Configuring Windows Live Messenger through the Norton Firewall

1. From the system tray, near the system clock, right click on the Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall icon, and choose Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall.   

2. In the Norton Internet Security window, choose Personal Firewall
3. Click on the Configure button on the bottom right corner of the window to open the settings for the Personal Firewall.


4. Click the Programs tab to configure Windows Live Messenger through the firewall. The list of programs that have been added to the Personal Firewall appears under the Manual Program Control section.

If you have more than one instance of Microsoft MSN Messenger in the Manual Program Control list, proceed to Step 6.

If Messenger is not listed under the Manual Program Control list, proceed to Step 7.

If you have only one instance of Microsoft MSN Messenger, proceed to Step 8.


5. If Microsoft MSN Messenger appears twice in the Manual Program Control list, remove all Microsoft MSN Messenger entries from the list. Note: It is better to remove all previous instances of Messenger from the Programs list. 
5.a. Select each Microsoft MSN Messenger entry and click Remove. Do this for all similar entries. 
5.b. Click OK to close the Norton Personal Firewall configuration window. 

6. To add Messenger through the Norton Personal Firewall, click on the Add button in the Program Control tab.  

6.a. If you are using Windows Live Messenger 8.0 or 8.1 , browse for Windows Live Messenger by going to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger.  If you are using Windows Live Messenger 8.5 and later, browse for Windows Live Messenger by going to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger

6.b. Select msnmsgr.exe and click on Open.



6.c. In the Program Control window choose Permit and click OK
6.d. Click OK to close the Norton Firewall configuration window.



6.e. After configuring Windows Live Messenger through the firewall the settings should look like this.



6.f. Click OK to close the Norton Firewall configuration window.
7. To modify the access permitted to Messenger: 
7.a. Select Microsoft MSN Messenger from the Manual Program Control list. Click on the Internet Access column and choose Permit All.



For more information, refer to the Norton knowledge base , select the version of the product that you are using, and then search for “Changing Internet Access Control settings” or “Changing firewall rule settings“ in the product manuals.

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100 Responses to Configuring Windows Live Messenger through the Norton Firewall

  1. sarkan says:

    haha det var bra ska prova om det går :d

  2. Lip Siang says:

    I have a problem signing in to windows live messenger. After keying in my email add and password, an error had occured. It says \’signing in to windows live messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later\’ error: 80070005.I installed Windows live messenger in to my new laptop recently and the was no problem signing in until now. I am currently using windows vista home premium. pls help.

  3. heaven says:

    Cripes this is complicated and doesnt do anything to resolve my problem..
    i have had msn for so long and this firewall malarkey has never come up before, p1ssed off? Oh yes. i havent changed my firewall settings at all, this problem just occurred 48 hours ago.

  4. Brea says:

    help me im gettin error code 80048820 – extended code 80048412! I\’ve done absolutley EVERYTHING I could and i still cant sign in. Its been like this for about two weeks and i need HELP! :\'(

  5. Lyamara says:

    i havent got windows live messenger or msn messenger in my program control so what do i do

  6. duccio says:

    hi….i have a problem with the error code 80070002…please contact me soon

  7. Damian says:

    MSN Live has been the pain in my foot for far too long!  I deal with students laptops day in day out and for heavens sakes why can\’t msn, norton and mcaffee all get together , Sit and have a nice cup of coffee or something and talk about their friggin firewalls that protect you from the Internet , because they simply dont let you use the Internet! Great!! Really good! Well thought out…   I get so fed up of configuring firewall rules for IMS and Internet Explorer, it\’s so confusing and gives me a headache… get your act together Norton, MSN and Mcaffee!  Personally I think Norton are the worst for screwing up Internet connectivity.. With Vista a close second place..   ever seen the nice message "Access: Local only" ???    curse it if you ever see it…

  8. mohamed says:


  9. Unknown says:

    Well here goes…I am using Norton and so far I hope it works!

  10. DianeBoswell says:

    Oh MY GOD!  The only way you can chat is if you turn your firewall off!  This is ridculous.  I wish I\’d never upgraded my messenger now!  And will be sending a emial round to all I know telling them not to upgrade!  This is ridculous I have to leave my computer wide open to all sorts of things now just to chat!   ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  11. DianeBoswell says:

    God Help my messenger won\’t work!  What the hell is goin on!  I\’ve treid every step now and nothing.  Where the Bl****y Hell is step 8.  Someone please tell me.

  12. Sonal says:

    step 8??????????????

  13. mario says:

    yo tengo problema codigo:80048864. yo necesito mis amigos sordos

  14. mariah says:


  15. mariah says:

    where is step 8 dude ???

  16. Mafer says:

     sig sin poder iniciar sesion , me aparece que hay un bloqueo como lo puedo desbloquear????

  17. werangi says:

    thanks william it worked!!!!!!!1

  18. Jason says:

    Yeah, I\’ve got a god-damned comment for you. It reads as follows: WTF!!!!!!
    First of all, there IS no step 8… can\’t you count? Also, in Norton my settings for BOTH instances of Messenger are Permit all (I changed this from Automatically configure which probably meant it wasn\’t blocked to start with) I did this BEFORE I read this, and Norton keeps popping up with Rules automatically created for blah blah whatever like a friggin\’ jack in the box when I try to sign in… Clicking it does nothing. I\’m seriously thinking about getting rid of Norton it always manages to screw me over, I don\’t care if it was free.

  19. wiwi says:

    I keep getting error 81000306 it\’s make me crazy cause I can\’t fix it!!!! help me please!!

  20. Unknown says:

    where is step 8?

  21. sue says:

    there is no step 8. my windows live mssngr as fine then all of a sudden it decides to not let me in because of my firewall. i keep turning it off for a while just to chat but this is not a good idea.

  22. Katie says:

    i keep getting error 80048820 and i cant fix it !!!!!! HELP

  23. AB says:

    "If you have only one instance of Microsoft MSN Messenger, proceed to Step 8."  There is no f***ing step 8!!  Christ almighty, no wonder the system doesn\’t bloody work.  Remind me how Bill Gates got to be quite so rich…

  24. Said says:

    ik kan niet aanmelden

  25. Michael says:


  26. jack says:

    i tried to update my msn but when i finished the update i couldnt log on im seriously confused and dont know what to do so please help!!!!!

  27. Unknown says:

    Esperanado por ti

  28. E says:

    Please help, Windows Live Messenger is stressing me out. First i was receiving error code 81000306, where messenger would not allow me to sign in, but now anytime i close a chat window my Windows Live Messenger windowjust freezes up and would not allow me to do anything, i can select any other action. The program becomes unresponsive and i have to send an error report, which i can say i don\’t know how it helps me cos i still have the problem. This is becoming quite annoying! Someone helllppppppppp!

  29. Gareth says:

    is it just me or is there no step 8???????????????

  30. Ian says:

    I\’m getting the same but on my laptop all the same works fine can\’t work it out.

  31. erik says:

    after worn54\’s fix i could log on to msn, but now people seems to dont get my messages :Si tried all the basic stuffs such as restarting and.. ye..

  32. erik says:

    i tried worn54\’s fix, and it worked, but now the problem is that people doesnt seem to get my messages :/ ive tried to restart and all the basic stuffs, but still they doesnt seem to recieve my messages, what can be the problem?

  33. Sarah Louise says:

    I have kust joined AOL, currently dial up, until i get the broadband…  I try to sign into messenger and I get the "trouble shooter"..  with erroor 8004840a..  i try to repair and it says my gate way appears to be offline.  I do have norton but i was on tiscali befor and managed to get on fine..  I have gone into the firewall settings a permitted msn etc etc.. Please help someone..  PLEASE!!!!
    Thank you

  34. Aaron says:

    Always get error message 80048820, with extended error code 80048412. Pretty sure the whole thing\’s just garbage. Too bad it\’s the one everyone i know uses.

  35. Elizabeth says:

    I went to Norton And ask for help . With installing norton and fixing MSN…..because Msn works when norton wasn\’t installed at ALL..I was trying to get my FEATURED PACKS TO WORK …. TRY that IT was FREE!!

  36. Andrea says:

    Thank You

  37. NAVA says:

    i\’m having the same issue.

  38. Christina says:

    yeah, i got an email similar to that, and it didn\’t do the trick! boo!

  39. Warren says:

    Hi – i was experiencing the same thing so i wrote to Microsoft and got this reply.  i tried it and it worked! 
    Thank you for contacting Windows Live Messenger Technical Support. My name is Don, and I am happy to help you with your concern.I understand you\’re not able to sign in to Windows Live Messenger, the icons keep spinning, and you are not getting a specific error message.  As I can appreciate the inconvenience and frustration of such a situation, I will be more than happy to assist you in resolving this issue.The sign in problem you are encountering represents a known issue which we are working dilligently to correct. Following is a workaround which should allow you to once again sign in.The steps below contain information about modifying the registry. Before you modify the registry, visit the following Web site to learn more about how to back up, restore, and edit the registry:;en-us;256986.WARNING: If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly. 1. Click on Start and Run, type REGEDIT, then hit Enter 2. In the registry editor, click on "HKEY_CURRENT_USER", followed by "Software", followed by "Microsoft", followed by "MSNMessenger", and followed by "Policies". 3.    Select the "Policies" key and delete the folder. 4.    Restart your machine. 5.    Sign into Messenger again. 6. If you still cannot connect to Messenger, the .NET Messenger Service may be temporarily unavailable. Wait several minutes, and then try to sign in again. Alternatively, visit to determine whether there are any server issues.

  40. Paul says:

    also, i dont have norton or any other software firewall, so that is not the problem. 

  41. Paul says:

    Hi, i have this problem also with windows live messenger newest version.  The only thing i can do now to at least be able to chat is click the msn icon on Internet Explorer 7, which seems to launch an older version of messenger, which lets me sign in until they fix the problem.

  42. Karen says:

    I\’m having the same problem!!
    The 2 msn icons just keeping spining around since Oct. 16th.
    My bro can log into his msn on his account, and I can log into my msn in the guest account and his account, but not my own account!
    And I know nothing about computers, so it\’s not like I did something to my account!

  43. Gabby says:

    I have the same problem as shortie too!!! someone PLEASE help!

  44. Christina says:

    Has anyone sorted out this problem yet?? Or do they email you to fix it?? I need help bad!

  45. Christina says:

    I\’m having the same problem as Shorty!  Can anyone help???

  46. Shortie says:

    I have the same problem!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can\’t get into MSN. It has the spinning guys and it says "Signing in…" for EVER. Theres no way to log in. the tech support people were no help, all they did was make it worse if anything. I really need help, cause i even made new accounts and they wont log in. My brother can log into his accout on his computer, but as soon as I try to log into his account on his comp, it won\’t let me. It\’s like it doesnt want me talking to anyone. Tried everything, and I havn\’t bee n able to log in for 2 weeks now, and it\’s really pissing me off.
    Can anyone help?

  47. Bhushan says:

    hmm i updated windows too
    then all of a sudden, mid-conversation, msn stopped responding and had to close
    ever since then i cant sign into windows live messenger with this account
    i can sign-in in a snap with other accounts, but not this one
    i did the norton thing up there, and still no luck (N)
    can someone help? when i try to sign in, the screen says "signing in"
    for literally HOURS
    and doesnt sign in (N)
    plzzz help

  48. Ken says:

    kittenfish, i got the same issue too. it used to work and then i did an update and it hasn\’t been working. im doing all of this and it said go to step 8….BUT THERE IS NO STEP 8!!! it used to work but now it doesnt and i went through everything. maybe microsoft did an update that messes up with MSN Messenger…stupid microsoft. =P

  49. Tammy says:

    Yeah, ever since I installed my latest Windows update, I can\’t log in >_< My firewall is set to permit MSN, and it always has let MSN work, so it can\’t be that, and it says nothing\’s wrong when I troubleshoot it v.v I tried contacting their troubleshooting guys, and I\’ve done everything they told me, and I still can\’t log in >_< Help anyone?

  50. Sarah says:

    I am the same way!  Ever since the update, I can\’t get signed into Windows Live Messenger!  I have done the same things as the rest of you guys, uninstalling, adding to my Norton Security, etc.. and it won\’t work!!  It peeves me off!!  Anyone know how to fix it yet? — Sarah

  51. ursa.fink says:

    I can\’t sign up Windows Live Messenger (keep getting the error code 80072efd) – i have norton internet security and antivirus 2006 and i have permitted msn live messenger on personal firewall…help me please!

  52. kelly says:

    i agree ever since the update haven\’t been able to get logged in on MSN live…even uninstalled the updates and still nothin…if any one can help please do

  53. john says:

    ever since the update two days ago, one of my machines just continually tries to connect and never actually does- I\’ve uninstalled reinstalled several times, no firewall, direct Internet connection, wireless, it just doesn\’t matter… the green & blue guys just do the dance in circles for hours and hours. If I troubleshoot it tells me everything is perfect- so what\’s up? what changed with the last windows update?

  54. Ka-Poh says:

    i keep getting the error code 8100030d – i have norton anti virus and i have permitted msn live messenger on personal firewall…help!!!!!!!

  55. Giovanna says:


  56. Jenny says:

    txh i did it…!!!

  57. Jenny says:

    plz helpppp!! i cant fix it.

  58. Shannen says:

    U\’s are POO! POO POO POO POO POO!! ya hear lol i get this stupid error code 80048820 and i cant fix it i have tried absulutly everything EVERYTHING!!!!!
    grr! lol

  59. Shining says:


  60. Elisandro says:

    I\’m having problems to sign in my msn messenger.please help

  61. Anirban says:

    I am having problem in signing up MSN messenger. error code 80048820, all firewalls off. please help

  62. stephanie says:

    it didn\’t fix i don\’t understand

  63. Emma says:

    yay i finally fixed it. i had this error code fingy for days u just gotta go to the place where u can dowload live messenger and then instead of removing it or downloading it u repair it.

  64. Unknown says:

    I need help, it seems its ahppening to alot or people. Error Code: 80048820 Extended Code: 80048439 Help!

  65. ashley says:

    Help…I can\’t sign in to MSN Live Messenger – error code 80048820 (extended code – 80048412). I\’ve tried everything I can think of (including firewall settings). If anyone could provide a solution I\’d be very grateful. Thank you.

  66. Asbaro says:

    open my messenger

  67. Stephanie says:

    that doesnt work! ive tried like 3 times and im gettin really stressed out! please sum1 help me msn wont let me sign in stupid error code 8004005 grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleash help! xxxxxxxx

  68. Katie says:

    i keep gettin error 80004005 and i dont understand its not my firewall…this is making my very upset……………msn is the only way i can talk to my friends and family that are out of state. other people can sign in but i cant! PLEASE HELP ME!

  69. Andreas says:

    I also get the error message 8100030d when trying to log onto MS Live Messenger. What to do? I followed the instructions provided above, but it does not help. I will appreciate any help!

  70. Andreas says:

    No comments right now

  71. $t3v3-0h says:

    windows live messenger is a great looking sleeker version of msn 7.5…. but! i do not like the fact that you can not see the display pictures on the main window and also the verry lage advertisement\’s, it takes up tooo much space. but otherwise windows live messenger or (msn 8.0) is a great looking program. please take this into consideration for the next msn. thanks  

  72. iRiShPrIdE!! says:

    For the next msn they should seriously think about makin it so that u can put custom emoticons in your screen name..that would be pretty cool if anyone agrees then write back

  73. x...xemily_jeffery_x....x says:

    please help when i try sign into msn i get the code error 8004005. However the live messenger lets other people sign in. i have tried everything and i am at a loss please please help me!

  74. Unknown says:

    Hi how are you?

  75. Unknown says:


  76. Unknown says:

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! when ever i try to sign into windows live messenger it brings up the troublehoot box and says error 80004005 how can i get it 2 sign me in? ive tryed my fire wall ect and thts not done any good i agree with people from here that messenger 7.5 was far better and more realiable than this new one i had no problems with the 7.5 and this new one has bin nothing but trouble since day one i think plz help me i wanna get bk up and running!

  77. <3..ℓαυяα..<3 says:

    my daughter has been using msn live messenger for a while now but today it wont let her sign in giving the error code 80004005 extended code 80048401?or6? cant read it properly. saying gateway is set offline. tried everything that i can (dont really understand the computer really). Can anyone help please. Thanks

  78. Unknown says:

    81000306!!!! Need help because this little futha mucka wont let me use windows live messenger!!!! Help Me Please……

  79. ben says:

    having seriouse problems signing in keeps saying that a firewall must be blocking acsess but there all turned off! error code 80048820 ext.80084812

  80. Stuart says:

    Glenn, my son, you\’re a legend. All fine now. Cheers.

  81. Unknown says:

    Hi, i need help with windows live sign in, as when log onto WL, it says that all my contacts cannot be found, due to a connection problem, (error code 80048430, or something like that) but once in a while this works and everyone is on my list, how can i get WLive to work properly 1st time and show all my list, and let people see that i AM online? HELPPPPP!!!! lol :-)

  82. na says:

    omg "one of a Kind" ur a genuis! lol

  83. Unknown says:

    Msn error code 80004005 keeps coming up everytime i try to sign in !! How can i solve this problem :S:S:S:S? Msn 7.5 was much better and more reliable i totally agree with all the other comments Windows Live Messenger doesn\’t work and doesn\’t even show colour in peoples name wen u use ·$!!  I cheaked my firewall and it is not that that is blocking it so what is wrong ? Windows Messenger is working but it is old and I prefer Msn 7.5 so this means I will have to uninstall Windows Live Messenger and Install Msn 7.5 Again !!  I am getting so frustrated I think Msn 7.5 was much much much much more reliable… Thanks….

  84. Unknown says:

    i tried to fix the problem and nothing will work. it keeps saying the error code:80048820
                                                                                                     extended error code:80048439
    pls help w/ anything im doing wrong

  85. Quince says:

    Thank you so much One of a kind, your solution so totally saved me thank you so much so much you saved me from using windows messenger for the rest of my life or creating a new email to talk to my friends.

    Hey you guys that also get error code 80004005 when you sign into windows live messenger try this solution given by One Of A Kind on this page\’s comments: it should fix your problem.

  86. Unknown says:

    Help me please, i can\’t log into my MSN Account to talk to my friends online. It keeps coming up with an error code 80004005. Can you adise me on what to do next.

  87. Harry says:

    i have error 8004005 and that hasnt done anything it is really anoying i am thinking of moving to yahoo messenger instead so that i can acualy to my fiends on a reliable system

  88. Martell says:

    I was using windows 8.0 beta and all of a sudden it stp work i dont know what the problem is i disable a turn off my firewall and it still not working. i\’m get error 80004005

  89. CassAng18 says:

    Thank you for your staff help and for getting me msn back on line.

  90. Ibnu Baz says:

    I can\’t sign in to Live Messenger and keep receiving error code 8100030d. Please help me..

  91. Bharat says:

    i think for some people the solution given by "ONE OF A KIND" (here) has worked, so please try that as well. It didnt work for me though.

    Norton has not yet posted a solution to this, but here is the link to the current situation they mention…

    this above symantec link will be updated with a solution as they find it. bookmark n chk back when u get the time.


  92. Bharat says:

    an alternative instant solution… disable norton internet security and signin to windows live messenger. it works as long as NIS is disabled.

    Better still, check out my 2 comments below, on this page.


  93. Bharat says:

    one more thing, if the below 3-step solution of mine doesnt work. follow this and then follow the 3-step solution.

    1. uninstall all norton products
    2. uninstall the msn/windows live messenger
    3. install all norton products again
    4. install msn/windows live messenger again

    the error will still come in most cases. But now follow the 3-step procedure in my comment below (on this page) and you will be able to sign in to messenger again.

  94. Bharat says:

    Ok, i have a temporary 3-step solution. atleast the new messenger can sign-in with this. now i know this doesnt solve the problem, but will get you signedin. it works for me so…..

    1. start windows live messesnger, it gives an error 80004005.
    2. click cancel in that error window. exit the msn/windows live messenger icon from system tray. (system tray is on the right bottom of your computer screen where the DATE & TIME is shown)
    3. start windows live messenger from startmenu again

    this should get you signed in.
    as long as you dont sign-out from messenger, it works. the moment you sign out the error will get back to you. in that case, just follow the above steps again.

    Microsoft really needs to put better testers in place and scrap the policy of making people use beta software mainly for testing their products and finding errors. Mr. Bill, I hope you get time to read my suggestion. no offense there. glad to help.

  95. George says:

    yeh i had this prob, but just do what \’one of a kind said\’
    thanks !!!

  96. sarah says:

    thank you sooo much who ever posted bellow me with all the steps…. it works… if u have the problem with the error code of 80004005 try those steps… it REALLY works

  97. Xx.disco.inferno.xX says:

    People, fixing error code 80004005 isn\’t as hard as it seems. just follow these steps and it should most likely work, ive had to do this numerous times since finding out that it works but its worth being able to use WLM
    1. Ensure “Show hidden files and folders” is enabled in your folder view options. This option enables us to see files and folders that are hidden by Windows XP to make sure that they are not deleted unintentionally. Just follow the steps below to enable this feature:a. Click on start and then go to My Documents.b. Click on the “Tools” menu located at the top of your My Documents folder and select “Folder Options.” In the Folder Options box that will come up, select the “View” tab.c. Scroll through the Advanced Settings section and make sure that there is a dot beside “Show hidden files and folders.”d. Click OK to close the box.2. We are now going to delete the Contacts cache. The cache is actually a temporary file that Windows Live Messenger uses to function properly. There are times though when this file gets corrupted. Deleting it and letting Windows Live Messenger replace the file should resolve the issue. Just follow through the steps:a. In the My Documents folder, Address bar located at the very top and type in C:\\Documents and Settingsb. In the folder that comes up, look for the folder with your Windows Login name on it. (Tip: Windows Login is the blue screen that you see when you are just starting Windows XP up.)c. In the folder that will come up, open the Contacts folder and then look for the file with your email address. Delete this file.d. Click on the “Back” button at the top of your folder again until you are back in the folder with Your Windows Login name. Look for a folder named Local Settings this time.e. Inside the Local Settings folder, kindly look for Application Data.f. Inside the Application Data, select Microsoft and then look for Windows Live Contacts.g. Inside the Windows Live Contacts folder, look for the file named after your email address and delete it.3. Once done with the deletion, just close all the folders that we may have opened and then try to sign in to Windows Live Messenger again.

  98. Tall Guy Pete says:

    Hi all,
    Completely agree with most comments!
    I am going to revert back to MSN 7.5 until they get this fixed.
    Someone tell those god dam beta testers to do their ******* jobs right !

  99. Unknown says:

    this is dumb….this error message (80005000) keeps coming up on just one account but my other ones i can get onto….this needs to be fixed

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