Configuring MSN Messenger through the MC Afee Firewall

1. From the system tray, near the system clock, right click on the McAfee SecurityCenter icon, and then choose Open SecurityCenter to bring up the McAfee SecurityCenter console.
2. In the McAfee SecurityCenter window, click on Personal Firewall Plus. Note: If you have McAfee Personal Firewall installed, the shortcut menu and options may be different. Choose the most appropriate menu option to launch the McAfee Personal Firewall console. 
3. Choose View the Internet Application List.

4. The Internet Applications list shows the permissions allowed for applications when connecting to the Internet through McAfee Personal Firewall.
If Messenger is listed more than once in the Internet Applications list proceed to Step 5.
If Messenger is not listed in the Internet Applications list, proceed to Step 6.
If you have only one instance of Messenger, proceed to Step 7.
Note: Even if Messenger is already on the list, but are not sure if it is associated with the version of MSN Messenger you are using, please remove and re-add MSN Messenger to the Internet Applications list.
5. If you have more than one instance of Messenger, please remove all instances of it from the Internet Applications list. Note: It is better to remove all previous instances of Messenger from the list. To do this, select Messenger and click on Delete Application Rule.

6. To add MSN Messenger through the McAfee Personal Firewall, click on New Allowed Application below the Internet Applications list.

6.a. Browse to locate MSN Messenger by going to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger 
6.b. Select msnmsgr.exe and click on Open
6.c. Ensure the permissions for Messenger is set to Allow Full Access. To change the access permissions for Messenger refer to Step 7
6.d. The screenshot below shows MSN Messenger allowed full access through McAfee Personal Firewall.

7. To modify the access permitted to MSN Messenger
7.a. Select Messenger from the Internet Applications list. Click on Allow Full Access under Change Permission To to allow full access to Messenger.  


Refer to McAfeee Help for more information about any version of McAfee. Choose a product and a category, and then look for information about how to configure Personal Firewall to allow an application to access the Internet.

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8 Responses to Configuring MSN Messenger through the MC Afee Firewall

  1. Laurie says:

    I\’ve tried above and it still does not work. any help would be great!!! 

  2. carl says:


  3. marie-france says:


  4. Jo says:

    I am going insane….have tried all the above and still error message 80072745….what is this?????

  5. Alex says:

    I have that same problem. My windows live messenger just keeps spinning and never loads. There is no error message. I can log on to i can log on to  i can even log on to no problems at all. I can even log in from a different PC using the same ISP but with this PC i can\’t seem to login???

  6. Curtis says:

    i have followed all of the previous information multiple times, but still, when my Messenger is "signing in", it just keeps spinning, and never loads… this goes on for hours

  7. Unknown says:

    thank u for ur information i found it help full

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