Enabling MSN Messenger through the Kaspersky Firewall

1. From the system tray, near the system clock, click on the Kaspersky icon to open the Kaspersky Anti-Hacker console.

2. Click on Application Rules to open the Application Rules window.

3. The Application Rules window shows the Internet Access rules for various applications through the
Kaspersky firewall.
If MSN Messenger is listed more than once, or if you want to delete the version that is currently listed, proceed to Step 4.
Note: If you already have an entry for MSN Messenger but are not sure if the entry is associated with the version of MSN Messenger you are running, delete the entry and re-create it.
If you are running MSN Messenger and do not have an instance of it in the Application Rules list proceed to Step 5.
To modify the settings for MSN Messenger proceed to Step 6.

4. To delete an entry from the Application Rules list, follow the steps below:
4.a. Select the entry from the list and click on Remove.
4.b. Click OK to close the Application Rules window.


5. To add MSN Messenger through the Kaspersky firewall, click on New to open the Application Rule window.
5.a. In the Application Rule window, choose Allow activity of the application according to its type.
5.b. Click on the allows or blocks  link to open the Specify Action window. Choose Allow and click OK.

5.c. Click on the link Specify the application name.
5.d. Browse for MSN Messenger by going to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger.
5.e. Select msnmsgr.exe and click on Select.The application name will be replaced in the Application Rule window.

5.f. Click on the link Allow All link.
5.g. Choose Allow All in the Application Type window.

5.h. After the rule has been added, the settings will look like the screenshot below. Click on Finish.

6. To modify the access permitted to MSN Messenger:
6.a. Select MSN Messenger from the Application Rules list. Click on the Modify.
6.b. Follow Steps from 5.a – 5.h to ensure MSN Messenger has the appropriate access through the firewall.


For more information on the Kaspersky Firewall , refer to the Kaspersky website
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5 Responses to Enabling MSN Messenger through the Kaspersky Firewall

  1. YOLIUS says:


  2. shofiqul says:


  3. - Jessi Arze - says:

    im having problems getting into my msn. and i has the kaspersky anti-virus 6.0      …….so how do i enable MSN from it.. i think its already enabled.im not sure. please email me!! jessi_arze@hotmail.com

  4. Vladimir I. says:

    do you have any steps how to configure messenger on Panda firewall

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