How To: Scan incoming files for viruses

(Updated: I updated the command line for eTrust.)

Have you ever wondered if that file your contact sent you is “safe”?   You can have Messenger launch your virus scanner for every file you receive and have it scan the file.

If you haven’t enabled this option yet, you should.  To turn this on in the Messenger 7 Beta:

In the menu select Tools, Options and click  File Transfer
Check the “Scan files for viruses using” checkbox

Now you’ll need to fill in the path to the executable that you use for file scanning.  I use Computer Associates eTrust for virus scanning so this is the command line I use is:

"C:\Program Files\CA\Common\ScanEngine\Inocmd32.exe" -ACT cure -SCA mf -LIS:"C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\My Documents\My Received Files\scaninfo.txt" %1

This command invokes the INOCMD32.exe Command Line Scanner with the following preramitors

Command line perimeters: “-ACT cure” sets the file action to Cure, “- SCA mf” sets the special cure action to Move File if Cure Fails and sends the scan results to a file named scaninfo.txt

See the attached screen shot for a sample of what it looks like completed.

If you’re using another virus scanner and have it configured to work with Messenger please post a comment with the command line you used.

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7 Responses to How To: Scan incoming files for viruses

  1. Sandy says:

    To answer your question about Bit Defender, I am around 90% sure you locate the bdlite.exe file to scan viruses.  I have not tested this yet, however bdlite.exe is the scanning program.  It does not run as a stand alone executable, but if you drag a file on to the bdlite.exe icon it scans it there and then
    Hope that helps

  2. Dave says:

    How to scan with McAfee Entrprise:
    C:\\Program Files\\Network Associates\\VirusScan>scan32 /AUTOEXIT %1

  3. Raed says:

    What about BitDefender?

  4. Matt says:

    If you are using AVG Free 7.0 its:"C:\\Program Files\\Grisoft\\AVG Free\\avgw.exe" /SE

  5. Messenger says:

    Thanks Hawk!

  6. Trevor says:

    I came across this tonight while searching for something else Norton related.For stand-alone Norton AntiVirus or Norton AntiVirus as part of Norton Internet Security:"C:\\Program Files\\Norton AntiVirus\\Navw32.exe"For Norton AntiVirus as part of Norton SystemWorks:"C:\\Program Files\\Norton SystemWorks\\Norton AntiVirus\\Navw32.exe" works for Norton\’s 2003, 2004 and 2005 AntiVirus

  7. Trevor says:

    Mcafee AntiVirus from MSN uses"c:\\progra~1\\\\vso\\mcvsftsn.exe"If you purchased Mcafee AntiVirus directly from Mcafee this might not work. I\’m not sure if it uses the same directory with the \\\\ or not. I\’m also not sure if any command line switches are required for mcafee? This appears to be working fine for me.

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