Windows Live Messenger beta is OPEN

You no longer need an invite for Windows Live Messenger Beta. Goto and click on the "Download" link under Windows Live Messenger beta. Download and Sign in and enjoy the new version of Windows Live Messenger

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6 Responses to Windows Live Messenger beta is OPEN

  1. andariel says:

    I\’m getting the same error code 81000314–Server status is stable and running, internet is working, date and time are checked, and previous versions are non-existent.  Could someone please help me find a solution to this problem as many who are having this same problem, don\’t seem to be getting an answer.

  2. Rudolf says:

    i can´t live  =(

  3. jessica says:

    im getting this error code 81000314 … can someone help its starting to piss me off!
    Thanks Jess.

  4. kathleen says:

    Sweepstakes: How does a person claim them? 

  5. wafay says:

    no open my massenger becouse firwood

  6. ICE says:

    Unable to sign in, but system service status says stable & running…

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