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How To: Scan incoming files for viruses

(Updated: I updated the command line for eTrust.) Have you ever wondered if that file your contact sent you is “safe”?   You can have Messenger launch your virus scanner for every file you receive and have it scan the file. … Continue reading

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Chatting with the MSN Messenger team

This Thursday at 1:00 PM Pacific Time the MSN Messenger team will be the featured guests in a Expert Zone chat.  You can read more about the chat here. Here’s the descritpion: MSN Messenger Beta ChatJoin Raja Abburi, MSN Messenger … Continue reading

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Talking about MSN RSS Directory & More

From Mike Torres: MSN RSS Directory & More The My MSN RSS aggregation beta and the MSN RSS Directory are now LIVE. Find RSS or ATOM feeds on the Internet and add them directly to your My MSN homepage.  Show articles from 1 … Continue reading

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Messenger keyboard shortcuts from Daniel Feies

Via Andre, I found this great post from Daniel on keyboard shortcuts in Messenger.  Great stuff for keyboard fans (like me!).  Read the whole thing here.    

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How good is the audio in the Messenger 7 beta?

Read this post from Mike Torres and find out.  The Messenger team has done some great work in the 7.0 Beta to improve the quality of audio conversations.  If you haven’t tried audio in Messenger lately, give it a try. … Continue reading

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The “other” IM client from Microsoft

Microsoft has two IM clients, Windows Messsenger and MSN Messenger.  My site deals primaryly with MSN Messenger but every once in a while I like to post something about that "other" IM client. has a great article that talks … Continue reading

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Mac Messenger 5.0 Announced

For all you Mac fans out there: Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit has made its first contribution to Macworld: a new version of its MSN Messenger software for Mac OS X. Messenger 5.0 for Mac boasts improved security, support for Live … Continue reading

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