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Daniel Feies’ work blog

Daniel has cast his lot in with the MSDN blogger crowd (all the cool devs have an MSDN blog — the peer pressure must be enormous ) and started an MSDN blog.  Check it out here.   I’ve updated my link … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Unveils New Version of Instant Messenger

Yahoo has released a beta of their Messenger client.  You can read all about it here.  It’s great to have a strong competitor like Yahoo around, it keeps us on our toes! Some of the cool features in their beta: … Continue reading

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Omar on Mobile Messaging

Via Chris, I found Omar’s post about an extremely cool feature in MSN Messenger 7.0, Mobile Messaging.  Omar does a great job of describing the feature.  Read the whole thing.  

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New kelvir variant

Be on the look out for a new kelvir variant that’s spreading through MSN Messenger.  Details here.  

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See the Messenger team . . .

or at least their display pictures.  Leah has pulled together a gallery that has pictures of members of the Messenger team and their display pictures.  Check it out.  

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Reporting copyright infringement on Spaces

Abbie has a post complaining about stolen images on Spaces.  In the comments to the post there is a link to a page that explains how to report copyright infringement.  

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Abbie is back!

Updated 5/4/04 I’ve updated my link to Abbie’s Space. Abbie deleted her Space over the weekend, but she has a brand new Space up and running.  Drop by and say “hi”.

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