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Your Webcam Device is not Detected by Windows Live Messenger



When you try to start a webcam conversation in Windows Live Messenger, you may receive the following error message:
Your conversation cannot begin because your camera is currently in use or not plugged in. Make sure your camera is available and try again.


To resolve this, follow these steps:


1.  Make sure that the webcam is connected to the computer. 

2.  Close all programs that may be using the webcam. 

3.  Restart your computer. 

4.  Make sure that your system and your webcam meet the requirements for Windows Live Messenger.

System requirements
• Windows XP operating system or higher 
• A dial-up, cable, or DSL Internet connection with a speed of 56 kilobits per second (Kbps) or faster 

Webcam requirements
• The webcam must support DirectShow 6.0 and later. 
• A USB webcam or another video source.

Note: Video sources such as digital cameras and video cameras may not work correctly with the webcam feature. FireWire-based cameras may work, but they are not supported. 

• A Windows Driver Model (WDM) driver or a Video for Windows (VFW) driver. 

5.  Re-install the webcam. For information about how to re-install the webcam, contact the webcam manufacturer. 

6.  If you are using a webcam that uses a USB connection, and you have more than one USB device on your computer, unplug all USB devices that are not required for a webcam session. 

7.  Select your webcam as the video source by using the Audio and Video Setup wizard on the Tools menu. To select the webcam that Windows Live Messenger uses, follow these steps:

7.a.  Start Windows Live Messenger. 
7.b.  Press Alt on the keyboard. Click Tools, then click Audio and Video Setup.
7.c.  Follow the directions in the wizard to select and configure the audio and video devices. 

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