Additional Windows Live Messenger questions

Are you recieving XML Error when you try to view the Message History from MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger
If you have installed IE 7.0 Beta 2, try changing the Message History path in Messenger through Tools-Options-Messages. Select a path which does not have a space in it.
Remember to copy all the files in your original Message history folder to the new folder so that you will be able to view past Message History after this change.
Windows Live Messenger crashes when I try to use Live Messenger through a  Remote Desktop Connection or a Terminal Services connection
We are investigating this report and thank you very much for reporting this.
Windows Live Messenger and Windows Vista Support
Windows Live Messenger v 8.0.0365 is compatibleonly with Bld 5231 of Windows Vista.
Can  Windows Live Messneger be installed on Windows 2000?
We thank you for your interest with Windows Live Messenger. But Windows Live Messenger can be installed only on Windows XP or Windows 2003.
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68 Responses to Additional Windows Live Messenger questions

  1. Jody says:

    I\’ve been having problems with my Windows Live Messenger. When I sign in it says I\’m online but when I try to send messages to people they don\’t get them or I can be in the middle of a conversation and my friends tell me I suddenly appeared to be offline even though my status was still \’online\’, so I\’m sending messages and they aren\’t receiving them. Sometimes it even won\’t let me change my status! I tried repairing the problem by uninstalling and updating but the problem\’s still there. I\’ve only started experiencing this problem since moving house but nobody else here seems to have the same problem…HELP!!!
    Ps. I use a wireless connection – dunno if that means anything.

  2. samantha says:

    please help me my msn keeps saying error code 80072 and i dont no what to do its been sayin that for a month please email me at if you no what to do im so helpless..somebody help meeeee…

  3. Aerica says:

    haha!!!! i\’ve had hours of fun with this error my friend keeps getting…. evidentially, it doesn\’t exist. i can sign in, send messages, but as soon as i try making a voice call messenger evidentially, "isn\’t available" and i get error code 0x80ee0088. now we literally spent ALL DAY trying to find out WTF the problem was, but it doesn\’t exist anywhere on the WLM help site or ANY other support site…. the only thing that came close was a forum post of someone else\’s conversation with the same message. a farther cry from that was a blog where people were talking about a similar problem in which the solution was to uninstall and switch to Skype. great… any ideas?

  4. Unknown says:

    oki ive had the same problems as these people… was workin fine yesterday 11/28/06 and i rebooted my computer. when i went to sign back in it wouldnt let me…several times. so i tried the whole uninstall and reinstall but NOOOOOOOOOO i get that damn error code 1601 . so i go and try  to dl the beta version and i get it to dl but cant sign in….wtf???!!! but on the computer that 5 ft away from me…ON THE SAME ROUTER, i sign on and have no problems….but i cant be on that comp during the day for certain reasons. a lil bit of help PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. angela says:

    i want to know if theres a way that i can tell if one of my contacts has deleted my hotmail addy.

  6. sami says:

    it wont let me download windows live!! its frustrating because it keeps saying "error 1601" and i go to the website to download it but the same thing keeps occuring!

  7. Unknown says:

    i was wondering if i can save or retrieve a conversation after closing the conversation window keeping in mind that i have the save conversation option off..?
    thanx for the help

  8. Azure says:

    This is a piece of CRAP i tried to download live messenger and it gave me an error message stating that install-messenger[1].exe was not a win32 application.  i want the live messenger back cause it had some games on there that i was really into.  THIS SUPPORT AND HELP CENTER IS A PIECE OF SHI* TOO. ALL I GET IS THE DAMN RUN AROUND BEING SENT TO EVERY DIFFERENT SITE UNDER THE SUN AND NO ANSWERS.  I AM JUST ABOUT FED UP WITH IT ENOUGH THAT I WILL SWITCH TO YAHOO OR SOMETHING ELSE CAUSE THIS IS BULLSHI*

  9. Lawrence says:

    I can\’t get access to a contacts pictures. It happens s few times week. I will go to their pictures and it will bring up a permission message to view the pictures when I already have permission to see them. They are not adding pictures because they have not changed.

  10. Unknown says:

    I keep getting a code come up saying 80004005 and it says there is nothing wrong and i know ther is! It lets me sign in on different peoples computers with msn messenger live but just not on mine.Please send me an email to help me  at

  11. lucy says:

    i keep getting troublshoot 80004005.When i click to see what the problem is it says nothing is wrong! it doesnt let me sign in my adress but it lets other people sign in on my windows live messenger. Could you please email me a solution. My email adress is

  12. Richard says:

    This live messenger is rubbish and so are the help areas , they write stuff that means nothing and drives one round and round in circles.I have landed up here and what is the point?I have no pictures of my contacts and one can see mine another can not.How do I reload instant messenger 7 ?

  13. Vale says:

    my messenger does not sings in please help me

  14. Geoff says:

    I upgraded from Messenger 7 to Live Messenger and now cannot sign-in. MSN Support were no help at all, simply pointing me to this page. I have removed the Live Messenger and re-installed Messenger 7

  15. YoNg HaW says:

    i still cannot log in my windows live messenger

  16. Tania says:

    hey ur advice didnt really help me !!!! infact u didnt even give me any advise !!! my question is i cant sign in msn messenger but my sister can and we have the same msn. i would just like to know why?

  17. karhow says:

    I tried to download the newest version of Windows Live but when I tried to install it, it said that there was not enough memory on the swapping file or that the cabinet file was corrupted. What do I do?

  18. azul says:

    hey I just want to know how the hell I fix the error 80004005!!!! please help me.. I\’ve been trying a long time and I cant do it… e-mail me the answer please:

  19. ... says:

    will not sign in – tells me i need to down load a newer version…running 8.0 live messenger. when i try to download it it says error 1603…come on!!! help me out here!!!

  20. Unknown says:

    80004005 this is the code im getting and its not letting me risigning i tried to delete messenger folder from windows but it still doesnt work

  21. sophie says:

    Hi guys thanks for emailing me back but I still don\’t understand how to get my windows live messenger to work! Please help, I\’m not fantastic with computers but I\’m ok so if you tell me exactly how to fix the problem I think I might be able to give it ago. Alternantively you could sort the whole thing out for me which would be even better! I don\’t know if you remember what my problem was, so here goes again! Basically, every time I try to sign in to windows live messenger error 80004005 occurs and won\’t let me sign in. I\’ve only had windows live messenger for 24 hours. Please help me!!!

  22. Unknown says:

    Heyz.. i  had  the windows live messangerbeta ages ago.. and one day it told me 2 download something so i did and ever-since it wont let me sign in… it says something on my laptop is blocking it…? lolz! help me!

  23. Daniel says:

    Yesterday all of a sudden i got a 80004005 error. but when it ran the connection trouble shooter it found nothing wrong with it. and when i try and sign in on my other accounts it works. what is wrong and how can i solve this problem? please email me the answer

  24. Unknown says:

    I am trying to connect to another PC via MSN Messenger remote Assitance and get the message stating the connection could not be established because the remote host name could not be resolved. What is that mean and what should be done about it? I tried twice with no success

  25. Peter says:

    I can\’t sign in…. it runs through its process and goes straight to "unable you sign in msn is temporarily unavaliable blah blah blah"….. I click troubleshoot and everthing is running perfectly why can\’t I still sign it…. its driving me nuts!!!! Please help I can\’t fix it…!!!

  26. SAM says:


  27. Angel says:

    Every time I try to run the new version of msn the trobleshoot says, your gateway appears to be ofline. I HAVE BEEN LIKE THIS FOR ALMOST TWO MONTHS HOW CAN I FIX IT??!!

  28. olivia says:

    how do i get rid of TROUBLESHOOT

  29. olivia says:

    how do i get rid of TROUBLESHOOT

  30. olivia says:

    i always get trouble shoot and cant sign in …how do i sign in??? help plssssssssssss

  31. olivia says:

    i always get trouble shoot and cant sign in …how do i sign in??? help plssssssssssss

  32. 황시빈ALWAY says:

    My problem is i use the beta 8.0 many time is didnt have any problem!
    but last 3 day i want to sign in to chating, but on the way signing have the window come out is want me to download the version and i push ok!
    after finish the download and the  come out the xxxxx wizard window (i forgot already) but the window is didnt work anything!
    what the problem for my beta 8.0!
    please HELP!!!!!!!!

  33. Unknown says:

    i am getting this horrible error 80048820 …… i am not able to sign in what should i do ??????????

  34. Katie-Lou says:

    i have the error 80004005 and my brother was on just b4 me and then i signed in and it didnt work…it sed troubleshoot then an error…then closed the window…HOW DO I FIX IT???

  35. sarah says:

    what are key ports i cant connect to msn or messenger

  36. fred says:

    everything worked flawlessly, untill i reinstalled windows, and now i cant send a offline message to anyone, please help me to figure it out. if i get another automated response then i know its time to delete the beta, as i dont have time to post something and then deal with bots not really helping the situation, but adding to fustration. thanks guys, i love the new version, but the offline messages part is the only reason i even installed it.

  37. Brandon says:

    ok found this on another site and ya it works, This is how you fix the signin error problem that i know you all are HATING SO GODDAMN MUCH!.C:\\Documents and Settings\\(YOUR USERNAME)\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft    in the microsoft folder there is A folder called messenger, Delete it and then resign in, it should work! thank god. Have fun guys, first time i havint been to lazy to not help out, i konw how much i hated this not working. so ui had to help

  38. Yani says:

    My msn live just keeps getting stuck when try ing to sign in, when i do the connectivity test it just gets stuck a key ports. whats wrong with it

  39. Unknown says:

    to fix the problem you guys should update your date and time information on your computer to reflect the correct current timethats what was wrong with mines. then run the msn troubleshooter and hit "repair" should workhope all is well

  40. Michael says:

    I\’m getting the same problem as _GRG183, it loads fine but you can\’t sign in, it crashes and then error 80004005 comes up.  My email works on Webmessenger but Windows Live Messenger Beta isn\’t working!!!!!  PLZ HELP!!!

  41. Linzi says:

    Heloo will someone plz help me!! what does troubleshoot 8007efd mean it has been like this for at least three days now will somebody plz help me !!! thank you

  42. Taylah says:

    hey    I the 7.5 copy of msn messenger and i went on a website one day called http://www.I-M and ever since i went on every time i\’ve gone on msn it has automatically just popped up. HELP ME!!!!!from taylah

  43. George Saliba says:

    I am using the windows live messenger beta …up to this morning it was working fine…but now it is crashing everytime i try to sign in….basically the messenger loads fine..then i press the sign in button and it starts trying to sign in….then an error message comes up saying that messenger beta couldn\’t sign in cos the service is not available…(actaully the service is available cos is works fine on another pc) ..the error number is 80004005 and there is a troubleshhot button…when I press either the troubleshoot button or the close button the messenger simply crashes and that "send error report" message comes up …the last thing I did when it was working correctly was that i signed out manually while I was plying some songs in iTunes…with the "now playing" thing showing the song title…could this be related in some way?

  44. Mike says:

    Windows Live Messenger problem.
    I just tried to move five emails to a new folder and the operation appeared to complete but upon examination the five emails are gone! They are not in the inbox, they are not in the folder I created, they are not in any other folder. They are gone! No undo button. nada! Well not something I wanted to happen – but it did!

  45. Kyle says:

    im getting error code 80048869… what should i do?

  46. Unknown says:

    Please I have error 80048820.Please reurn soon.Tank you

  47. Unknown says:

    Well, I keep getting this message everytime I try to sign in: "The passport ID used to sign in is not allowed access to this Beta version of Messenger. 810003cc"  How in the heck am I supposed to comment to MSN like they\’d like us to as far as how cool this new version is supposed to be, when I can\’t even sign in?!?!? Does ANYONE out there know what to do? Please help!

  48. Cool says:

    I\’m getting error 80048820 .. please I wanna\’ some help here

  49. stephen says:

    my msn is not working the code is 80048820 and it keeps coming up and i don\’t know what to do can u help thank you

  50. Nikki says:

    help im getting the error 80048820….

  51. Unknown says:

    When trying to connect to remote assistance I get a message  that says:  remote assistance connection could not be established because the remote host name could not be resolved.  I have sent a message the msn.  Then msn said to send it to Msn Live.  Msg live saiid to come to the FAQ\’s which I did before I even attempted to send and messages.  I would like to be able to speak to someone so I can get this remote assistance working.  I am tired of sending comments that are being answered by bots.  Please take a moment to answer this and give me some way to contact msn and speak to a person.  Thank you.

  52. Sinan says:

    Hello, 1.New contact is not useful. 2.I can\’t reach user spaces from contact cards3.My buddy\’s video is resizing when i resize the conversation window4.Do a client for linux please :)thanks

  53. Suzie Q says:

    I was wondering if there is a way to view past MSN conversations even if you have deleted them through file, message history? Is there somewhere else on the computer that you can go to see past MSN conversations? I have checked the recycle bin and there is nothig there.
    Please HELP!

  54. Ali says:

    I\’m getting error 80048820 .. please I wanna\’ some help here

  55. Unknown says:

    I am already registered with MSN Messenger with the e-mail address,  However, because I only use the address to log onto the zone, last night I tried to use it as an e-mail address and MSN had to reactivate the address.  consequently, when I logged onto the zone, I got logged on with another hotmail address,  When another game player tried to add this address to their MSN Messenger Friends list, they saw me as not being logged on.  I suppose toussaint964 is not registered with MSN Messenger.  So please tell me what I must do in order to accomplish this.

  56. Nidhi says:

    im getting the error!!!11nothing wrkin

  57. Nidhi says:

    im getting the error!!!11nothing wrkin

  58. Matthew A. says:

    I keep getting error number 80070197 which means that for some reason I do not have the correct user ID and password fir HTTP proxy server.  Anyone know how to fix this? 

  59. Teresa says:

    Everytime I try to sign in, I get trouble shooting and then have to click on repair.  Now it does not even repair itself anymore.  I have installed and done the malicous software check and my system is clean.  I can\’t sign in and don\’t know how to fix the problem.  PLEASE HELP

  60. Mariella says:

    I don\’t have any invites… i get a message saying i have 0 left.
    But i\’ve never used any.  How do i get invites?

  61. Unknown says:

    I am having problems connecting to msn messenger 7.5. Error code 80048820. I have tried all the various options to resolve this issue but it is not working please help!!!!!

  62. Unknown says:

    I keep getting the same error every time I try to sign into messenger. It says that my firewall might be blocking MSN messenger, but I turned off my firewall and it still wouldn\’t let me sign in. The error is 80048220. Please help.

  63. Carmen says:

    My messenger doesn\’t work, i don\’t know why. And the problem is that when i install the MSN messenger BETA, and in the middle of the installation they ask you to restart the computer in order to have it successfully install right? However, I cannot even restart the computer because it appears a new icon saying that i because my messenger doesn\’t respond, THEREFORE my computer cannot restart. I did many many many time to do the correct procedure, but it doesn\’t work!! My messenger get stuck, it freeze but himself!!! and at the end, I re-install the MSN messenger 7.5. Please help me to solve this problem~ THank you!

  64. Lex says:

    Although Live Messenger correctly gets the number of emails in my hotmail account at sign in – thereafter it does not update (the count is fixed: ignoring the reading of mails or the receipt of new ones). Additionally there is no toast popup as to when a new email arrives.
    I used messenger 7.5 on the same computer without issue and I continue to use 7.5 on another machine and again the functionality works fine.

  65. Stephen says:

    I keep getting an error when I try to sign in.  It suggests that I check my firewall settings, which I have done several times now.  Even when I turn off my firewall, MSN still won\’t sign in.  The error code I get is 80048220.  Thanks for the (anticipated) help!

  66. lila says:

    i have all the problems you all are having my friend came in that teaches computers
    andd she would do a system restore to a earlyer dat
    it wouldnt let her it said curruped file in regitry
     she tryed to down koad the beta verson same ero
    what happened to me was a yellow bar came aceoss my msn messenger and said new downloads for msn and i clicked on it how could smothing like that happen with your protection this was the msn on my dsk top when i went to signin
    she said i would have to fprmat my computer did anyone else get yellow bar
    i dont know how to for mat
    very upset

  67. Unknown says:

    my msn wont let me sign in because of a connection fault or something like that

  68. Charlie says:

    I can\’t start a game on messenger- my buddy\’s messenger says she\’s waiting for me, but mine says it\’s unavailable.

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