Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0689 Release Notes

Yes, there is a new version of Windows Live Messenger that was released yesterday and is available at  Below are the release notes for this new version of Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0689:

 New in this version

Color Scheme Improvements

In the previous beta build, when you changed your color scheme to a saturated color, Messenger showed a lighter version of that color. In this beta refresh, when you choose a saturated color, we use that color. Messenger can also automatically choose a color scheme that compliments a selected background.


Conversation Window History

Want a clean, sleek conversation window history area? You can now choose to only show “Contact name says:” in the conversation window history when the speaker changes.


Improved Audio Platform

Check out all the configuration options for sounds associated with Messenger events.


Live Contacts

Want the most up-to-date phone number or street address for your instant messaging contacts? Subscribe to their contact information with Windows Live Contacts and you’ll always have their most recent published information in your address book.   


Updated Windows Live Look and Feel

We gave you the first peek at the Windows Live look for Messenger in February.  Since then, we’ve updated our status icons, the look of the main window and conversations windows, and more!


Known Issues



  • The Sharing Window is not fully keyboard-accessible
  • Very little support for high contrast mode throughout the Beta



  • EASI passport Messenger users don’t receive an error message when adding a federated contact as an instant messaging contact
  • The main window doesn’t update after editing a contact. You may have to sign out and sign in for the contact list to update.



  • Before installing on Windows Vista, you must uninstall previous versions of Messenger. Upgrading from previous versions of Messenger is not supported and can result in unexpected behavior, such as Messenger repairing itself when first opened.


Parental Controls

  • Parental controls are not supported in Messenger Beta, so restricted accounts cannot log in.


Sharing Folders

  • Sharing is not supported on unsigned versions of Messenger, such as if a third-party Messenger add-in is installed.
  • Long delays in replication may result when attempting to sync with multiple active sharing relationships.
  • Can’t delete, open, or edit files when filenames are too long. This most commonly occurs in the <%SystemRoot%>\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Messenger\<email address>\Contacts directory. To take action on the file, rename it.


Video and Call

  • Windows Live Call is not yet available in all markets
  • Using the Call Computer or Video Conversation features on a Tablet PC can cause Messenger to crash.
  • Call quality suffers when using Windows Live Call on a narrowband connection (dial-up).


Windows Vista Support

  • Before installing on Windows Vista, you must uninstall previous versions of Messenger. Upgrading from previous versions of Messenger is not supported and can result in unexpected behavior, such as Messenger repairing itself when first opened.
  • Windows Vista does not support Voice Conversations (Computer Call).
  • On Windows Vista, the Sharing windows do not always work as expected. For example, gleams do not appear on new items in the Sharing Folder and clicking Delete on the right-click menu does not delete the file from the Sharing window.
  • On Windows Vista, Messenger might crash if you open the Games or Activities menus in the Conversation window.
  • When running the Connection Troubleshooter, errors might be reported when there are no errors.


Other Issues

  • Windows Live Messenger Beta might crash if MSN Shell (a 3rd party plug-in) is installed.
  • Previously disabled sounds may be re-enabled. 
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35 Responses to Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0689 Release Notes

  1. ◦●▪◦†[●◦ ჲღ]† ¤ Sεŧsuпa ◦ Kuп ¤ †[ღჲ◦●]†◦◦●◦ says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me? You see, I just recently bought a new computer, it\’s a Compaq, and it has Wondows Vista Home Premium on it, but when I try to sign in the MSN Messenger, it won\’t let me. The little thing just keeps constantly spinning, so can you please help me with this problem? E-mail me with the solution at:

  2. camila says:

    me gustaria poder usar un  traductor en las platicas con mis amigos de europa  por eejmplo de ingles a espanol….

  3. says:

    my msn teşekkürler

  4. leandro says:

    ik weet niks

  5. Dao Anh Thu says:

    I know that Windows Live Messenger supports different instance messaging networks. could you please tell me which instance messaging networks exactly Window Live Messenger support?

  6. Unknown says:

    why do i have to trouble shoot with msn live

  7. juan ramon says:


  8. juan ramon says:


  9. Mostafa says:

    I have this problem there is in my network ISA server 2004
    and now i can not connect and sign in in MSN 8 betait give myerror code : 80070193 and I need soultion now aslo i have test the connection and it give all green check and seccuss in all test i don\’t know where is the error.

  10. Christopher says:

    Whenever I try To sign-in to Msn8.o It says Try to Trouble shoot when I troubleshoot Everything Is fine but it says Install all this shit and then it says look at blogs to help but there not really helpin whats wrong !Please Help!&&;Natea

  11. Unknown says:

    dis is again was i ment 2 write something bout msn 8.0 oooops i didnt kno lol welll  ermmmmmmmm  msn 8.0 is wickeddddd big it  and  nuf luv 2  msn

  12. Unknown says:

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  13. Bruce says:

    .02I can\’t sign up verizon web calling it ask me for an e-signature, what is an e-sifnature and can i find it  I have called verizon about verizon web calling and the don\’t konw what i an talking about. I would like to sign up for the services but the sight keeps login me out after i have intered my presonal information.

  14. Thaneth says:

    Help me here,
    My MSN 8.0 Beta crash after signing in for few seconds. this problem occur after I update my XP security. even the system restore can\’t help. i also try to uninstall and use 7.5 instead but no luck…
    is there any patch can fix?

  15. SAMANTHA says:

    How it the hell do you enable the handwriting feature on messenger 8.0??? Someone help!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  16. Unknown says:

    I have  an error code of 80004005 when ever I sign in, what should I do to resolve this problem? Other than uninstalling window live beta and reinstalling msn messenge?

  17. Unknown says:

    my msn won\’t let me sign in :( any1 any ideaz ? i aint got one :(

  18. Patrick says:

    ERROR 80004005 ????????????????????? HELP

  19. Todd says:

    I have just upgraded to a new laptop, and cannot find a way to copy all my winks and emoticons that I have downloaded from various places to my new laptop.
    Anyone have any ideas??

  20. Bhushan says:

    Hey guys, I tried to sign into MSN Beta and got the following error code: 80004005.  It said the service is temporarilty unavailable. Last time this happened, I had to go back to MSN Messenger 7.5. I attemped to troubleshoot the problem, etc. and nothing worked. I could sign in with other accounts, yet on mine I could not. Can anyone please help, I don\’t want to go back to MSN Messenger 7.5 again or reinstall the program for I have many settings and emotions I do not want to get rid of. Thank you.

  21. Michel says:

    On my previous problem with msmsgs starting and stopping like mad: I have a workaround, but it\’s cumbersome:
    msmsgs.exe is the \’classic\’ windows messenger. This had never been configured on my system. So I started it, configured it, and told it to start at windows start and allow it in the background. Don\’t tell it to logon automatically, otherwise it will clobber the MSN live messenger when it logs on.
    After a system restart, it now lurks happily in the background, doing sweet nothing….

  22. แด่_คนเล็กทุกๆ says:

    How to connect if find error code : 80070193

  23. Michel says:

    Since installing the latest and greatest beta build, msmsgs.exe now fires off 2-3 processes per second. Please note that, as I can tell, messenger functionality is not impeded. It\’s just that these processes are starting and dying faster than the blink of an eye (and changing my cursor to a wait cursor). I can\’t debug or breakpoint the thing, because by the time I look at the process, it\’s dead, and another one has started.  (and I don\’t feel like patching a break i the executable). The command line used is ["C:\\Program Files\\Messenger\\msmsgs.exe" -Embedding] and the processes are fired in the local svchost (hierarchy winlogon.exe->services.exe->svchost.exe->msmsgs.exe). Anything I can do to document this further?Oh, and BTW, I have re-installed :-)

  24. Roger says:

    I find build 689 crashes after sign-in if I have IE7 installed, but not if I restore IE6. Other people also report this problem, but it is not universal, so what causes it?

  25. Chryso says:

    help…i can\’t understand what is happening..:(

  26. Dave says:

    Sirena, you don\’t need invites anymore. Just point your friends to, who have a link to the page to get your Live ID added to the beta.

  27. nitin says:

    How do i access the handwriting option…

  28. Unknown says:

    i have windows live messnger invites if anyone wnats one E-amil me at

  29. Stane says:

    Windows Live Messenger is now publicly available at

  30. Alex says:

    ۞ ت ¤~ Jâñdrï× ~¤ ت ۞…..oooO…………………..(……)…Oooo………….)…/. …(…..)…………..(_/…….)…/……………………. (_/……………. Pasé por.. …………………. Aquí ………………oooO…………………..(……)…Oooo………….)…/. …(…..)……………(_/…….)…/…………………….. (_/……………………………………..
    ۞ ت ¤~ Jâñdrï× ~¤ ت ۞

  31. Sirena says:

    Besides….I have been using the MSN 8.0 Beta for more than a month…. but I do not know why I can\’t get any invitation for friends?  Please help.  Many thanks…

  32. Sirena says:

    Hi, I need help with 810003c5 error…. which i can\’t sign in my MSN 8.0 beta today….. :( Many thanks

  33. Jeff says:

    Never mind, I was looking on the Beta page and not the front page.

  34. Jeff says:

    I can\’t seem to find a link to download the new build.  Is it because I\’m already a participant in the beta?

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