Configuring Windows Live Messenger through the Mc Afee Personal Firewall

1. From the system tray, near the system clock, right click on the McAfee SecurityCenter icon, and then choose Open SecurityCenter to bring up the McAfee SecurityCenter console.


2. In the McAfee SecurityCenter window, click on Personal Firewall Plus. Note: If you have McAfee Personal Firewall installed, the shortcut menu and options may be different. Choose the most appropriate menu option to launch the McAfee Personal Firewall console. 


3. Choose View the Internet Application List

4. The Internet Applications list shows the permissions allowed for applications when connecting to the Internet through McAfee Personal Firewall.
If Messenger is listed more than once in the Internet Applications list proceed to Step 5.
If Messenger is not listed in the Internet Applications list, proceed to Step 6.
If you have only one instance of Messenger, proceed to Step 7.
Note: Even if Messenger is already on the list, but are not sure if it is associated with the version of Windows Live Messenger you are using, please remove and re-add Windows Live Messenger to the Internet Applications list.
5. If you have more than one instance of Messenger, please remove all instances of it from the Internet Applications list. Note: It is better to remove all previous instances of Messenger from the list. To do this, select Messenger and click on Delete Application Rule.

6. To add Windows Live Messenger through the McAfee Personal Firewall, click on New Allowed Application below the Internet Applications list.

6.a. If you are using Windows Live Messenger 8.0 or 8.1 , browse for Windows Live Messenger by going to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger.  If you are using Windows Live Messenger 8.5 and later, browse for Windows Live Messenger by going to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger.
6.b. Select msnmsgr.exe and click on Open.

6.c. Ensure the permissions for Messenger is set to Allow Full Access. To change the access permissions for Messenger refer to Step 7
6.d. The screenshot below shows Windows Live Messenger allowed full access through McAfee Personal Firewall.


7. To modify the access permitted to Windows Live Messenger: 
7.a. Select Messenger from the Internet Applications list. Click on Allow Full Access under Change Permission To to allow full access to Messenger. 



8. Refer to McAfeee Help for more information about any version of McAfee. Choose a product and a category, and then look for information about how to configure Personal Firewall to allow an application to access the Internet.

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63 Responses to Configuring Windows Live Messenger through the Mc Afee Personal Firewall

  1. nikki says:

    "Windows Live Messenger is unable to start a conversation with (contact). You may want to try again".HOW CAN I FIX THIS????

  2. Katayoun says:

    Hi to you all…It seems to be quiet difficult for everybody to sign in and all that stuff!
    I hope you ll solve your problems all out. Mine is different but still freeks me out! Everytime my computer signs in automatically, I recieve a message from Windows Live Messenger that: "The system has encoured a problem and needs to close,"and then:"if you want to report this to microsoft…"etc. I tried to check my Firewall, but it s a latest version from McAfee, and I don t know exactly what to do! So, if anyone can give me a hand, I ll be very glad and invite you on my mail box! thanks.

  3. Meghann says:

    I don\’t even get an error code. It justs attempts to sign in like twice, and then there\’s the little "x" over the guy in my main msn page, and it refuses to even try and sign in. I fiddled with McAffee "access settings" and the firewall just the way you said; I\’ve even tried the that I was referred to and it\’s not signing me in at all. Pleeease help!

  4. Sally says:

    help me, this is crap i have this problem i have done every single thing from top to bottom to try and fix this problem in order of the list my firewalls proxy everything,  i have even removed msn and re installed the program to do it and it, please reply cos all of this aint working.

  5. Antonia Alexis says:

    Let me thru the flippin windows live messenger man

  6. Antonia Alexis says:

    The windows live messenger wont let me login. it tells me tht the firewal may b blokin it and evrytime i go 2 firewall evryting seems 2 b wrkin fine. stupidness. the team better reply me n let it work. nonsense. The error code is 80048820 and the extended error code is 80048412. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  7. Sarah says:

    I keep getting error message 8004888b, does anyone know what this means and can anyone help? Would be greatly appreciated

  8. ابو براااااااااء says:

    hi well came

  9. arif says:

    same problem it still doesn\’t work!  i\’m fed up

  10. marie says:

    i cant fuckin sign in and its gettin on my nerves. i have done everything that it has said 2 do but no joy. when r they eva gonna sort this problem out?

  11. marie says:

    i cant fuckin sign in and its gettin on my nerves. i have done everything that it has said 2 do but no joy. when r they eva gonna sort this problem out?

  12. Jupjang Mei Li says:

    Umm…My firewall isn\’t this version in my pc… The erro code still is 80072efd altough I already solve every problems and I hope that there\’s not the other erro code after I could solve this problem as same with before…
                                                                                              Thank U 

  13. Unknown says:

    when i am talking, msn keeps on logging me out every 3mins and i don\’t know what to do. So please help!!

  14. victor says:

    i need some help, i can\’t start a conversation with any of my contacts. its said " we were unable to start a conversation, try again."
     please help me

  15. Tony says:

    fcuking msn wont let me log in,and i have firewall on my computer,but i dont see that icon down at my taskbar and the erro code is erro code:80048820extended erroe code is 80048412what should i do,msg me back plz

  16. bülent says:


  17. patricia says:

    fix it

  18. Unknown says:

    please help me out, i can sign in im. I have try everything and nothing is working i don\’t know whats wrong. It keeps showing errors, first it said error 80072efd but now it says error 81000306. please help me out

  19. Bonnie says:

    I had not been having any problems until my McAfee stopped working.  I try to log onto my windows Live Messenger and I can\’t log in.  I even did the windows Live ID sign up and it still didn\’t work.  I\’ve been at my computer for  5 hours trying to do everything I can to log on to Windows LIve Messenger and still the same error # 80048821.  What the hell is going on!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mumtaz says:

    I have a big? problem with this  error code : 80072746
    I\’m able 2 sign in through web msn but I can\’t sign in, in windows live messenger
    please help me out

  21. Damian says:

    wtf this doesnt really work im not sure what is wrong with the system

  22. Omaha Starz team in Omaha, NE says:

    infact i just looked the information above this but nothing helped me.  so i gonna look another time if it will work.

  23. Louise says:

    i can\’t sign into messenger and keep getting message 80048820. what does it mean?

  24. Unknown says:

    I keep on getting Error message # 1603. MSN messenger signs me in, but I am unable to invite friends to play games.

  25. Sally says:

    how come i am unable to sign into msn. I always see this number 80048892. What is it.

  26. Ahmed says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………… …………wht is that code 8004882

  27. Neil&Janet says:

    same as msn messenger working fine then first the msn spaces pictures stopped working, then   my webcam and now it wont let me sign at all the internet works and all the old msn can anyone please help

  28. erin says:

    this isnt working at all! my compuer was working fine, then both of them wouldnt let me sign in all of a sudden.

  29. Unknown says:

    well well wot a shock. thought i was the only 1 havin probs signing in. All was fine utill i had a new pc, now i cant sign in at all just get error messages. If i crack it i will let u all now and plz return the favour

  30. Belbe says:

    same here… supose I\’ll get back to my previous version of msn…

  31. Alice says:

    you have crap pcs.
    there, happy now \’melia?

  32. LOLI says:

    All suggestions as to how to get msn live messenger  to let me sign in are not working at all!!!! I\’m no going to try to use it anymore . I\’ve downloaded Skype…………………..

  33. Lesley says:

    msn was working using my wireless connection 1 laptop has gone in 4repair now the other 1 wont log on were it wld b4 help have also tried al msn ideas nothin is workin can log on2 the msn 1 on their website but cannot log on2 MSN live messenger HELP!!!!!!!

  34. Terri says:

    Hopeless angel…your problems of 9/13 are my problems exactly…did you get your fixed? If so, please share

  35. Terri says:

    I also am getting that error code  80048802 ext code 80048820…I used to have the firewall like above, but now I have something else & I have no idea how to get to the McAfee firewall//
    Can someone please help me..I miss my friends.
    Thanks,  terri

  36. ashwin says:

    same error code msn dudes……………………………… GOD HELP ME ….i dont want to lose my msn frndsss… live messenger is really having some software incompatibilty problem with other programs i guess…….i just reformatted my comp 5 days back ad ever since error code-8oo48820  with extended code-80048812………plzzzz sumone help me…..i also tried out all the prescribed 7 methods of help by support center…….PLZ HELP MY SOUL……SOMEONE……..HEAR ME????????????????????

  37. Koljenovic says:

    Same error 81000314, cannot log in.

  38. Muhammad says:

    i have a big? problem        error code : 81000314
    i\’m able 2 sign in through web msn
    please help me out >.<

  39. lina says:

    I have te same problem I can\’t sing to a windows live msn who can help me

  40. x_nic-nac_x says:

    omg what the hell is with this??? it will not let me log on and to say its pissin me off is a minor understatement! any1 got any new wkd ideas cos the dumarses at msn arent helping in the slightest pllzzz help :D x x x

  41. Nitesh says:

    this is jus compplety rubbish it dosent help at all….i am going to chnge my internet security 2 norton

  42. charlie says:

     well guys like you have tried most things and no luck to sign in ,, this bloody windows live is a freak ,, have also had email from boffins without any luck ,,, if anyone has success maybe they will tell us the secret

  43. Simon says:

    Done all of your help advice ideas, do NOT work! Windows Live is not a better messenger :@

  44. Sam says:

    This is ridiculous! I\’ve tried all the help files and there is no way that this would get signed in. Need some help in resolving this issue!

  45. Michael says:

    This is freakin stupid. I have done everything i can and this piece of shit still doesnt work

  46. Unknown says:

    I downloaded live msn today and it was working great, but now it wont let me sign on at all!!! I know dat my address and password are right!!!! You should be helping me with my problem, but your only making it worse!!!!!! I am not recommending you to anyone and i will tell anyone who asks me that you are not a good company in sorting out your customers comments and problems!!!!!!!

  47. Unknown says:

    I got the same thing. You should really sort it out…

  48. Sami says:

    ahh i av da same problem as u!

  49. LIVVI says:

    mi msn aint wrkin!!! nd u aint helpin me! i shudnt av dwnloded da new 1 live messenger or w.e. it keeps sayin error 80004005 nd i cnt find a repair fingy 4 it
    U SUCK!!

  50. Unknown says:

    please help me..i usewindows live messenger. i have got two email addresses. rood_51 and aiden_rood. the rood_51 will let me sign in, no problem apart from i dont use this email address any more. the aiden_rood address wont sign me in. error code..80004005.i changed the password but it wasnt this. the internet connection is "excellent". i use mcAffe software, i have tried the step-by-step thing you show, but no joy. help me PLEASE???????? :(

  51. Mr. Bored says:

    i hate you msn! you promised me a better messenge. you like to me.

  52. Georgia says:

    it wont let me sign into  my messenger live on my laptop but it will let me on my desktop. the weird thing is other people can sign into their accoutns using my laptop so i really dont know whats hapening!! ive tried everything on ur website and on the windows live help site awell and none of the things have worked. PLEASE HELP!!!

  53. Unknown says:

    i have windows xp and i can sign in on my other account but i cna\’t sign in on mine msn on this account…i use the same e-mail address and it still signs me in but i can\’t sign in on my account….how does this work? i had problems earlyer with the internet connection but it works now…but how come it still says firewall still won\’t allow it when it has full acess??

  54. Lutee says:

    i have two hotmail addresses and i can sign in under one address but not the other. The one it won\’t allow my to sign in under is my main one, with ALL of my contacts…..
    i tried ur help but it did nothing……    it has only just stopped letting me sign in under this account in roughly the last 2 hours or so…..

  55. josh says:

    i have a temporary solution, just uninstall windows live messenger and use msn 7.5 untill they pull their fingers out and fix the problem, im hosting the installer, if you guys (microsoft/msn) wouldnt like me to do so just send me an e-mail at and ill gladly take it down… it will only be on here for a short while as a temporary fix.

  56. Raine says:

    TT_TT this sux… i still can\’t get on messanger… msn live.. whatever… geez… and to think i preffered msn over yahoo messanger… *sniffles* was i wrong to?

  57. Sian says:

    hey everyone, having exactly the same problem….i thought that the whole point of upgrading to windows messenger live was to have a \’better online experience\’….that\’s all very well and good…..but a bit IMPOSSIBLE to do if NONE OF US can acctually GET ONLINE!!!!
    I think the \’msn team\’ need to sort their asses out!!!!
    This is getting beyond a joke!!!

  58. fanny says:

    ya dont help

  59. Elizabeth says:

    I\’m having the exact same problem as you guys, I\’ve disabled both my firewalls, un-installed,  re-installed, troubleshoot even e-mailed MSN and I STILL can\’t get into messenger! It only went loopy on me on at lunchtime on 22nd june so I\’m not happy :-(

  60. Khris says:

    can someone tell me whats hapening to the msn live it doesn\’t let me loggin

  61. nadia says:

    mg msn is doing my head in it wont let me sign in i hav tried uninstalling it and downloadi it again but nothing is working

  62. Anthony says:

    I have exactly the same problem!!  it tells me to troubleshoot then when i do that it doesnt work!!

  63. Unknown says:

    i have found msn live very annoying lately as it hasn\’t been letting me sign in now for ages. ive tried everything you can think of and ive got 2 email addresses and it wont let me sign in with either of them and i dont understand y!!??!!

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