New Windows Live Messenger Beta Version

A new Windows Live Messenger beta version is available to beta participants on  More details about this version can be found at:
If you are not a beta participant, but would like to be then do the following:
2)  Click the "Sign Up" link found in the Windows Live Messenger section.
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20 Responses to New Windows Live Messenger Beta Version

  1. ashley says:

    HOw come wen i open msn messenger it signs in den afta 2 mins or so it freezes?!?!?!?…..IT F**kin SUCKS

  2. enmy says:

    hellou my name is enmy and i want to make friends only

  3. enmy says:

    hellou my name is enmy and i want to make friends only

  4. enmy says:

    hellou my name is enmy and i want to make friends only

  5. Unknown says:

    Can\’t sign into any messenger service on this pc have tried all the fixes off of the support page and still get error code 80048820 followed by code 80048412 any ideas please its driving me mad ?
    Ian .

  6. Arina says:

    yes, i have exactly the same problem as Silvia…what\’s going on???! my messenger 7.5 tells me that i cannot connect to the msn network and says i have an error 8004011…But i havent downloaded anything new (like a new version of msn) that could influence it.
    plz help.

  7. Tammy says:

    just wondering why it seems, myself and just about everyone i chat to on msn messenger are not able to use emotiocons anymore. we can see them ourselves but the ppl we are talking to are not able to see any at all??!! is this a settings problem? an MSN problem? …. any help would be great, Thanks

  8. Iro says:

    I can connect to msn. I got error 80004011

  9. Laurys says:

    i can`t sign in, i don`t know why.. can`t you help me please!!!

  10. albert says:


  11. albert says:

    i have 80048820 error. please hlpe me.thanks for you.

  12. Nathan says:

    hiya I carn\’t sign in on windows live messenger on my account but can on other accounts please help :)

  13. Life is great when you have someone to share it with says:

    problems logging in with my live messenger, however it works with others accounts just not mine what is going on?

  14. Constance says:

    It seems to me there may be a problem with Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 has anyone else recently installed this software?

  15. Unknown says:

    it wont let me sign in it keeps saying troubleshoot

  16. silvia says:

    i have one problem with messenger 7.5 and messenger beta
    I can\’t open them for 8004011 error
    can you help me?

  17. Bernadette says:

    i can\’t open my new messanger beta

  18. Waseem says:

    How should i can download  the  window messenger.

  19. Unknown says:


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