How to purchase Dynamic Display pictures in Windows Live Messenger 14.0:

1. Sign in to Windows Live Messenger 14.0.

2. Click on ToolsChange display picture


Click on the Display picture as shown below

3. In the Display picture window, click on the link which says Create a dynamic display picture.

4. A pop up message will appear “You will automatically signed into the website for this product using Windows Live ID. To continue, click OK.

6. In the Quebles window, choose Dynamic Display Pictures and choose the picture you want to purchase.

7. Click on Order now.

8. Enter your email-address eg ( and click on Next.

9. You can choose the payment type from the options listed below:

10. Enter your credit card information: Payment Type , Cardholder name as appears in the card, credit card Number, CVV Code, Expiration date on the card and your live id email address.

11. Once you click on Next, you will get an option to download the dynamic display picture. Click on the Download link to download the picture.

12. You can now see the dynamic display picture in your Windows Live Messenger window as show below:

Note – The same steps could be followed to purchase Emoticons and Winks.

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