Configuring MSN Messenger through the Windows Firewall

1. Launch the Windows Firewall. 
1.a. Click on START and RUN to open the RUN Window.



1.b. In the RUN window type in CONTROL FIREWALL.CPL and click OK to open the Windows Firewall settings window.


2. Click on the Exceptions tab to view the list of programs that have been added to Windows Firewall,

3. Remove all MSN Messenger entries from the Windows Firewall Programs and Services list. Note: this is to ensure that the latest version that you are currently running is the one registered with Windows Firewall. To remove earlier versions, select each entry for MSN Messenger or msnmsgr and click the Delete button.


4. Add MSN Messenger through the Windows XP firewall.

4.a. Click on Add Program below the Programs and Services list. 


4.b. Select MSN Messenger on the Programs list of the Add a Program window, and then click on OK.
4.c. If you cannot find MSN Messenger, click on Browse. Locate the MSN Messenger executable file by going to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\ and choosing msnmsgr.exe. Messenger will now appear in the Add a Program window. Click on OK to close the window.

4.d. After adding MSN Messenger to the Programs list, the firewall Programs list will look like this:



5. Click here to get more information on Windows Firewall.

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92 Responses to Configuring MSN Messenger through the Windows Firewall

  1. Joseph says:

    When I try to view my contacts and  it keeps showing loading , although they see me I can not see any of my contacts .
    Can you help

  2. radi says:

    mein msn geht nicht was soll ich machen

  3. rita says:

    every time i i press a contact the window wont come on to chat  

  4. Alex says:

    iv tryed the above but it still comes up with the same messege cant sin u in possible becuse of your internet connection please try again later and the code 80072745, please help me!!!!!!!!! 

  5. jinkio says:

    i still can\’t open the messenger and each time i get the same error message and i tried the aboveand didn\’t work

  6. Iain says:

    I tried the above to resolve the Ext Error Code 80048401. but it has not worked.

  7. Thomas says:

    Mines already on the allow list and still wont let me talk to people. Messenger has way too many faults.

  8. juL¡ε says:

    i can open the "run" thing but the control firewall.cpl doesnt do anything it wont openit says  "signing in to Windos Live Messenger failed because sevice is temporarily unavalible. Please try again later. Error code: 8004888d" PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  9. Kym Alana says:

    wat ???/

  10. natalie says:

    hey i need help i can sign into windows messenger live even uninstalled everything and reinstalled and still da same hellll p

  11. tyler says:

    hey i havve error code 81000359 what is that and how do i fix it

  12. karen says:

    can\’t get into MSN error code 8004888d it says signing in to windows live messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable please try again latter
    but it\’s been like this for a few days

  13. Moroni says:

    can\’t get into MSN error code 8004888d it says signing in to windows live messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable please try again latter
    but it\’s been like this for a few days

  14. بنت من وسط سنابس says:

    لا استطيع فتح المسنجر

  15. Awami Awaz says:

    how i unblock my msn messenger although i follow the instruction but problem is still there

  16. mohammad says:

    الكتابة باليد

  17. Clara Isabel says:

    is necesary for chat with my friends

  18. peter says:

    can\’t use msm live error 8004886c keps appering

  19. charles says:

    faded pictures will do

  20. Jenny says:


  21. Jenny says:


  22. Unknown says:

    amo voces

  23. Neville says:

    I cannot use my icam through Messenger 602 either to view or be seen. I am on Mac OSX 10.309 Can anyone advise? FustratedlyGeorge30 April 2007

  24. Mike says:

    HELP every time I try to use accept or invite anothet member for a video conversation my computer crashes without warning.  I cam use my cam on other programmes it is just windows live messaging that this happens

  25. donna says:

    every time i shut a converstaion window down on msm when i have spoken to some one my whole msn shuts down  and i have to send an error report ive tried unistalling and reinstalling my msn but nothing seems to work

  26. Jackie says:

    every time i try to chat i get an error message that says unable to start conversation :( to plz try again… does anyone know how to fix this???

  27. Paige says:

    i cannot get to the run part….helpppppppppppppp       

  28. Unknown says:

    I can\’t get my password to work with my normal e-mail account. I don\’t know the answer to my secret question. Does anyone know a phone number I can call to talk to a human and not get a generic email everytime?

  29. Unknown says:

    Messenger signs me out every few mins and the signs me back in after a min or so and is very annoying for both me and my contacts, any ideas on how to solve this and stop it happening?

  30. Unknown says:

    Can any body help with error code 80048823 ? Its stopping me from signing in. Thanks.

  31. Emma says:

    I have a firewall blocking my msn and i cant get it off. Iv followed all the instructions and it\’s not changing anything!

  32. junior sales says:

    eai boiola so d boa ne mano pode cre e isso ai

  33. Unknown says:

    I just payed for this LifeCam VX 3000 web cam. It works great if I just wanted to watch myself.
    This messenger down load will not communicate with Mac IM or Yahoo IM. Every time I attempt to
    use yahoo IM web cam service my desk top freezes. Both services suck and are not user friendly

  34. esperanza says:

    I can\’t install messager in my computer, i keep trying but i can\’t

  35. Jason says:

    Need help … i cannot see my contact\’s webcam …. i get the connection estabished message but no picutre. Any ideas plase

  36. danny alfonso says:


  37. Unknown says:

    mi maquina tiene un errrooooorrrr por fa quien puede solucionarlo por que estoy pagando mucho por la linea spiddy  no se que hacer telefonica no acude a mi llamada el Nº es 8004886c si alquien sabe como se soluciona por fa le voy a agradecer

  38. Anna says:

    yeah, this didn\’t work for me either…what the heck??!!

  39. Anna says:

    yeah, this didn\’t work for me either…what the heck??!!

  40. karla says:

    i am uable to sign in because of the error 81000314 could you help me please. Thank you

  41. Lorena says:

    i tried that but it doesn\’t work. the error code i keep getting is 80042800..

  42. Steven says:

    horeet, am avin the same problem ave tryd everythin even turnin my firewalls off bt it still says its blockin hw does that make sence ?????? can any1 help me please????????????

  43. cha says:

    hey same here something gone wrong with my live messenger i can\’t login any longer, becuase whenever i try to login it always pop out that box that saying there something wrong with my firewall maybe i need to unlock it or something i don\’t know what to do i need some help with this…
    -Cha Yang

  44. x-xKªtìèx-x says:

    I have tried everything to sign into msn messenger but error 80048820 keeps poping up saying its something to do with my firewall, i dont even think i have a firewall!

  45. .\.*****...Alex...*****./. says:

    i\’ve dun all that and it still doest let me in. and i am not reinstalling windows, fuck no. tbh i just bought a new webcam recently and that was working perfectly fine but oh now. msn doenst work again. help and there seems to be alot of peeps like me so i would sort this out soon if i were you. !

  46. Patrique says:

    wtf i have done all it says + the other one on and tried to re install to but it keeps blocking msn and now its on my other computer to. how the fuck can two computers have the exact same problem? HELP ME!!!

  47. Desi Rae says:

    I keep getting error 80072efd.  I\’ve gone through the whole firewall thing like it says, and nothing is working.  Please help!

  48. Unknown says:

     komme nicht in meinen msn-posteingang,kann mich nicht anmelden bei msn kennwort,vergessen und bereits geändert funkts trotztdem nicht 

  49. Jennifer says:

    i haven\’t gone on msn for dayz now and i\’m not happy i wanna go on msn but i can\’t i did the firewall thing but nothing happened! the stupid error 80072efd is always re-occuring plz tell me y????? i need help!! 

  50. Unknown says:

    ahhhhhh! i can\’t get rid of the error!!!! it\’s soo enoying!

  51. hui zhen says:

    y just i cant i sign in???i also have the same eroor u all of u

  52. Melanie says:

    GRRRRRRRRRRR bough a new webcam….windows xp all singing all dancing focus auto light etc….FANTASTIC BLUE SCREEN when I try to use it.. i can take stills on it but no cam link…….stresse?? SUPERSTRESS…. emailed MSN massive mail back..tried it all ..every link firewalls etc…still blue……..still stressed….can ANYONE OUT THERE HEEEEEEEEEEELP ME PLEASE lol xx

  53. roberto says:

    my firewall is blocking my msn i need help i have been trying for a long time but i can\’t

  54. Salman says:

    This thing is aint workin i have tried a lot but no dice !:(

  55. Anthony says:

    I have tried everything u guys have said… did all the steps.. not missing a single one, and my MSN dilly is still not working properly.. it jus\’ went from one error message to another one…

  56. *LiSa* says:

    the error is # 80048412.. please help

  57. *LiSa* says:

    i keep getting extended error\’s wheni try to log into msn.. it has been two days please help i have tried everything!

  58. BaBa says:

    hey i was getting the error code 80048820  and i was wondering if u could help me…plz help me i fu can

  59. ROGER says:

    I have exhausted for look a solution in this error\’s message, my firewall isn\’t working on de msn and my connection is ok, me vuelvo loko i no entiendo nada!!!!thanks, but can u helpme????

  60. kelsey says:

    Please help when i go to sign in to msn it says error code 8004888d is there and service is temporialy unavaliable can you fix this? please help?

  61. sarah says:

    Please help when i go to sign in to msn it says error code 8004888d is there and service is temporialy unavaliable can you fix this? please help?

  62. lorrett says:

    I\’m having a problem,whenever i try signing in to msn messenger i see "error code 80048820.I have exhausted all the options that i was given to try logging into msn messenger.I\’m tired and fed up and i do not know what to do.

  63. Alicia says:

    i did what it said.. and it still says that my firewalls are blocking msn.. and they AREN\’T.. it is wierd becuz yesterday it worked just fine, and it snowed today. and hasn\’t worked since. which shouldn\’t make a difference since my neighbors who have the same internet connection and everything are having no problems with their msn. soo yes. help?

  64. Sujata says:

    I have a probelm to run messanger.

  65. _*Midget*_ says:

    okay, i did EVERYTHING you said!it still didnt work!so uhhm. TRY AGAIN!cause this is getting frustrating!as soon as i got high speed my MSN failed.i cant download or delete it either!nothing will help now.-Kirstie!

  66. Justan says:

    Man This stupid…
    They Really Should repair this… it doesnt work!
    This Is Pointless…
    Oct. 16/06

  67. Robert says:

    No matter what any one ever tells you NEVER DISABLE YOUR FIREWALL to make a program work, this is a fluck in there program nothing more one of these days they will get it all wokrring correctly maybe a year or two but it keep trying and it will sign in  also try the repair tool they have ot does help to make sure the key port is open thats what counts.

  68. ... says:

    it was a technical issue/problem on messengers end!
    everything is cool now

  69. James says:

    i have no idea, i just follow what the website said and it\’s worked fine for me. ^_^

  70. southsea says:

    yes, that works. thanks a million. but what happened?

  71. James says:

    here the link to the solutions of what i post just now

  72. James says:

    Go to C:\\Windows\\system32\\drivers\\etc Find a file call "host" and open it with notepad, then add " to the last line and save, then start msn again.

  73. southsea says:

    i also have the same problem with code 81000314. i followed all the instructions.  uninstalled and reinstalled many many times

  74. ... says:

    another thing,i somehow connected to the messenger chat through passport and it connected but i cant figure out how i did it
    anyone know how to connect to messenger with .net passport?

  75. ... says:

    i followed the intructions to get rid of error 8000314 and nothing,a load of crap,might have to join yahoo
    my messenger 7.5 has worked problem free for 3 years and then today it just wont connect and then it tricked me on some page saying \’upgrade needed\’ and i got this windows messenger live junk and i too am getting windows firewalls blocking messages too
    looks like theyre making sure its as complicated as hell,why fix something that wasnt broke
    i could kill someone

  76. Amanda says:

    I seem to be having the same problems!!! i made it so that msn msgr is not covered by firewalled (exempted it) and yet it still wnt let me sign in!! it comes up with code 81000314. I have tried everything to fix it, even uninstalling it and reinstalling it to no avail!!! Why all the problems?? and how do i fix it?????? 

  77. MAUREEN says:

    i cant seem to log onto windows live messenger. error 81000306 keeps showing up. i  followed instructions to disable windows firewall but nothing. there are no other firewall icons on my desktop near the clock so i dont know what else could be blocking. help

  78. Katie says:

    ahhh im having the same problem as John help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to use Web or Windows messengers instead:S It says the same when I download Msn 7.5 and try to sign in on that!!!!!!!

  79. JOHN says:

    I havnt been able to login to windows live messenger because it said that my firewall is blocking it….and also says that my "default gateway is offline" (what is that and how do i get that online).  I went through all the suggested tips on both my firewalls and restarted my computer and yet it still wont let me login. what the hell is going on.

  80. Nigel says:

    Downloaded Live messenger Beta everything worked fine, then switched Hotmail back to Classic, because could not work with updated version. Since then cannot upload photoes to my space or add new contacts . Any ideas surely I\’ve not got to remove firewall what about protection ?, also if I remove Live messenger and then re-install will I lose all my stored data ?. HELP

  81. MORABIA says:

    I Have some problem with my messenger I can\’t open it , I don\’t know what happening ..please help me with that

  82. Danielle says:

    i can not get my msn messenger to work on my says that our firewall is protecting it and will not allow it to work. Anyone for ideas im open tot ehm.

  83. rohan says:

    dis shit never works no matter wat

  84. Debi says:

    I recently downloaded the new Windows Live Messenger and i have been unable to access it due to firewalls… i have followed all your suggestions on how to fix it and yet it still won\’t work.. i even tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it then getting rid of my firewall…
    but it still doesnt work…
    any suggestions?

  85. Windows Live™ says:

    i followed all the advice to get msn messenger 7.5 workin agian anf let me sign in but it is still not workin please i need help, please help.
    can this be fixed?

  86. Ahmed says:

    not working …..
    i make format ….. nothing change …. that sux  :(

  87. Jeanne says:

    For some reason the new MSN live is not working properly.  I\’ve tried all your suggestions. 
    I\’ve deleted it from my system and redownloaded it.
    Still sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn\’t.
    How can this be fixed?

  88. ala says:

    Gather the rosebuds while ye may

  89. alfonso thomas says:

    salve. vi scrivo perke nel mio windows live messenger BETA c\’ è un problema. qualke volta, mentre scrivo cn i miei amici, messenger si blocca o si sovraccarica, e nn vado più avanti. devo spegnere e riaccenderlo. mi capita pure ke devo riavviare il sistema per ritrovare ben funzionante il mio messenger. potrete fare qualcosa? ve ne sarei molto grato. attendo risposta. buona giornata,

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