Looking for the latest version of Windows Live Messenger (v 8.0.0562)?

The latest version of Windows Live Messenger is currently available only for Microsoft Beta testers. This version will be available to the public soon on http://ideas.live.com
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36 Responses to Looking for the latest version of Windows Live Messenger (v 8.0.0562)?

  1. Cassie says:

    i can\’t login to my windows live messenger and when i acctually do i signs me off after a few minutes..what\’s going on??HELP!

  2. tkien says:

    me too, I can\’t login to msn. If use @hotmail.com, its login ok but when use @msn.com I can\’t… please help me

  3. irma says:

    i need help!!! I am  not at all happy with the custmer services. I  Can not  sign in to my msn messenger.  when i try to get into my msn is a Error code every time i try.  Please help!!!

  4. muntaz says:

    i need help.  not at all happy with the custmer services.  Can not  sign in to my msn messenger.  Error code every time i try.  Please help

  5. Marion says:

    I would like to change both the font & the size of the font.I can do it every time,I would like it to stay ,how do I fix this??

  6. Sophia says:

    i cant sign in to my msn messenger it keeps saying "signing in to msn messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable"  but its been like that for like almost a month and i\’ve been trying everything to fix it and also when i troubleshoot it it says somethings wrong with the key ports.. and it says "failed to connect to the service could be due to improper proxy or firewall settings so i need help if anybody can please and thank you

  7. ozgur says:

     i \’m getting error  80072efd  .. i cant sign  in MSN messenger,, help please

  8. Heather says:

    having problems logging into messenger gateway error 80072efd can someone please help me

  9. simon says:

    hi how come live mail, is just available in a view country\’s?  simonjoker@msn.com

  10. Yonathan says:

    I have exact the same problem.
    How can I log in to MSN mesenger?

  11. Onur says:

    I have exact the same problem.
    How can I log in to MSN mesenger?

  12. Unknown says:

    I also get the 80048820 problem.Its been like this all day, nothing is making it work! what is the problem?

  13. connor says:

    help people. i cant log on to msn messenger. i get code (80072efd) it sucks i cant fix! help me!
    if u had this problem reply

  14. connor says:

    i get error 80072efd i tried for hours to find out how to fix it. nothing works!!! help

  15. kevin says:

    i am trying to log on to messenger 7.5 and it saying
    im to troubleshoot. when i troubleshoot it say there
    is a problem with the gateway error 80072efd
    help me please

  16. GEE says:


  17. mathew says:

    my msn messenger keeps saying: my firewall may be blocking its form signing me in, (80048820)
    please help me ive done evry thing!!!

  18. Viellani says:

    can someone help me with this error please! whenever i try to sign in to msn messenger 80072ee7 keeps poping up.

  19. 博一 says:

    Plz help me that the 1603 error.Beg your answer and it is not the software wrong/disk mood problem.Thanks!

  20. Unknown says:

    BoR!nG~That iz so bor!ng….
    to everyone———>shut up =)<———————————-

  21. Unknown says:

    i cant get into my msn becuse when i go to sign into it it says something about troubleshoot can u please fix it for me plz

  22. Sami says:

    i can\’t sign into my msn because of a possible fire wall blockage plz plz plz help!
    my email above

  23. Unknown says:

    error 80072ee7 wont let me sign into my account. can sum1 help? i havent benn able to use it for @ least 2 weeks

  24. emily says:

    error code 80048820 wont let me sign in please help me !!!!!

  25. Ian says:

    I cant sign into my msn messenger account, my error number is 80048820. Can anyone help me out with that.

  26. J says:

    Hello. So far I\’m loving this BETA version.
    I am really looking forward to the latest build being release publically. Just how soon are we talking about? Maybe we can get a ballpark figure?
    By the way, I have never gotten any invitations I can send out to friends and I was told through customer support that it\’s pretty much impossible to never get any. They explained within a certain amount of time I will get to send out invitations but so far nothing. They also said giving feedback on the BETA build wil increase the chances of getting the right to send out some invitations.
    Well, I\’ve sent many feedback messages through the procedure they want us to use on the feedback URL. About 10 in the last 24 hours.
    What are anyone\’s opinions on when I may be able to get some invitations to send out (since I have yet to get any and have given a lot of feedback on bugs/issues/concerns/what I like/dislike/etc.)?
    Also, PLEASE  give me a ballpark figure on when that new build will be released to the public. Days? Weeks? Months? I won\’t hold you to anything, honest!
    <3 Microsoft and Messenger. AIM is going down !!

  27. Stefan says:

    I found a lot of bugs in this new version that i can\’t explain, how they comes ^^

  28. Nrathyp says:

    how can i copy all custom emotions to another pcs. It is so complicated to add them again one by one.

  29. gemz says:

    i have had a few problems with msn messenger

  30. NaM NeUnG says:

    I have problem sign in MSN. Now, I can\’t sign in Msn
    I receive an error number 80048820. It\’s Show
    "Msn Messenger has made several failed attempts to sign you in. Your
    firewall may be blocking Messenger from connecting to the service.
    Please review your firewall settings. See the retailer\’s instructions for
    more information."
    Help me please!!!!!
    my email..  denmark_neung@hotmail.com

  31. tiarne says:

    I have the same problem with the 80048820 error, ahhh help? :(
    thanks :D.

  32. Unknown says:

    i have the same problem pls help

  33. Norris says:

    I am not getting through to my message box for today.

  34. Danny says:

    i have the exact same problem plz help

  35. Danny says:

    i have the exact same problem plz help

  36. Joshiey says:

    hey plz help me i havent been able to get online on msn messenger 7.5 for ages and i have all the connections correct i have tried everything i can think of plz help me – i can sign in on other computers its jsut this one laptop that wont allow me to get on to any accounts at all.
    any suggestions or soloutions is greatfully recieved.
    error code is : 80048820

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