MSN Messenger setup has failed with error code ‘1603’

(Updated 4/7/05)

Folks, we think we have fixed most of the 1603 issues in 7.0.  Go here and try the released build.

(Update 3/18/05)

Several folks have contacted me to who have tried these steps listed here, but who are still having prroblems.  We’re working on improving the steps. 

When you attempt to install MSN Messenger the setup may fail with one of the following errors:

An error occurred during the installation of assembly component.


HRRESULT: -214702894


An error occurred during the installation of assembly ‘Microsoft.Windows.Networking.RtcDll,type=”win32”,version=””,publicKeyToken=”6595b64144ccf1df”,processorAchitecture=”x86””. Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0x80070002.


This is the dreaded 1603 error.


The number one cause for this is having anti-spyware running when you try to install MSN Messenger.  To test this, turn off or disable your anti-spyware application and try installing Messenger again.


If that fixes it, great!  Turn the anti-spyware application back on and enjoy the newest version of Messenger.


If that didn’t solve the problem it could be one of following:


Insufficient disk space


You may not have enough disk space to complete the install.  You should have at least 50 MB of free disk space to install Messenger.  It isn’t that Messenger needs 50 MB when installed, rather that during the installation process Messenger decompresses files and stores them temporarily on your hard drive.  So, make sure you have plenty of free disk space before installing MSN Messenger.


If you need to free up some disk space, try running the Disk Cleanup Manager.  To launch the Disk Cleanup Manager:


  • Click Start, click Run, type "cleanmgr" and then click OK.
  • Select drive C: from the list of drives (or the drive your temp environment variable points to).
  • Click OK. The Disk Cleanup Manager will analyze the selected drive to determine the amount of space that can "cleaned up".


Note This may take a couple of minutes, so be patient.


  • In the Disk Cleanup window, click the Disk Cleanup tab.
  • Select the following check boxes:
    • Downloaded Program Files
    • Temporary Internet Files
    • Temporary Files
    • Temporary Offline Files
    • Offline Files
  • Click OK to delete the selected file types.
  • When you are prompted, click Yes to confirm the operation and start the process.


The temporary folder is encrypted


If your computer is running Windows XP or Windows 2000/2003 you have may enabled encryption for the %temp% folder on your computer.  If the folder was encrypted, you must temporarily turn off encryption on the folder before you install MSN Messenger. To turn off encryption:

  • Click Start, click Run.
  • Type in "%temp%\..\" and hit Enter to open an Explorer window.
  • Click on the Temp folder to select it.
  • Right click on the Temp folder and choose Properties.
  • In the Properties window, click General.
  • Click on the Advanced button to open the “Advanced Attributes” window.
  • In the “Compress and Encrypt attributes” section, uncheck “Encrypt contents to secure data”
  • Click OK twice to save changes and close the Properties window.


Re-register the MSI installer files


Windows XP SP2

  • Click Start, click Run.
  • Type "msiexec /unregserver" and press Enter.
  • Type "msiexec /regserver" and press Enter.


Windows XP SP1 and Windows 2000 SP3 and later versions


Windows 98/ME


Windows 2000 SP2 and earlier

Okay now try installing MSN Messenger again.  Try to install Messenger again:


For MSN Messenger 6.2 click here.

For MSN Messenger 7 Beta click here.


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36 Responses to MSN Messenger setup has failed with error code ‘1603’

  1. Luciana says:


  2. Luciana says:

    I\’ve been getting the 1603 whenever I try to install the Live Messenger 8. What should I do since I have a Windows Vista Basic on my computer?? 

  3. nono says:

    when i try 2 install msn7.5 there is a message :
    The specified module could not be found
    please help me
    bnt qtr

  4. Rose says:

    i tried everything for mesenger 7.5 and i still get the error 1603!
    what do i do?

  5. Andrew J says:

    Fantastic! I had this issue My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment VariablesI had TWO temp folders set up – BOTH pointing to the same location. This is presumably where the MSN Messenger became confused over which to use.I removed one (it didn\’t matter which, they both pointed to \\Documents and Settings\\%username%\\Local Settings\\Temp) and then MSN Messenger installed without issue.

  6. Rohit says:

    Hi.. I get the same error "Installation failed with error 1603". However its seems not to be any of the issues seen above. Prior to the installation failing I get "Error writing to file:C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\sirenacm.dll. Verify that you have access to that directory.". I looked around in several forums but looks like not too many folks have come across this issue. Any suggestions? A brief background how I got here. I used to have msn messenger 7.5 working on my computer. After I installed Windows Media Player version 10.0, messenger started freezing up, freezing everything else up like internet explorer. I rolled back to Windows Media Player 9.0 but the problem did not go away. I finally had to uninstall msn messenger. Now, it won\’t install.

  7. Offbeatmammal-1967 says:

    Sadly… this sucks. If I can\’t install MSN Messenger (and other things happily install) I\’m led to think that someone, somewhere is being too clever by half. 7.0 and 6.2 refuse to install with the same 1601 / 1603 errors, despite trying all the aboveMy machine is a fairly standard… WinXP Pro -> SP1 -> SP2 and all the patches.I also can\’t installed the Tabbed MSN toolbar with the same error.Y! messenger installed without a hiccup….

  8. Enrique says:

    Hello,I, like most of you, had the same problem (error 1603), and tried all of the above to no avail. Nevertheless, I was able to fix "my" problem.First I\’d like to mention how I came about to acquiring this problem. It all began when I was trying to make a Video CD with Nero. I was getting an error message saying I didn\’t have enough disk space for the temporary files while creating the VCD. The problem for me was that I have two partitions and my C:\\drive (where my temp folder is located) was too small. So, I went to "My Computer\\Properties\\Advanced\\Environment Variables" and changed my Temp folders to point to a new location on my D:\\ drive which has pleanty of space. After this change, I was able to create my VCD with no problems so I decided to leave these changes in.That was my mistake…. After trying all of the above I began to suspect that the messenger install program might be looking for the Temp folder at it\’s default location so I changed it back to the way it was and my messenger installed like a charm!I realize that you may not have made these changes to your system, but perhaps it\’s worth taking a look. After all, what have you go to loose? Right?I suggest you check and see if your temp folders are pointing to their default location which is:C:\\Documents and Settings\\%username%\\Local Settings\\Temp(tip: If you don\’t see this folder within windows explorer it means you have to go to "Explorer\\Tools\\Folder Options\\View" and select "show hidden files and folders")I hope this helps some of you or at least provide you with some insight as to where YOUR problem resides.Good luck!Regards,Enrique J. Morales (MaskMarvl)

  9. Matt says:

    DUDE IT WORKED!!! WOOHOOO REALLY!To get it to work install Ad-Aware SE and Enjoy! I did the Same as Psychicchap and it worked so try it and see :D

  10. Unknown says:

    i did it all and nothing has worked. can someone PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kristy says:

    this is a pain in the arse its getting on my wick

  12. Deepak says:

    I DID IT…ha ha ha…after so much of struggle, folks, i finally was able to manage it. No need to do anything as mentioned above. simply try to follow two steps. 1) download and install SPYBOT – Search and Destroy and 2) download and install Ad-Aware 1.05 SE. i did this and after 7 days, i am able to use the great MSN 7 BETA. Hey MICROSOFT ppl, start working on out of the box thinking !!! ha ha ha. Hope with this, the issue is closed!!! Have great fun folks and learn to say I aint quitting !!

  13. Deepak says:

    hey ivanshu, what is the name of the anti spyware which was removed. its now almost a week, nothing is happening. it seems even MICROSOFT has given up! ha ha ha…

  14. Eva says:

    Same here… this is ridiculous

  15. Matt says:

    This is not working for me either. I done all that was said and my computer still wont install it.. Im getting increasingly annoyed that this has happened.. FIX THE PROBLEM MICROSOFT!

  16. Unknown says:

    i have also done everything on this page. i have been trying for days on end to get msn, i have had it before but this time eror code 1603 is totally annoying me. please someone help

  17. Ivanshu says:

    thanx a lot dudes… it was because of the anti spyware.

  18. Deepak says:

    hi folks, its been 5th day. i am trying every option out. Jeff, None of your above mentioned stuff worked !!! what is microsoft upto ? cant they fix up this bug rather than to ask its customers to fix thier computers !!! Do suggest a solution which works out…I hope microsoft team wont make us live anxious moments for longer period of time …thank you

  19. J.Rojas says:

    I have the same problem too, i dont know what it is, it could be a virus that travels in msn, ever since i clicked a link that appeared to be a virus, this is when msn started acting up but my antivirus is on and everything but it might have caused this, did u guys receive a link thru msn, if u did maybe this is the trying to get answers by email the support team so im waiting for their reply…hope i figure this out soon.

  20. Sara says:

    thats d same fing dat hpnz 2 men wen i try n go on n e web msgnr it works but i cant send or recieve n e messages

  21. Unknown says:

    hi can u please help, I had msn beta i unistalled it 4 sumthink i tries reinstalling it but the dam think says "error 1603" iv tried downloading 6.2 but that even won\’t let me! i have tried all those solutions but nothing works!

  22. Sara says:

    this is sooo annoyin my msn 7 was workin fine before i tried updating it and after that it jus stopped working, i cant even install msn 6.2 its sooooo annoyin!!!

  23. Derick says:

    My Msn 7 will also not install with the same 0x80070002 error everytime its really annoying. Before I had 6.2 installed just fine and now that won\’t even install. So now I\’m using MSN Plus because thats the only way I can use MSN Messenger.

  24. Cheng says:

    Hi, I tried the solutions the page indicates… but still does NOT work!I guess it is all because of SP2…Microsoft, Please help!

  25. Messenger says:

    If you\’re still seeing a problem with 1603 errors, please send me email – messenger_support_space AT I\’d like to help get to the bottom of this.

  26. Unknown says:

    Don\’t listen 2 Fred… He thinks he\’s a funny guy… But seriously guys… work your a$$es a little more 4 Fred… apparently we\’re not doin enough and we should do more 2 statisfy him… LMFAO…

  27. firas says:

    well…guys… stuck with this old msn version!! 6.2 and 7.0 wouldnt install…..when i read the solutions suggested i was so happy!! but unfortunately nothing came into play :(please help us guys!!

  28. Andreea says:

    This stuff don\’t work! Hello, please someone try to do something that works, cuz you can make thousands of updates to your MSN Messenger, but with this problem your ratings go down terribly!!! I\’m not happy!Please help me!!! :\'(

  29. Norman says:

    I have the exact same problem!!!!! I have tried all of the suggestions and the error keeps popping up!!! I hate using webmessenger!

  30. yt says:


  31. Staccato says:

    I cannot believe the immense frustration! I have also tried everything and still conceive the uninevitable "error code: \’1603\’"! Please, I would really like to use my msn once more! I too have Windows XP and I believe it\’s a service pack 2.

  32. kelerycelery says:

    I too have tried everything listed on this site. I am using Windows XP with service pack 2 installed, and nothing seems to work! I can\’t seem to get this "1603" error to stop showing up. Any help will be greatly appriciated.

  33. Christopher says:

    I have done everything on this page to get msn messenger 7 beta working but it is still not working and im still getting the error 1603. PLease help me, this is getting on my nerves

  34. Matthew says:

    Okay, who actually encrypts their temp folder?!?@Matthew

  35. Unknown says:

    I have tried everything listed on this site. I am using Windows XP with service pack 2 installed, and nothing seems to work! I can\’t seem to get this "1603" error to stop showing up. Any help will be greatly appriciated.

  36. _ev9 says:

    my,type="win32",version="",publishkeytoken="6595b64144ccf1df",processorarchitecture="x86" HRESULT: 0x80090009thank you !

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