose the Contact tab and delete the nickname and choose “Save Contact”

3. The contact’s nickname will now revert back to their original display name assigned by the contact.

Note: The ability to revert a contact’s nickname to their own display name from the main window itself will be fixed in later versions


Why do I see deleted contacts after I upgrade from MSN Messenger to Windows Live Messenger


The Address Book  is a unified contact list in Windows Live Messenger that provides a complete view of your contact list. This view includes Messenger contacts and other contacts.

If you use an MSN or MSN Hotmail e-mail account, the Windows Live Messenger Address Book includes the list of all users in your Hotmail Address Book.

A Messenger contact can be identified by the Messenger icon next to the display name. A typical address book contact contains a contact card next to the display name.

Note: If you upgraded from an earlier version of Messenger, you may see deleted contacts displayed in the "Other Contacts" group. This behavior may occur if you have a Hotmail or MSN address and if you had deleted a user from the contact list. The user remains in your address book and therefore is displayed in Windows Live Messenger.

To view only your Messenger contacts in MSN Messenger, click "Filter Contacts" on the "Contacts" menu, and then click "Messenger Contacts only." This view is similar to earlier versions of Messenger.


If you have any other issues not listed here with your contact list, pelase contact Windows Live Messenger Support and choose Messenger.



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100 Responses to Messenger Contacts

  1. Avanniel says:

    I added a contact to my LIVE MAIL and it automaticaly added him to my LIVE MESSENGER
    But I don\’t want him to be in the messenger, so i tried to delete him from my contact list,
    And it said "This contact is shared by both livemail and messenger."
    That way if i delete from the mesen it\’ll delete from the livemail.
    Can i change it?

  2. (^@^) says:

    wat can i do when i open my windows live messenger plus,my contact all turned into non-instant messaging contact.Wat should i do??

  3. wade says:

    I had the same issues with my contacts not showing up in WLM 8.0.  The weird part is that I installed WLM 8.0 on a couple machines prior to opting into the Beta for Windows Live Mail from my Hotmail account.  On those 2 machines my contacts are there.  I then went for the Beta and later installed WLM 8.0 on yet another machine and the contacts were not there.  I even intalled on yet anohter machines and the same problem.  I then opted back out of the Beta and removed/re-intalled WLM 8.0 and still no contacts.  I give up and am going back to 7.5.  Microsoft needs to get their s*#t together and figure this out if they expect us to use their products. I contacted support and they gave me some steps to follow which included deleting files and such but that didn\’t work and they gave no means for follow-up.

  4. Unknown says:

    Ah Ha  If you go into the start button to your programs you can go to Windows Messenger and use that until they get MSN fixed. I opened that and Waaa Laaaa there were all my contacts…  Its a program that is comes with your windows program..

  5. Unknown says:

    I too have lost all my contacts.. They can see me if I logon and can message me and I can reply but my contact list shows I have no contacts. I wrote for help and they tried to fix it when that didnt work they sent a letter with instructions. In the instrutions it advises me to go to the folder, Windows Live Contacts and Delete the "real" and the "shadow" folders that are within the  folder.  The problem is I dont have any contacts so no such folder exsists.
    Now what do I do?  Does anyone know if there is a live chat suport area here???

  6. Greg says:

    i cant believe i just lost it all!!!
    i could\’ve lived with one or two of my users not being visable, but loosing my entire list?!?!?!

  7. Bea says:

    I hate it!!! it still won\’t work for me!!! i cant even sign in anymore!!!!!!

  8. Miroslav says:

    This sucks!

  9. Melanie Jade says:

    This is so rediculous.  I was sent so many things to do to dix this problem.  Half the things they told me to tick and un tick aren\’t even in my tools section.  What the hell do I do??????????

  10. Unknown says:

    It is still not working!  And all I get are these infuriating automated responses that are counterproductive.  Now, I\’ve even tried signing in on web messenger and my contact list is empty.  

  11. mathias says:

    I have the same problem! I tried the recommended steps emailed to me but it didn\’t work! What\’s more, is I tried signing into the original msn messenger, and my contact list is STILL empty. I don\’t know how this happened. This is not my first time using windows live messenger version 8.0 or whatever. I just signed online earlier today and I saw my contact list 100% perfect and undistrubed—then, suddenly I was jolted offline. Then, when I signed back on, I saw my list was empty!
    Could someone please tell me what\’s going on and how to fix it? Or do I have to create an entirely new profile and email adress?

  12. Francisco Antonio says:

    My Contact Lists are gone in WLM8.0 after an fresh installation of my Windows XP hope that really come a solution for me please
    Addtional, everytime i signed in i got this message.
    ""Due to a connection problem, changes you make mightnot be applied to other computers you use""
    Please help out, i will wait for your respond to my email or to my Live Spaces.

  13. Jessica says:

    Ok I just want my old msn back. How do I downgrad so that i can have that. All of my contacts have been lost and i don\’t really need this new msn.

  14. Glen says:

    My Contact Lists are gone in WLM8.0 after an fresh installation of my Windows XP
    i tried to stop my Firewall Zone Alarm, but it doesn\’t resolve my problem.
    I tried to downgrade to MSN Messenger 6.0, 7.0 & 7.5 as well as the Web Messenger of Msn, they\’re all fine.
    And i could see my Contact Lists in there, but WLM8.0
    First 3 emails from MSN Support are go through the steps of deleting the cache thing.
    And end up without solution then asked me to Contact Windows Live Support.
    They\’re asking me do the same thing for the deleting Cache.
    Well at the end, asking me to contact this blog for more informations.
    I hope that really come a solution for me please
    Addtional, everytime i signed in i got this message.
    ""Due to a connection problem, changes you make mightnot be applied to other computers you use""
    Please help out, i will wait for your respond to my email or to my Live Spaces.

  15. Dipu says:

    Hi !
     I am trying to sign on with the Windows Live Messenger but it is continously giving me the error message 80048820 and extended error message 80048412 while sigining in. I have tried all the steps given with that error message like chcking with the virus protection, firewall, certificates etc also removed the messenger and installed it back again but still getting the same error message. Could anyone facing the same problem help me with this. what I need to do for the same.

  16. Unknown says:

    ive done everything they have said and nothing happens how crap is this it is rediculas i only got live cos msn kept telling me to now ive lost ALL my contacts cant get any back
    msn need to sort this problem out NOW because its not fair on every1 this has happened to
    ive been using msn for 6 years and all the contacts ive made over 6 years has gone im really upset and im hot happy
    msn plz plz plz sort this out and give me my contacts back

  17. Chris says:

    I went back to 7.5 and it worked fine, so I decided to go back to Live
    and all my contacts appeared and everything has been working fine so

  18. Dhillan says:

    ok i followed the stuff the guys mailed to me and this still doesn\’t work. I can sign in using 7.5 and that works fine … I have all my contacts and can see them online. Installed LIVE and everything is gone no contacts whatsoever. Re-install 7.5 and it works. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE???

    I am also getting a message saying: Due to connectivity problems changes that you make might not be saved. Whats up with that!!!!!

  19. Yannick says:

    Here is the solution:
    Click Start and Run and type in %USERPROFILE%\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Messenger\\
    Then create the Contacts folder.
    Reboot. Normaly it will work.

  20. lejla says: is samaras, not samaris:)

  21. lejla says:

    :) i did it and guess what? i got my contacts back:D i suggest you all to try the same (take a look at sakis samaris\’ comment)

  22. Golden Brown says:

    I\’m having the same probs – no contact list found having followed the emailed instructions from the support team.
    No contacts, or at least only 1/10th of what I did have

  23. Richard says:

    I am having the same problem as most people here – so it seems. My contact list was originally 80 people.First time i log in – 0 contactssecond time i log in – 17 contacts.i do what these instructions say – 9 contactsrestart computer and messenger – 0 contactsrestart messenger – 14 contacts.where does it get these numbers from?i also tried importing my old contact list, and it just spazzed out and wouldnt even add my friends. it just added them in a list of people not on my allow list. what is wrong with this program? how can microsoft of even considered releasing this? it is a miserable failure.

  24. Athanasios - Sakis says:

    Sorry about that, I simply created an empty Contacts folder under
    %USERPROFILE%\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Messenger\\my_account_name\\
    that is
    %USERPROFILE%\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Messenger\\\\Contacts
    and then performed a reboot and signed back to live messager.
    Anyhow everybody are right about the quality of new messager!

  25. Unknown says:

    I have the same problem. I am not a developer of Messenger and I am not from the technical support, but even I can understand the reason of the problem. Messenger 8.0 is not able to download all the contact information from the server. So if you try the solution offered by teshnical support (delete local files), it does not create a solution. Messenger can not still take the required information from its server. I tried several times, however many times teh result was worse than before. In my older messenger (7.5) i had 40-50 contacts totally, however when I installed 8.0, I only had 30… And when I tried the solution offered, I had 22, …., …. and lastly I only have 6 contacts….I f I don\’t have my contacts properly and lose so much time, why do I try to use Messenger still??? 8.0 is a very bad version, it has to be fixed as soon as possible!….

  26. lejla says:

    what kind of folder has to be created?

  27. Athanasios - Sakis says:

    Something good happend today after a reboot!
    Now I am able to access most of my contacts.
    All I did was to create the missing folder and then reboot the PC.
    As soon as I logged back on, my contacts appeared.
    Most probably, support group had fixed something on the server.
    Try this too (after all it only calls for a reboot).

  28. Patrick says:

    What\’s happening!!?!??!
    I am having the same problem as everyone else…
    I tried the solution I got by email but it didn\’t work!
    I even imported a previously saved list but they all show offline; They can see me online and talk to me but I can\’t see anuone!!!!!!!
    I am currently using this very old verion 4.7.3001 coz I need messenger for work!

  29. ann says:

    Well after some digging, the contacts seems really screwed up, msn 7.5 and web based msn have my contacts, live (had 4 yesterday) and they is now none showing.
    From what I can see is that the whole LIVE system is trying to use local cache only, and NOT use its database, if no cache then no contacts.
    Could you please turn this dumbass feature off please.
    I really think you should check the msn database (and force and update on the internal / local machine).
    In the environment that I am working web-cafe, no one has a local cache (ever), the machines when they reset go back to our settings, and all changes made are lost.
    In the last couple of days since moving to LIVE, we have had so many users jump ship to other messenger clients, and this seems to becoming a trend now.  When 100\’s of people log on to msn to see thier contacts gone its somewhat of a blow to these not so technical savvy people.
    Anyways from what I can see turn this LOCAL checking off, or at least have it as an option, or a button to force a download of your contacts….. pls pls pls

  30. Christina says:

    argH~ another victim of Windows Live Messenger here…
    really no solutions yet?

  31. Unknown says:

    there is NO contacts folder
    and there is no contact
    and there is error 80004005
    bla bla bla bla…..
    what is wrong with this messenger !!
    we need msn 7.5
    its better than msn 8 wich have 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 problem

  32. Cory says:

    I have the same problem as everyone else…DAMNIT! give me back my MSN!

  33. Chris says:

    I\’m having the same problem, I email there technical support and I get an email back telling me to look for a contacts folder that isn\’t there. I email them back and they don\’t even reply, the technical support that they provide their users is shocking.

  34. Steve says:

    My contacts are sometimes there, somtimes only some of them are there, sometimes, none.  If I add a contact, it shows as offline, but then I can have a messenger conversation with that person….messenger says they are not in my contact list, but I can click to add them. When I click, nothing happens.

  35. Yannick says:

    What\’s wrong with this support!! i told them that their solution doesn\’t work… few minutes later they sent me the same solution. A lot of fucking auto mail. We can\’t agree with this. i don\’t want to pass my time on web messenger! So MSN Support do something.

  36. bluespecies says:

    … and now when I try to add contacts, the newly added contact, disappear right in front of my eyes and "Your contact list does not have anyone on it ….." message re-appears.

  37. bluespecies says:

    i d o not see a contats folder either.

  38. Muralli says:

    iam having the same problem but it only seem to happen with one of my logins and if i install 7.5 i see the contacts but no contacts in LIVE
    Like others I dont see the contact list in the folder they say.. on the support email…

  39. Miltos says:


    My contact list is disappearing or partially appearing upon reapeated succesfull logoffs/logons..
    The problem arised when upgrading to build 0792. I can see my contacts normaly using the older windows messenger *build 4.7.3001*. Αll windows live contacts files are present in %userprofile%\\Contacts\\{Live ID} dir but as soon as messenger logs in it transfers them in the %userprofile%\\Contacts\\{Live ID}\\ignored dir. Upon logon I receive a mesage if I would like to accept msgs in my mobile device even though I have not registered such a device. As far as connectivity is concerned all tests from within messenger are succesfull with no errors. I connect through a nonUPnP port NAT device to the internet with no port restrictions whatsoever. I tried the following steps with no luck:

    1) Downgrading to build 0792.
    2) Deleting all files in %profile%\\Contacts\\{Live ID} dir. Upon login the contact list is not downoladed in the computer from scratch and it remains empty.
    3) Deleting the files in *USERPROFILE*\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Messenger\\.
    4) Reimporting my contact list from a backup ctt file but they all showed offline status and dissapeared again on the next login.
    5) Uninstalling – reinstalling

    I would appreciate any advice you can provide. Thank you for your help in advance.

  40. Unknown says:

    Just go hereIt may not fix the problem but atleast you can get msn 7.5 back.

  41. rois says:

    contact list not appearing
    same problem appears at work pc but not at home pc
    msn support just copy paste typical suggestion.. which does not work
    problem may appear for one id but not for another on same pc
    im not an expert by i will do this
    a) log into msn from diferent pc
    b)export contacts
    c)create new msn id
    d)import contacts
    this should do it.. if you are not prepared to wait for an answer from msn..

  42. Shameem says:

    I\’m having the same problem too!!! now i regret downloading this version of messenger :((((
    I wanna download back the old version of messenger but i can\’t find it anymore..any of u know how to do it?

  43. rois says:

    same problem here.. msn people should look into a problem more carefully before suggesting solutions.. they havent notices that there is no contacts folder in the id folder they suggest????
    everybodys time is valuable.. we should tread customers with more respect and not through an answer to them so as to keep them busy..
    pls come up with a solution quickly as this is a problem..
    i dont know if it helps but sometimes i get a message "due to connectivity problemms any changes you make to this pc may not affect other pcs you log in from"

  44. Marion says:

    REF: SRX1017434385ID – Tried the solution email to me on 18 July 2006 at 6:03:06 AM.  Solution does not work.  Got to step 4, however do not get a Contacts folder after double clicking on your Messenger ID (Step 3 in solution).
    Need help very quickly as rely on this to communicate at work with people in offices worldwide and also friends and family around the world.  Also relying on using this whilst away on holidays shortly. 
    Never had a problem until downloaded Windows Live Messenger and judging by the other blogs listed under the last 24 hours, it seems I am not the only one.

  45. mina says:

    i have the same problem that my contacts don`t appear and in some times few contacts appear, after signed in the messenger write (connection error), i can`t see my contacts but they can see me. please i want a speed solution. this is the third message to you.

  46. x says:

    Same problem here… no contacts, no answers, and no solutions!!!

  47. Yannick says:

    I have the same problem (connection error and no contacts.) Sometimes i have 15 or 12; I DON\’ T HAVE CONTACT FOLDER and the solution doesn\’t work. Please!!! we need a solution

  48. Abdusalam says:

    I lost my contacts list as well, I have no idea wut to do, but mean while, i\’m using a web based msn messenger, u guys might want to use it as well

  49. Tim says:

    Had the same problem, lost contacts and fix didn\’t work. Did a System restore to an earlier restore point and got back to MSN 7.5 and my contacts again. might try to upgrade again now that I know I can get back anytime!

  50. Ola says:

    seems like i have the same problem everyone else is having…when i write the sentence from step 2, i get an error saying it can`t find C:\\Documents…so i`m not getting anywhere with this…does anybody have the solution?

  51. zespter says:

    i found the problem to missing contacts thanks to gtoandsilvia
     go on to sign in then go onto contacts and copy and paste your contacts  into word so you have a back up then,i find this usefull make a new account and add them 1 by 1 this is the onli solution
    thank you email me if you need any help

  52. zespter says:

    thats wat happeneds to me please tell me i havent lost them all i want this problem resolved asap im not happy with your service and its looks like a its a comon problem asi can see please please please please some one help me i want my contacts back i had alot of contacts and dont have a back up someone please email me if you have the answer i want my contacts back i havent got time to run and chase afterather peoples mistakes please some one help me email me on my new email

  53. Marvin says:

    i tried loggin in like 20 times…10 times i get nothin…and sometimes,5,15,25 or 45 contatcsvery weird..really dunno whats happening

  54. jeremy says:

    SAME HERE – I lost my whole list as well . I cant find this contact folder! I only find a folder called"Sharing Folders" which is empty!

  55. Marvin says:

    I lost my whole list as well . I cant find this contact folder! I only find a folder called"Sharing Folders" which is empty!however i found a new folder somewhere else called "real" and "shadow" with the files in them sayin something about contact cache!Any ideas anybody?

  56. jordi says:

    i have the same problem and the solution doesn\’t work. where is the contacts folder? i cant downgrade to msn 7.5 either so im stuck with nothing!! i need help quickly

  57. claudia maria says:

    well. i am having the exact same problems, and the solutions they find me are always the same for everyone, and yet, nothing happened! i lost my contacts on the messenger…and its frustrating…i cant talk to anyone…god! i aint got no "contacts" folder on the my ID…i hope they find a solution. fast.

  58. Dr. Mohamed Sharei says:

    I have the same problem, It sarted just a few days ago, I used the Beta version for months without any problem, and I used the full version for a whole month with no problem too, but the problem appeared now. I ADD MY VOICE TO THOSE WHO REQUEST MICOSOFT TO WORK ON A SOLUTION.

  59. Joseph says:

    i missing my contact list in my msn and found had "connection error" in my msn icon.hwo can retrieve my contact list?i had follow the step to log in the local setting but just can get in the messenger ID and didnt found got other 2 folder as name Contacts Folder and just had sharing folder only…pls reply me a.s.a.p. thank you…

  60. Mahy says:

    I have done all i could…And final result, i switched back to messenger 7.5 to find my contacts..:((((I just wanna know where are the support guys, it\’s very obviuos that it\’s a common problem, so why don\’t they do anything???

  61. fadi says:

    hur kan jag fixa

  62. Linda Maria says:

    I have the exact same problem as the two previous people….and I have been in touch with the support team twice to explain my problem and yet I keep getting the same answer! this needs to be addressed ASAP!!!

  63. Alisa says:

    I have the exact same problem as the person below. Messenger needs to fix this immediately!!!

  64. ZINE-EDDINE says:

    hey ive tried those direction but after i clicked on the id i didn\’t c no contact folder it said shared forlder and it was empty, so how do i get my contacts back???

  65. Monica says:

    Me aparecio el error 80048823, y dice que mi seña o dirrecion esta incorrecta, pero si amabas estan correctas que puedo hacer?
    Por favor ayudenme

  66. Anderson says:

    TEnho o MSN 8.0 beta, e sempre consegui entrar nele. Quando fiz a atualizaçao de uma nova versao do MSN 8.0, nao consigo mais entrar on line, da erro 80048820 e erro estendido 80048412. Meu sistema operacional e´ windows xp. gostaria de saber como proceder para me conectar no MSN.

  67. Unknown says:

    Hello every one,
                                 Is there anyone help me, I have been facing from last two months the same errors 80048820 & 80048412 these bad errors not let me to sign in into MSN Beta 8.0 Messenger. Would you please help me to get out of this problem.

  68. Alex says:

    ۞ ت ¤~ Jâñdrï× ~¤ ت ۞…..oooO…………………..(……)…Oooo………….)…/. …(…..)…………..(_/…….)…/……………………. (_/……………. Pasé por.. …………………. Aquí ………………oooO…………………..(……)…Oooo………….)…/. …(…..)……………(_/…….)…/…………………….. (_/……………………………………..
    ۞ ت ¤~ Jâñdrï× ~¤ ت ۞

  69. Demar says:


  70. Demar says:


  71. Demar says:


  72. Irene says:

    Não consigo entrar no msn Beta 8.0 e aparece  o erro numero 810003cc. Preciso do msn!!!Beijinhos.

  73. Alicia says:

    Hola!! Tengo problemas a la hora de querer iniciar mi sesión con messenger 7.5. Me sale el error 80048821. Escribo la contraseña q suelo usar y me quita asteriscos, es decir letras o numeros que escribo haciendome imposible la conexión. ¿Cómo puedo solucionarlo? Cualquier solución por favor a mi correo: Gracias.

  74. Wade says:

    80048820 error, I have ran all the connection tests and they all come back fine, but i still have this error i have reinstalled messenger and other programs that cant connect….  I haverun regestry fix programs and antivirus and anti spyware and still this problem persists… HELP!!!!!

  75. luis says:

    hola. necesito ayuda, no puedo abrir otra kuenta de msn porke me sale el error 80048823 y el 80048821 xfavoa yudenme. mi meil es

  76. Amparo says:

    Cuando intento abrir mi correo me aparece el error 80048823 y alguna vez cambia al error 80048821, no me deja abrir mi correro porque dice que mi direccion o contraseña no son correctas, pero si lo son y llevo un mes intentando arreglarlo, ¿que puedo hacer? porfavor darme alguna solucion!!!!

  77. Roman says:

    I notice how on every MSN-related blog, whenever someone demands answers as to why the messenger contact list was recently REMOVED from the MSN Dashboard, the response from MSN amounts to dead silence. I\’ve e-mailed customer support, as I\’m sure a gazillion other MSN users have, and just like me I\’m sure they\’ve all received the same response to the effect of \’\’your concern has been noted.\’\’
    So now, not only am I asking what happened to this obviously very popular feature, I\’m asking why MSN thinks it\’s OK just to plug their ears, squint their eyes, and sing \’\’neener-neener-neener-I-can\’t-hear-you\’\’ to all of their upset users. It\’s coming off really badly, and further makes a good case (beyond the ridiculous dropping of the integrated messener contact-list feature) for users to dump their service.
    I realize that the organizers of this blog may not be responsible for the dashboard contact problem, but I\’m also pretty sure they\’re in-the-know enough to find out what\’s going on and talk about it here. (Unless there\’s some memo out there to everyone MSN-related, \’\’please ignore all of our upset MSN customers and just pray they go away…\’\’ – the facts is if that\’s the attitude, then they literally WILL go away – from the entire service.)

  78. Tânia says:

    Hi everyone…
    My question is: after blocking a contact, in some cases I can delete them but in other cases that option isn\’t available. How can I delete the contacts I block?

  79. ๏ Dew says:

    Need help with Error 80048820  Please..mail me

  80. Ana says:

    Er… Error 80048820, please? I\’m still waiting for Help :|

  81. Angelique says:

    Since installing Messenger 8.0, I can no longer see my contacts on the MSN dashboard. Previously, as a contact signed in I was able to see the display picture of that contact.

    Also, I have my status set to show me away when I am inactive for 15 minutes and that no longer works. I am shown online all the time now.

  82. Unknown says:

    im having the same problem as miss anne throp
    i cannot sign in and when i open the troubleshooter everything is ok it says
    i have tried installing the new updated version of it but it still wont sign in
    i have uninstalled it and reinstalled it many times but it still isnt working
    any fixes pleese help :(

  83. steph says:

    i am having the exact same problem as miss ann trope too. I have since somehow got mine so now it says that the gateway is fine and it is connected but there is no connection. There is a problem now with the "key ports" in the troubleshooter menu. Any suggestions on how to fix this??

  84. Blanche says:

    Do you have a fix for error message 80072ee7

  85. Ana says:

    I\’ve been trying to solve a problem related do MSN Messenger for days…!
    When I try to sing in, this message appears:
    "Sorry, we were unable to sign in you in to the MSN Messenger at this time.
    Please try again later.
    MSN Messenger has made several failed attempts to sign you in. Your firewall may be blocking Messenger from connecting to the service. Please review your firewall settings. See the retailer\’s instructions for more information."
    But what is funny about this… Is that the d@mn firewall is currently disabled, and the same message still appears… Even without the firewall! o_____O
    I\’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall MSN Messenger about hundreds of times, and I get always the same message, I really don\’t know what to do…
    Errr…Help…Please…? ^____^;;;

  86. KEITH and GLENNA says:

    Following  the instructions above, I  never get any of this?????
    4.  In the window that opens double click on your Messenger ID.
    5. Double click on the Contacts folder.
    6. Delete the two folders you see inside the Contacts folder

  87. Cheryl says:

    i want t delete all contacts on my msn but i cant do it ive tried deleting them one by one but it still wont delete so how do i get them all off xx

  88. Luke says:

    It worked yeah…. but then it didnt work … but the difference between me and you guys is ;I have all my contacts in my list but none of them are online
    Yet when I log onto windows messenger some of them are online

  89. Luke says:

    Ah ha… thank you very much.. I used the old suggestion that I was sent;In Windows Live Messengera. On the "Contacts" menu, click "Save Instant Messaging Contacts," and then save your contact list on your computer.a. In the main Messenger window, right-click a contact, and then click "Delete Contact."b. Click "Also permanently delete this contact from your MSN Address book," and then click "Yes."c. Repeat steps b and c for all your contacts.d. On the "Contacts" menu, click "Import Contacts from a File," and then click the contact list that you saved on your computer.

  90. Luke says:

    Arghh…… :( There is no 2 folders in the Contacts folder

  91. jiang says:

    i follow the method, but the pro is not solved. my pro is all my contacts are messed up, people are now under the wrong groups, when someone signed in, i have them both online and offline… is there anyone having the same pro?

  92. The says:

    OK I have lost every thing and if I go to another computer it is still gone and that is on an old version is it gone from server can we get it back ????

  93. Tony Su says:

    I\’ve the same issues. and I followed your steps, still blank contracts list,
    this is in my home computer .
    In my work computer ,there\’s no such issues,why?

  94. Wei says:

    Seems that I am not the only one who has this problem, which makes me feel a little bit better. The approach described on the top never worked for me.
    But I just tried the method given by GTOandSilvia and it worked like a charm! Thank you so much! You are my hero. :D

  95. Yan says:

    Unfortunately this does not help either in my case; after I deleted the two folders and re-logged in, I still had a blank contact list and the two folders I had deleted re-appeared…
    I have another hotmail account and when I log in using that ID, all my contacts are there.  This is surely weird…

  96. Unknown says:

    This worked for me, my problems was that i had contacts starting conversations with me and their display names were other peoples email addresses:Sign out first, and completly exit messenger from the task bar,Start button + Run + Type %USERPROFILE%\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Messenger\\Double click on your ID then double click your contacts folder, delete both folders inside. (Named by your email address and your email address-shadow for me)Start up messenger and sign back in,Good luck!

  97. Pentium_Boy says:

    WoW it works … :)))))

  98. Pentium_Boy says:

    WoW it works … :)))))

  99. Chris says:

    Deleteing these folders does not work for me either. Nor does importing an exported contact list.
    If you first un-install the beta, then re-install 7, you can go back to the previous version.

  100. Umair says:

    Doh… same problem contacts disappear on windows live beta, but available on older versions.
    Unfortunately installing live beta blitzes the old version of messenger and install of 7.5 fails because there is a newer version ! Figures.
    Trying to export import contact solution as a short term fix.

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