Configuring MSN Messenger through Norton Personal Firewall

1. From the system tray, near the system clock, right click on the Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall icon, and choose Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall

2. In the Norton Internet Security window, choose Personal Firewall
3. Click on the Configure button on the bottom right corner of the window to open the settings for the Personal Firewall.

4. Click the Programs tab to configure MSN Messenger through the firewall. The list of programs that have been added to the Personal Firewall appears under the Manual Program Control section
If you have more than one instance of Microsoft MSN Messenger in the Manual Program Control list, proceed to Step 5.
If Messenger is not listed under the Manual Program Control list, proceed to Step 6.
If you have only one instance of Microsoft MSN Messenger, proceed to Step 7.

5. If Microsoft MSN Messenger appears twice in the Manual Program Control list, remove all MSN Messenger entries from the list. Note: It is better to remove all previous instances of Messenger from the Programs list. 
5.a. Select each Microsoft MSN Messenger entry and click Remove. Do this for all similar entries. 
5.b. Click OK to close the Norton Personal Firewall configuration window. 

6. To add Messenger through the Norton Personal Firewall, click on the Add button in the Program Control tab.

6.a. Browse to locate Messenger by going to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger.
6.b. Select msnmsgr.exe and click on Open.
6.c. In the Program Control window choose Permit and click OK
6.d. Click OK to close the Norton Firewall configuration window.
6.e. After configuring MSN Messenger through the firewall, the settings should look like this:
6.f. Click OK to close the Norton Personal Firewall configuration window.

7. To modify the access permitted to Messenger: 
7.a. Select Microsoft MSN Messenger from the Manual Program Control list. Click on the Internet Access column and choose Permit All.

For more information, refer to the Norton knowledge base , select the version of the product that you are using, and then search for “Changing Internet Access Control settings” or “Changing firewall rule settings“ in the product manuals.
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23 Responses to Configuring MSN Messenger through Norton Personal Firewall

  1. Ludvig says:

    Swedish ffs ?! And also the new norton antivirus 2007 ?! :S  

  2. Kym Alana says:

    untick profile info???

  3. Yer says:

    Using latest version of Live Messenger on XP on a laptop that I travel with – synching to office server remotely at times. I\’m getting duplicate contacts listed in my window – 3+ of the same person when I\’ve only added them to my contact list once. Me or you? Either way, what\’s the fix.
    Also, I have contacts in groups and at times it puts them randomly back in \’other contacts\’ and I have to move them back up to the group in which they belong.
    Not biggies, just irritants.
    Thanks for you help!

  4. doreen says:

    thanks for your help. Followed instuctions worked first time. Brill thanks.

  5. Juan Carlos says:

    no puedo solicitar asustencia remota, pide instalar ultima version  ,, tengo instalada 8.1.0178 en windows HOME

  6. fly says:

    I was getting the error message for months – but as soon as i completed windows update and verified the authenticity of my windows xp by installing the windows aunthenticity software – my msn worked.  Maybe this is a coincidence but worth a try for the desperate. . .

  7. Alison says:

    Thanx Guys / Gals.. workin after days of bein down.. much appreciated  =)

  8. - Jesus O. says:

    Thank you guys ..

  9. Charlotte says:

    doesnt work at all!!

  10. Nicola says:

    Thank you so much for helping me sort this out, I\’ve managed to get my Internet Explorer up and running again too.

  11. Edward says:

    it did not work

  12. Unknown says:

    msn is super you can talk with other people just with your computer

  13. Daniella says:

    thank you soo much!! this has been such a great help for mee!!!!

  14. Unknown says:

    cheers it worked :)

  15. Katie says:

    This dont even help me because my firewall needs to be renewed and im not buying one i wont a new free 30 day one which i cant find anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sposed 2 be \’helpful\’ crap ent workin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. bay says:

    this seems helpful..bit i am using norton 2005 version..

  17. Margaret says:

     Hi there, thank you so much for your guidance and support. It worked and I\’m all set up for Windows Live Messenger again.

  18. * Laur says:

    this still wont work :(

  19. Unknown says:

    Dear Windows live messenger Technical support, (Eric) (9.08.06)
    Thank you for your help.  The advice you gave help and the instructions where very good.  My messenger is now up and running. Thanks again.

  20. babygrl2988 says:

    Thanks! This is just what I needed to solve the problem:)

  21. Tom says:

    you\’ve just complicated it further cus now not only can i not get on windows live messanger but now the firewall isnt letting me add it back in!!!!!!!!!!

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