Talking about Some Common Windows Live Messenger FAQs



Some Common Windows Live Messenger FAQs

We have put together answers to a few common Windows Live Messenger questions that frequently come up. We hope this will be useful to you:
Click here to find out how to add your self to the Windows Live Messenger wait list so that we can send you an invite soon
Any questions about Windows Live Messenger invites or how to get access to the Windows Live Messenger beta or questions about additional invites. Click here.
You may find answers to common Contacts Issues such as an empty contact list after upgrading or seeing an incorrect display name of a user in a conversation window when using Windows Live Messenger.  Click here. Check it out…
Questions on Sharing Folders, click here
If you have trouble starting a conversation with a contact and are always receiving an error report window followed by Messenger shutting down, try this fix.
Some fixes for sign in error 80040111, 80048883.
Other issues/questions that we have recieved questions on.
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99 Responses to Talking about Some Common Windows Live Messenger FAQs

  1. Jia says:

    it\’s the virus i think –  i can\’t use 8.1 version. Everytime of installing it, they ask for the \’active code\’ for it.

  2. · $1[ U]KӘЧTЄЄ[/ U] ӘЧЧ [ U]2KӘЧ8[/ U] OHH[ U]-[/ U]ЧЄӘH [ U]BӘЧBiiЄ[/ U] !!· $0 says:

    heyahh does enny one know the activation code for windows live messanger?

  3. śţėpħəή ▪▫▪▫ if ũ Я ŝ©åŘêĐ ōƒ ã ßäŁĹ×× ŧĥåťŝ Ĥōŵ ů CómƏ ČōŎŁ»»»Ŀıkэ Μə▪▫▪▫ ŃǒŤ. says:

    love msn??

  4. śţėpħəή ▪▫▪▫ if ũ Я ŝ©åŘêĐ ōƒ ã ßäŁĹ×× ŧĥåťŝ Ĥōŵ ů CómƏ ČōŎŁ»»»Ŀıkэ Μə▪▫▪▫ ŃǒŤ. says:

    love msn

  5. Unknown says:

    Hello, i can\’t log on in to windows live messenger, the code error is 80048821, can anyone tell me what to do???

  6. titirat says:

    I can\’t go to my space. The tool bar on msn ,my space, is dissapear. I can,t see my friends space too.I tried to download new msn yet but it\’s not work.It\’s still to doesn\’t have this tool bar.please help me to untie this trobble. You can contact me on my space or my msn. please help me .Thanks you

  7. Adriana Faysuri says:

    Muy Buen día, el problema que tengo es al intentar iniciar sesión me genera el error 80004005 y pide revisar las propiedades del firewall (bloqueado por el administrador). Gracias de antemano por su valiosa ayuda.

  8. oscar says:

    al instalar el messenger c produce un error! actualmente tengo el messenger .NET y quiero actualizarlo pero no funciona! porfavor q alguien me ayude a solucionar este problema!

  9. Wut Yee says:

    i encounter logging in msn window live messenger. the programme shows that i have problem with internet connection. actually, i think i don\’t have  connection problem. so, what should i do?

  10. Jean-Yves says:

    i cannot dowload emoticons from my contacts. There is always this message that pops up " invalid file". Is there a solution to that problem? Please let me know.

  11. muzaffar says:

    unable to sign in msn and the problem is become to serious for me i can t chat with my friend

  12. MARIELA says:


  13. A says:

    The morons at help sent me HERE for a chat room related queston. Thanks MSN you still suck, always will suck.

  14. JIMMIETEE says:

    i am going to uninstall my window live messenger.. i got tired of this error code 80048821 always apperring everytime i try to logon…
    msn needs to fix this problem a.s.a.p.

  15. Unknown says:

    I can sign into msn and put my status as online but none of my contacts can see me, they all say i am off line.  i can message them and chat but no matter what status i put on there, i always show offline.  Please somone help me.  xxxxx

  16. rasti hirori says:


  17. Özlem says:

    I have 80048820 and ı can\’t put in order my msn. please help me to sign msn

  18. тοm вυℓℓοck says:

    how do i get more contact space???? i have to delete someone everytime sumone adds me?? help me please!!!!

  19. Lisa says:

    Oh my god this sucks…what the frik…4 times I downloaded this updated version and 4 times I had to remove it.  It keeps aying my firewall (which I don\’t have) is preventing me from signing in.  I am not an idiot…what the frik am I doing wrong? Really, I should say what are you doing wrong.  I also got rid of the email version.  It sucks.  MSN sucks.

  20. *Divine Jatti* says:

    yor live sucks….i recommand u dont get it….i cant sign in either buh my sis can… ive been gettin the error 80004005 for a while…. i juss switched back to 7.5 cus one u can u plus on it and two it signs everyone in

  21. Unknown says:


  22. Jo says:

    Do Messenger still store information on your chat session even if you decided not to log your chat sessions?

  23. Jason says:

    First off, why is that my image and why is my name "tickedoffuser" ? I have no idea where these came from LOL they are not me.  Second, whenever I right click a contact on Windows Live Messenger, the program terminates with an error.  It does not give a message or a code though.  Just letting you know of this bug.

  24. Nate says:

    My flippin msn wont let me sign in and i need to get in so i can talk to all my friends becasue i need more people to go skunk hunting dammit

  25. Robert says:

    I am constantly receiving an error message of " Space Not Available  Sorry, we are unable to complete your task at this time. The Windows Live Spaces service is experiencing difficulties. Please try your task again later." when accessing Windows Live Spaces from Windows Live Messenger.  and have been experiencing this issue since the beginning of migration from "" to "". Let\’s have the old MSN spaces back, or fix the coding so that Messenger can communicate with Live Spaces as simply as an old fashion html hyperlink. 

  26. DaDaR says:

    Now, I try to sign in msn but I can\’t to sign in.  I want to know information about this event. And What should I do? 

  27. Unknown says:

    pls i also…keep on troubleshoot but i keep on changing address also has the same problem….help

  28. Unknown says:

    who can help me ah…..

  29. Azure says:

    THIS IS CRAP!  I try to download live messenger and i get an error window that says that it is NOT A WIN32 APPLICATION.  I am so dissappointed in CUSTOMER SERVICE it is insane.  I have left sooooo many questions and all i get is tons of different locations to leave more questions and comments.  This is total Crap and you need to fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-(

  30. veronika says:

    how can I delete a  contact from the sistem?  I can delete it from my messenger, but when I go to options, privacy and they are still in my blocked contacts, so I right click on the contact again, to delete it totally and some I can, but some the option "delete" is inactive, is faded, so I can\’t doit, please if you have and idea letme know

  31. veronika says:

    how can I delete a  contact from the system?  I can delete it from my messenger, but when I go to options, privacy and they are still in my blocked contacts, so I right click on the contact again, to delete it totally and some I can, but some the option "delete" is inactive, is faded, so I can\’t do it, please if you have and idea let me know

  32. hollyanne says:

    i keep getting the message up that with the error code – 80004005 and it also says that the gateway is offline. How can i get back onto my msn it wont even let me sign in – this sucks!!

  33. Coskun says:

    help!!! :((    i keep getting error 80004005  my msn  not to be opened. help :((

  34. Thannya says:

    Need help with error 80004005 now now now !! pliz ;(
    i all ready change my email like 4 times and its always the same!!  if some one can fix it email me !!

  35. Unknown says:

    omg!!! y does it have 2 happen 2 me! all i wana do it chat 2 my man n my m8s!:@ y does msn always have 2 f*** up?

  36. Tyler says:

    Ive been trying to sign in now for 2 days and it keeps comin up error 80004005 and it wont let me sign in. Ive changed my password and evrything and it still wont work. does any one know how to fix this problem?

  37. Bana says:

    I keep getting error 80004005 for two MONTHS and i don\’t know what to do. I really need to sign in because i\’ve been using the windows messenger for two months and it sucks please help me!!

  38. Angelica says:

    y am i gettin the same error 800004005.this crap aint sense dread!!!

  39. Unknown says:


  40. irma says:

    i need help!!! I am  not at all happy with the custmer services. I  Can not  sign in to my msn messenger.  when i try to get into my msn is a Error code every time i try.  Please help!!!

  41. irma says:

    omg!!!! i can\’t used my messenger WTF!!!?!  i dont know !.. what  is error  80004005 ???!!…and why
    i keep getting error 80004005 ??!?!?!? why?!?!!?…………………………….!!

  42. Roy says:

    how can I delete a  contact from the sistem?  I can delete it from my messenger, but when I go to options, privacy and they are still in my blocked contacts, so I right click on the contact again, to delete it totally and some I can, but some the option "delete" is inactive, is faded, so I can\’t doit, please if you have and idea letme know

  43. irma says:

    i keep getting error 80004005 ??!?!?!? why?!?!!?

  44. Inky says:

    I keep downloading the window\’s live messenger and get the message that since WINHTTP.dll was not found, cannot logon due to this.  It says to download it again to correct the problem, but this has not been accomplished.  What do I need to do?

  45. Pedro P. says:

    Just friggen great!  I download & try and install the new beta, get an error 1603 on install and now can not even use the old version, and this is the best support I can get when I send a bug report & request for help?  I\’ve been beta testing for MS for 20+ years now and this is the worst support response I\’ve ever gotten.

  46. Mohammad says:

    Well, this is just as weird as my contacts disappearing in the first place, but its finally fixed. Here\’s how i did it:
    1. Go to the PRIVACY tab in TOOLS.
    2. Make sure everything in your BLOCK list is set to ALLOW (if you want some contacs to be kept blocked, you can re-block them later just to be on the safe side).
    3. Sign out.
    4. Sign back in.
    I had to repeat steps 3 & 4 a few times to get the \’connection error\’ thing to go away and to see all my contacts. At first i got half of my contacts back, but after a few times of signing in and out i got them all back.
    I just hope this is of some help to some of you, i know Microsoft is not doing anything to help and i know how frustrating this may get.
    [ d  i  s  k  o  n  e  k  t ]

  47. Mr says:

    I just gave up and reinstalled msn 7.5
    You can get it still from here if anyone wants it

  48. Unknown says:

    I have same problem with losing all my contacts,and it seems i got the same standard mail that doent work,double click contacts etc (even though no contacts folder there!!!).is it worth replying to the mail as it says to do ? or just got to wait and hope someone sorts it out???

  49. faisal says:

    guys… has any of you figured out how to solve the problem? i tried the procedure they gave us…but theres no such thing as a "contacts" folder in  my messenger id folder…theres nothing..only a folder named Sharing Applications and it has nothing in it too…this is crazy

  50. carlos says: at least you can use this msn until the fixing tool is available

  51. Albert says:

    damn shit about this latest version of live messenger. all my contacts gone. i sent so many feedback forms, but the replies are all from robot. no exact answer & help from
    what are you guys doing in the Technical department???
    anybody see this message, pls help me if u all got some better idea to get back my contacts.
    thank you…

  52. graciela says:

    every time today when i try to sign in windows messenger i
    get error code 80048820 and extended error code 80048812 please tell me if i have to fix it myself or if the problem is all yours

  53. Unknown says:

    i have tried to sign om to msn messenger all day error code80048820 and error code 8004841f keep coming up i have check firewall ans sever what can i do now?

  54. zespter says:

    my does my contacts dissappeare all the time when i sign in and out  i get different ones cumin up all the time i just wan to talk to my family thats all please bring back msn 7.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!this windows messenger is so f**king s**t

  55. steef says:

    What kinda crap is going on, suppurt space my ass!! i just wanna talk to my friends and family and i get this error 80004005 like everybody else here!! i knew Windows messenger was a bad idea, but that this kinda problems would come pop up i didn\’t expect. Crap you know!

  56. ashley says:

    Rawr i keep getting error 80004005 ,! wtf

  57. Ashley says:

    can sumone plz help me i got error 80004005 i really need to get on my accout been trying for days now

  58. rose says:

    ı have got the same error 80004005.ı can not open my account. please help me ıf you can…
    my problem msn account:
    please help me

  59. chels says:

    every time i sign into my messenger it works but as soon as i sign out that e-mail wont work again and its not just a sertin e-mail it happened to all my e-mails.could i please get some information on how to fix this please.

  60. Janna says:

    Join the club!  My first 2 emails to MSN Customer Feedback were nasty ones, and they didn\’t even respond to those.  My third one was nice, and my fourth was nasty/nice, but I got responses for the last two emails… their response was the same EXACT email that you pasted here.  I really doubt that the customer feedback people even read their emails or this blog page, otherwise, they wouldn\’t have the nerve to send that link to people who all have the same or nearly the same complaint as everybody who has posted on the blog page.  If there are so many people having problems, I don\’t understand why Customer Feedback isn\’t actively trying to seek out more information from the people who are reporting problems.
    Janna, who is sicked and tired of dinking around with her non-functional, useless Live Messenger.

  61. pablo enrique says:

    no esta disponible sale eso a cada ratooo me estoi enojandooooo

  62. pablo enrique says:


  63. ηιск says:

    Everytime I go through with the technical support thing for help this is what I always get and IT DOESN\’T HELP!!!

    Thank you for contacting Windows Live Messenger Technical Support. I will be glad to assist you with your concern.  Based on the information that I received, I understand that your contacts are no longer appearing within Windows Live Messenger.  I understand why this would be a cause for concern. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and if this problem has prevented you from keeping in touch with your family and friends. I would like to express my sincere intention of helping you as I understand how important it is for this issue to be resolved as soon as possible.  If you see an empty contact list after upgrading to Windows Live Messenger, follow the steps below:1. Sign out of Messenger2. Click Start and Run and type in %USERPROFILE%\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Messenger\\ and hit Enter3. This will open a new Windows Explorer window4.  In the window that opens double click on your Messenger ID.5. Double click on the Contacts folder.6. Delete the two folders you see inside the Contacts folder.Hopefully the information above will help you resolve your concern. If you need further assistance, please review the Live Messenger Frequently Asked Questions for Contact Issues at:!8B3F39C76A8B853F!1734.entry?_c=BlogPartIf you are unable to find an answer from the link above then feel free to reply to this email for additional help with this issue or visit the Windows Live Messenger Common Questions page at:!8B3F39C76A8B853F!1753.entryThank you for contacting Windows Live Messenger Technical Support. ___________________________________________________________________
    Look at number 5 & 6, whenever I go to the contacts folder, it doesn\’t have 2 folders.

  64. ηιск says:

    The problem I said I was having, it\’s exactly the same as Minergal\’s/Janna\’s. CAN SOMEONE PLEEEASE HELP MEEE!?

  65. Janna says:

    By the way… how can I see if there is an error number associated with my connection problem?  Everybody else here seems to be getting an error code.  I mean, it probably won\’t help me to know what error code I\’m getting, but if there is one, I\’d like to know what it is.

  66. Janna says:

    When I installed Live Messenger originally, none of my contacts showed up, so I created a .ctt file and imported them. When I select any of them or if one of my contacts IM\’s me, it shows that they\’re NOT on my contact list, and I cannot tell if they\’re online or not.  When I click on the "add to contact list" button, nothing happens. When I log into Live Messenger, I get a message saying that there is a connection problem, and if I let my cursor hover over the Live Messenger icon in my taskbar, it shows "Connection error"
    I\’ve checked/done everything on MSN\’s connection troubleshooting tips page, but nothing has helped. I sent 2 nastygrams to MSN about this, and NO RESPONSE. I sent another message today, nicely worded, and they sent me a non-clickable link to this page. There was NOTHING wrong with my Messenger version 7.5, and now I can\’t get it back. Talk about fixing something that isn\’t broken!!!!!  This sucks!!! :(  Help me!!!!!!!

  67. Emily says:

    nao consigo entrar no messenger com o meu mail habitual no qual onde
    estão todos os meus contactos,mas com outros mails que tenho cnsigo
    estabelecer ligação e entrar.por mais que ja tenha solicitado a opção
    ajuda este continua a dar erro,ja mudei de palavra passe mas o problema
    mas para entrar no hotmail consigo entrar mas no messenger ja nao é o mesmo .
    ja nao sei que fazer

  68. Unknown says:

    i keep getting error 80004005 amd i cant sign in…i have been trying for 2 days!!! i really need to connect to it plzplzplzplzplzplz help!!!!!

  69. Tim says:

    They just have to be kidding right? I mean, did ANYbody here NOT get the F&%KING 80004005 error code? I\’m switching back to the old version. * TEMPORARY SOLUTION!!! *  use e-messenger for the time being…. here\’s the adress:www.ebuddy.comGood luck everybody….Timmy ;)

  70. Unknown says:

    It is so gay i have some of the same problems but is says to trouble shoot and i even got another msn account and it still doesent work so if some one knows how to fix it i would like it because i am pissed off at it right now so

  71. Unknown says:

    i use a four port router to connect to the net and it wont let me sign into messenger or hotmail, i get error code 80048820, extended error code 80048439. if i unhook the router eand connect directly thru the modem i can sign in every time but this means no1 else can access the net when i am on messenger or in hotmail. this is driving me crazy! can anyone help please?

  72. ηιск says:

    I have the same problem as Elisa which is my contacts have disappeared except my contacts can still chat with me and I can still receive email messages and the only way for me to chat with them is that they have to start the conversation.

  73. Ryan says:

    Lets see here. Error 80004005. Can\’t log in to my account. BUT. My cousin and sister and friends can ALL log in to theirs? This is BS. I knew this Live Messnger shit was a bad idea…

  74. michael says:

    WHAT THE…?!?!?!?   I asked technical support for help to fix my peice of crap Live Messenger and they make me type this long ass mutha fuckin address which they could have quite easily linked and i end up HERE!!  A black hole full of other disgruntled users. Maybe if we all scream together somebody will hear us. On second thought i doubt it, these mofos just sweep problems under the carpet. Great customer service MSN. Keep up the good work.

  75. Fabio Augusto says:

    WTF???? Ive got this same error (80004005) and i cant log in….its been happening for like 2 weeks already. The funniest thing is that my sis can log in perfectly. Whats going on??? Is there some way to fix it????

  76. Maya says:

    OMG i got the same error 80004005 as some of u gys…. if u gys know how to fix it let me know ASAP…. sooo maddd stupid msn… it was workin fine… now i have to use my old msn address!!!! this is soo gayy…. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN!!!

  77. Dylan says:

    I Can\’t even open my WLM window because it says ("This application has failed to start because MSVCR80.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.") i reinstalled it and it did it again then i email this big long message to Microsoft support and they send me to this….. This is just a bunch of people that are mad that their WLM isnt working right. Why dont they put like a Technical Support 1-800 number on there so we can actually be helped i mean i doubt they wrote those messages personally they just computer automated it…. Damn that Pisses me off… I mean I Like Windows Live messenger but not enough that i want to sit and look for Support for 6 hours I Mean I have a life too… WELL BYE HAVE A NICE DAY…… NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!11

  78. Unknown says:

    im so sorry

  79. Dave says:

    Well, look like Support dumped me to this senseless, unanswered, dead-end blog!!! :(
    All I wanted to know is how I could stop Windows Live Messenger from reloading into the System Tray after I EXIT from the program!  Ya think they could have forwarded my question to someone that could help me instead of sending me here????

  80. Unknown says:

    I am unable to sign into messenger because it keeps saying that I need to download the latest version of Windows Live. It gives me the ERROR CODE \’1601\’ during the setup and redirects me to the website to download it again, then the same thing happens over and over…..Anyone know what to do? Thanks!:)

  81. Catherine says:

    when i type in windows live messenger, the font i have chosen never shows up on the conversation screen, and it is just plain black. However, when typing in the message box, it does show the font i have chosen. I cant see the people\’s font i am talkin to, everythin is just plain and black. How do i fix this??????????????

  82. Miss says:

    i got 81000314. can someone pls help.

  83. Ugur says:

    fucking msn if the error to error code:80004005

  84. Tony says:

    K Im gettin that error 80004005 too but when my buddy came over he could sign in… now what is up with that? Does anyone actually get anything fixed by postin shit here?

  85. Michael says:

    I asked and I do it again … how I can get windows live in different languages … in this case I need in Portuguese.. plz help thanks

  86. maria says:

    i cant see any bodies emoticons or display pics with the new live messenger and other people cant see mine either. can anybody help with this problem as live messenger doesnt seem to be able to help.

  87. Erick says:

    erros code 81098837382818284323001

  88. Unknown says:

    Lol i got error code 80048820

  89. Dj says:

    I guess MSN messenger was supposed to be the best but i guess the new technology they came up with sucksssssss!!!!!!! My error code is 80072ee7……..instead of fixing it they gave me this site to write my fucking viewssssssss!!!!!! what kind of customer service is this they were suppose to send solutions not fucking write about this new shit!!!!!!!!!! if someone has an answer to my problem please feel free to contact me ……..

  90. Iqra says:

    hey…… i\’ve got kinda like the same problem… i get the error code and the troubleshoot!if u cn\’t fix it then atleast tell me what is wrong with it…i\’m not really in the mood right now….i must\’ve tried signing in 30 times already…….IT WON\’T WORK….What do i do?
    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
    i need desparate urgent attention….and the rest of these people.. HELP US OUT!
    THANK YOU!!! xxx luv ya xxx

  91. John says:

    How do you get MSN Messenger to open up automatically on start up

  92. Elísa says:

    i lost all my contacts once i upgraded to windows live messenger!!!!!!!

  93. Unknown says:

    it looks not bad.

  94. Unknown says:

    yes well i ahv the same problem as most of the ppl on here. it keeps sayin this 80004000 thingy and this has been happening for awhile and now im gettin mad, and it wont let me donwload msn messenger 7.5 back onto my computer and i am now witout msn, it will let everyone else on their accounts except for mine n i want to kno wuts goin on and if u would kindly fix it so i can go on msn, it has been liek this for 3 days now and nutting i hv dne has fixed it..please help me im gettin really mad n beging to hate this new msn messenger. so if u could send any information about my problem to fix it to thanks

  95. emyann says:
    google.comthey will probably delete these posts anyway. but sign all your friends up! instant voice calls. call anyone in the united states or canada for free. google talk, skype, gmail.. they all fucking rock!

  96. emyann says:


  97. emyann says:

    What the fuck??????? Technical support just sent me to this website \’cos it would \’help\’ with the same sign in error code. I can\’t fucking see my mail! WHAT THE HELL?? I signed up for MSN figuring they would at least let me SEE me emails!It is so important I can see my mail and MSN is fucking with us all. I\’m moving COMPLETELY to gMail. This was the last fucking straw. I expected help and they just send us all here. This is fucking bull shit. GMAIL KICKS ASS!! GO TO!!!!!!!!! <<< THEY KICK ASS AND NEVER HAVE THIS PROBLEMS.MSN, you had your fucking chance. But instead you hire a whole bunch of dumbasses who bring the servers down where we can\’t even see our email. You will NEVER be as good as any other provider. Well, goodbye you fuckers. Thanks for ruining my email account. So sad that I ever depended on you.

  98. Docthurr says:

    I have error code 80004005

  99. Alejandro says:

    help cant sign in error 80004005  what can i do someone help

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