Mike Torres is looking for feedback

on what it would take to get early adopters and "influencers" excited about MSN.  From his post:

So I wanted your opinion on how MSN can be better in the future at addressing the needs of early adopters, influencers, and "geeks".  You folks.  It is pretty obvious to those of us inside the MSN walls (yes, even us geeks) that we are shipping some very cool services for our customers.  But for some reason, services like Gmail and Yahoo’s Search APIs tend to get a lot more play amongst "sneezers" than things like Outlook Live! or MSN Video (which rock!)  Dare recently posted about this as well as part of a post on another topic.

So, why are early adopters sleeping on MSN?

If you have stong opinions, drop by and leave a comment.

Posted by Jeff Wilkes


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