How to opt out of the Windows Live Messenger beta?

Windows Live Messenger is no longer a Closed beta. You do not have to opt out of the beta. If you wish to remove Windows Live Messenger, just uninstall it.
To uninstall the Windows Live Messenger beta , click on START and RUN and type in CONTROL APPWIZ.CPL and hit ENTER.
Look for the entry "Windows Live Messenger beta’ in the list of installed programs.
Click on "Remove" to uninstall Windows Live Messenger.
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41 Responses to How to opt out of the Windows Live Messenger beta?

  1. Unknown says:

    hi ive just gt it plz help me im beggin i really wonna talk 2 my m8s

  2. kyle says:

    Im getting error codes too now and my msn wont work at all. Not sure if its just the server buisy or what but I have never had this problem before.
    I get error error code 81000341

  3. Jessicaaaa says:

    Oh My God Please Could You Help Me…….My Windows Live Messenger Aint Working Its Says 81000314 Please Help I Am Really Frustrated Arghhhhhhh  Please Get Back To Me ASAP Mwaaa x

  4. Mika says:

    The error you are getting was after an MS update. Not the smartest thing to do.

  5. Luis says:

    hi i\’m getting the error 8100314, anyhere here knows how to fix it or what I have to do to deal with this issue?

  6. Emma says:

    omg dis is sooo annoying!
    plz tell me ow 2 get on to msn cuz it jus keeps sayin error 81000314 or another with 3d on da end!!:( plz help!!
    we need a saviour!!

  7. Fattie says:

    The error code 8100314 is happening all the time and has lasted for days…. ever since the new Beta came out … When is this going to fixed ? 

  8. ttaimoor says:

    i am facing the error code 81000314 i did many things but couldnt find any solutions for it plz tell me how to fix it plz help me

  9. Ken says:

    The error code 8100314 is happening all the time and has lasted for days…. ever since the new Beta came out … When is this going to fixed ? 

  10. Unknown says:

    PRIMEIRAMENTE , devo-lhes saudações…
    não tenho conseguido fazer meu login no WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER 8.0 porque sempre aparece a mensagem do erro 80004005 (sempre dizendo para tentar mais tarde, que temporariamente não conseguirei entrar)… 2 semanas se passaram desde o inicio do problema e até agora não consegui nenhum progresso… pois, como não sabia a quem recorrer , decidi postar essa msg nessa pagina…
    peço a ajuda de todos que encontrem a solução do erro 80004005 para me avisarem como devo proceder , pelo email , e com o assunto COMO FAZER SEU LOGIN NO MSN….

  11. Unknown says:

    hi…i\’m here again…
    80004005….this is the worst error i\’ve ever found…since last week (like many others) ,  i can\’t login my account because this messege always appears…please sbd help me…
    please somebody…
    i need help…
    (you can send an email to with the subject HOW TO ENTER YOUR MSN)

  12. Unknown says:

    i\’m getting a problem when i try to login my WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER 8.0 … every time i try to do it , there\’s a message called by error 80004005 , where i always read that i need to wait some moments to try again…
    what do i have to do?

  13. Sam says:

    Continual error of 80004005 using Windows Live Messenger 8.0 (not beta) help?

  14. Pascal says:

    Barbara,  I am having the same issues – Error Code 81000314

  15. Unknown says:

    81000314  error is my huge problem… I can\’t sign in :( … can somebody help me please ?

  16. Don says:

    i found a way to fix the error, without loosing your emoticons and stuff. it worked for me, but it might not work for you. click start, and go to search. then search for Windows Live Contacts, the folder you end up in with the original method. You may have to edit the search to look in hidden folders and such, but once you find it, open it up. theer should be a list of e-mails. just find the e-mail that is not working, and elete it. then go to sign in, and you will log in succesfully! I did it, and kept my emoticons, plus ti was alot quicker for me.

  17. eliana says:

    Helllllllllllllllllo!please i made even new e-mail but i figertout that when i installed msn plus version thats not for windows live beta the last e-mail that i have been sigend on is no longer able on msn 8.0 pleaseee some one i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed your help urgently with this error code 80004005 pleaseee i beg u pleasE!!!!!!pleasepleaseeeplz!

  18. Unknown says:

    Hey:Di have a problem for more than 2 weeks i cant sign in to messenger its says :
    signing into windows live messenger 8.0 BETA failed because the service is temporarily unavailbale. error code: 80004005.PLease i just want to sign in normally please Help meeeee!!!!!!someone?

  19. Unknown says:

    f4te…your method for me hasnt worked as soon as i delete it it immediately reappears when i go to sign in again…..even when i quickly delete the folders-mainly "real" it still doesnt work

  20. Unknown says:

    it wont let me sign into windows live messenger BETA – it says the error code is 80004005 – can you help?

  21. Gary says:

    how come messanger no longer have a "star" next to the contact who had updated his/her msn space??  it\’s a very very useful way to keep track on my contacts who had updated their space!! 

  22. TX2Step says:

    Like many others  have error 81000314.  I went through the entire process of clearing everything out, uninstalling and reinstalling. Was able to sign in for a few hours & now back to the same error code. Iis there a way I can fix this?

  23. miguel says:

    hey i have the same problem that has everyone else i receive the number 80004005…i realle need ur help…

  24. Ahmad says:

    all   what i do to solve this problem is   to change my status    before i am in

  25. Unknown says:

    hya am gettin a problem with msn wen a try to sign in it comes up wae an error code 81000341 or troubleshooter which doesnt work !!! help me plz

  26. Craig says:

    i dont know if any one else is getting the same problem but for about a week now i\’ve been getting an error with the reference number 80004005, which i found out is a problem with the computer caller function, but the thing is i\’ve never touched it! i know its a problem on this computer because i can sign in on my laptop. Please help if you can it\’s getting very frustrating! 

  27. Unknown says:

            i cant sign into my msn becuase i keep getting the error: signing into window live messenger 8.0 BETA failed because the service is temporarily unavailbale. error code: 80004005. It then goes on to say that my firewall may be blocking windows live messenger but i have already fixed this by making widows live messenger an excepetion (i use norton anitvirus). i have used BETA for quite a while and it has worked fine up till now! im really confused because i dont know what to do to fix it!
    Plz help
    a very confused
    Hope x

  28. Graham says:

    After using Live Messnger Beta for several weeks, including downloading the newer version which appeared in early May, since 7 May it has simply resolutely refused to work, and I get error message 80004005 and a message suggesting my firewall is not set to permit the program. My firewall is set correctly but when I try to look up the error code you just get some nonsense about Live Call, which I hae never used or tried to use. When are you going to fix this?

  29. SmElle says:

    Hi…am getting really really stressed with this damn error code 81000314…windows live help just says wait a few minutes and try again…I\’ve been waiting for four hours!!!!!!!! Really need this sorted can you help plz???

  30. 奇奇 says:

    80072ee7 error, please help me!

  31. Irina says:

    error 81000314 can t since in live messenger  pleas help

  32. Life is great when you have someone to share it with says:

    i would also like to know if the problem is resolved, damn error 81000314

  33. Unknown says:

    someone contact me if the error is resolved

  34. Denis says:

    I\’m trying to log on in live messenger but I\’m receiving the error code : 81000314 (couldn\’t get contact list or contact list is read-only). The support page is saying "wait a few minutes and try again". I\’ve waited more than 3 hours and nothing happens. Is there any thing you could do to fix that?

  35. Unknown says:

    i have error 81000314 aswell is there a way i can fix this?

  36. Laura says:

    I also have error 8100314, messenger allows me to sign in some times but not others, why is this?

  37. Karin says:

    BLOODY ERROR 8100314

  38. Puja says:

    error 80072f78 ever since i installed messenger 7.5
    any ideas on how to get rid of this? i\’m unable to log onto msn msngr

  39. f4te says:

    Hi, i just thought i\’d let you all know that there is a major windows live bug that has presented itself to me and many other users. Only through searching the internet did i find a fix for it.The bug is that, for some reason, msn will not connect, but windows messenger on the same computer will connect. It gives error 80004005. After searching that, i found that to remedy the problem, one must clear the contents of:C:\\Documents and Setting\\(Your user name)\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\Microsoft\\Windows Live ContactsThis problem has been well documented on the internet, and i wouldn\’t be so naiive as to assume i\’m the first to report this problem. I would be very appreciative if this could be fixed in the next release of MSN. Its a great annoyance.The website where i found the answer to my problem was:
    Thank you.

  40. Chris says:

    personally I\’m not a big fan of the new Live messenger.  They removed a lot of functionality and esthetics that I had a lot of appreciation for.  But it is only Beta and hopefully MS will hear out it\’s consumers.  However a friend of mine is on a Windows 2000 system and they\’re receiving a diaolgue box telling them to upgrade to the new version but they\’re concerned that it won\’t work on the 2000 OS while at the same time her messenger 7.0 won\’t allow her to sign in anymore.  Is MS trying to force people to upgrade to products of which they have no desire???

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