Configuring MSN Messenger through the Zone Alarm firewall

1. From the system tray, near the system clock, right click on the Zone Alarm Icon icon , and choose Restore ZoneAlarm Pro Control Center .

2. In the ZoneAlarm Pro Control Center window, click on Programs. Note: If you have ZoneAlarm Security Suite installed, the short-cut menu and options may be different. Choose the most appropriate menu option to launch ZoneAlarm Program Control console..

3. In the Programs tab, you will see the list of applications that are allowed access to the Internet, and their access permissions.

If MSN Messenger appears more than once in the Programs list, one or more of the entries may be for earlier versions of MSN Messenger that were previously installed on your computer. In this case, please proceed to step 4.
If MSN Messenger is not listed, proceed to Step 5.
If MSN Messenger only appears once on  the Programs list, proceed to Step 6

4. Remove earlier versions of MSN Messenger from the list by following the steps below: 
4.a. Select each of the entries for MSN Messenger and take note of the MSN Messenger version in the Entry Detail box.
4.b. If the version does not match with the version that you are currently using, right click on MSN Messenger and choose Remove

5. To add MSN Messenger through the ZoneAlarm Pro firewall, click on Add below the Programs list.
5.a. Browse to locate MSN Messenger by going to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\.
5.b. Select msnmsgr.exe and click Open
5.c. Select the newly created  MSN Messenger entry in the Programs list. 
5.d. Click on the Trust Level icon for MSN Messenger, and choose Trusted.

5.e. Click on each of the question marks under the Access column for MSN Messenger, and choose Allow. Do the same for the question marks under the Server column.
5.f. When full access has been given to MSN Messenger, the entries will look like this:

6. To modify the access permitted to MSN Messenger
6.a. Select MSN Messenger from the Programs list. 
6.b. Click on the Trust Level icon for MSN Messenger, and choose Trusted.  
6.c. Click on each of the icons under the Access column for MSN Messenger, and choose Allow. Do the same for the icons under the Server column.
For additional information with Zone Alalrm firewalls, please refer here.
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35 Responses to Configuring MSN Messenger through the Zone Alarm firewall

  1. ANGELICA says:


  2. Suwadee says:

    Error MSN7.5

  3. robyn says:

    thanks guys. hope this works will let u know.

  4. - Liam Edwards says:

    i\’ve just had enough. Every 5-10 minutes WLM sing sme out and reconnects me and it does my head in. It\’s useless contacting microsoft becuase they send some robot to send you an email.

  5. Unknown says:

    i am always having [error code 8100030d] i cant fixed iit coz troubleshoot cant figure the proble!!!!!!!!! every msn i created to avoid tis problem always haviing the same error code!!!!!!!i cant sign in to the newest version of msn!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. marcelo says:

    Can anybody help me? I can\’t see my display contacts and my emoticons.  Is microsoft or ZA doing something?

  7. Natthaphong says:

    Hand for Earth

  8. Anil says:

    Guys the problem is with Zone alarm IM security module.
    See this
    Only beware that you require a good backup and fairly good knowledge to do this. Otherwise wait. Micorsoft has declared this is knon issue and I hope a fix either with Zone lab or MS will be coming out
    The fix is available here

  9. Ricky says:

    its driving me insane after months of complaining etc, about emoticons and mine and contacts display pis, and the contact lists showing all the names and not putting online at the top,
    and to top it off i cant even sign in, do i get the feeling nobody cares?
    im finally on the verge of burning my pc and going for a MAC!
    MSN & Zone labs sort something please

  10. Rubina says:

    Anti Virus: Zone Alarm
    Messenger: Windows Live Messenger 8.0812.00
    Problem: I cant see my contacts\’s display picture and cant see any emoticons.

    Please please help.
    Thanks a million

  11. Tim says:

    i have a similar problem i cant see the display pictures and also there are some other emotes i cant see so i get blanks during my talking with my friends. please give me some tips as i followed your previous instructions and it hasnt worked it all out.

  12. Unknown says:

    Hi to all that are having problems with Messenger signing in through Zone Alarm Fire wall….
    I Too was having no luck getting MSN to sign in untill I read and followed the above help from Messenger support…
    However it did not work at first…
    After first trying  the above instructions msn would still not work, but after examining the listings in Zone alar I found that somehow another msn had appeared….It was one of those empty folder icons that I previously had gotton rid of….Hmmmmmm I thought.  So I removed it.   Double checked and made sure there were no others….
    Then I toggled between" Main."…"Programs"…and "Components", and guess what?…….the empty msn folder icon re-appeared.
    So I removed it again and I also removed the main msn icon …..Double checked by toggeling between Main, Programs and Components again…..This time all was well…..
    So………I went to "ADD" and re-listed Msn messenger as described in original instructions and YEHAAAAaaaaaa….It worked…
    Good Luck Everone it can be fixed.

  13. Riley says:

    hello, Im Riley Lindsay and my account hasent been working for me for at least 3 months now, i have the messenger live and it said i have a IP address?? would u be able to help me? please?

  14. Emma says:

    and i agree wit rosie!! im pissd off coz all i wna do is go on a decent msn nd yu wont let me f***in sign it!! its wak!! sme ting appnin!!

  15. Emma says:

    why do you make this msn when it always trouble shoots after a week! i sugest you get it sorted or you will loose ALOT of customers!

  16. Unknown says:

     I have installed Windows Live Messenger but i can\’t sign in .    [Error(80048820;80048412)]  I have installed :   Anti-Virus: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0  Firewall: Windows Firewall Default

  17. Unknown says:

    Ich bin abgeschoben von Psychiatria Weissenau Weingartshofer str 2 Ravensburg Deutschland. Heil Hitler

  18. Unknown says:

    Ich bin eine man und nicht frau zur zeit bin in Albanien Rruga Hoxha Tahsin 248/2 Tirana nach gehen Schonbuhl str 29/ Remshalden meine foto ist bei Holz str 3 Muenchen bitte scanieren noch mahl bei meine msn meine schwanz wierd gross bald

  19. Unknown says:

    I hear ya all, why did i download this new version, now i cant log in to messenger or hotmail on my home computer only, every where else is fine!! If anyone figures this out please fill me in!!

  20. sarah says:

    all this stuff doesn\’t help…i\’ve tried it and it just wont let me sign in. my brothers and everyone else can sign in but its just mine that wont let me and it\’s so anoying! i have haad it for days now pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can u sort it outtt!
    thankyou please coment bac xx

  21. Rosie says:

    ok well its very annoying that when ever the thing cums up i cant do anything about it ! jus log me in !

  22. Rosie says:

    im sorry but all that stuff! im onli like a teenager wtf was it all about? i jus need 2 sign in then this stupid troubleshoot thing comes up! but doesnt tell you WHY you cant log on ! wot is the point of that? i dont want to read all that! I JUST WANT TO SIGN IN please just get to the point and sign me in .NOW

  23. chanakran says:


  24. Unknown says:


  25. Unknown says:

    NO HELP i desperatly need to sign on

  26. Lay-C says:

    every time i try signing on to my msn it opens the trouble shooter and it gives me the error code 80048820 how do i fix this???

  27. Sarah says:

    hi, i\’ve just tried to sign in, and i\’ve followed your advice but all it comes up with is \’Gateway Default\’.
    Apparently my gateway is offline? how do i change this?
    I desperatley need to change this, as it is important that i can sign in.
    PLease help me.

  28. olivia says:

    my hotmail mesenger is always having trouble its always faling every time i cant sign in would like use two fix my problem please ok bye

  29. LORENA says:

    no puedo conectarme ya que me marca truebleshoot pueden ayudarme

  30. daniel says:

    my hotmail mesenger is always having trouble its always faling every time i cant sign in i would like use two fix my problem please ok bye

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