Configuring Windows Live Messenger through the Kaspersky Firewall

1. From the system tray, near the system clock, click on the Kasersky icon to open the Kaspersky Anti-Hacker console.

2. Click on Application Rules to open the Application Rules window.
3. The Application Rules window shows the Internet access rules for various applications through the Kaspersky firewall.
If Windows Live Messenger is listed more than once, or if you want to delete the version that is currently listed, proceed to Step 4. Note: If you already have an entry for Windows Live Messenger but are not sure if the entry is associated with the version of Windows Live Messenger you are running, delete the entry and re-create it.
If you are running Windows Live Messenger and do not have an instance of it in the Application Rules list proceed to Step 5.
To modify the settings for Windows Live Messenger proceed to Step 6.

4. To delete an entry from the Application Rules list, follow the steps below: 
4.a. Select the entry from the list and click on Remove
4.b. Click OK to close the Application Rules window.

5. To add Windows Live Messenger through the Kaspersky firewall, click on New to open the Application Rule window. 
5.a. In the Application Rule window, choose Allow activity of the application according to its type. 
5.b. Click on the allows or blocks link to open the Specify Action window. Choose Allow and click OK .
5.c. Click on the link Specify the application name
5.d. If you are using Windows Live Messenger 8.0 or 8.1 , browse for Windows Live Messenger by going to C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger.  If you are using Windows Live Messenger 8.5 and later, browse for Windows Live Messenger by going to C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Messenger
5.e. Select msnmsgr.exe and click on Select.The application name will be replaced in the Application Rule window.
5.f. Click on the link Allow All
5.g. Choose Allow All in the Application Type window.
5.h. After the rule has been added, the settings will look like the screenshot below. Click on Finish.
6. To modify the access permitted to Windows Live Messenger
6.a. Select Windows Live Messenger from the Application Rules list. Click on Modify.
6.b. Follow steps from 5.a – 5.h to ensure Windows Live Messenger has the appropriate access through the firewall.

For more information, refer to the Kaspersky website

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58 Responses to Configuring Windows Live Messenger through the Kaspersky Firewall

  1. DAVE says:

    If u cant log in or get those errors try downgrading to an older version .. but not a beta version

  2. SRS says:

    One solution I found was if you\’re using Kaspersky, it finds a file called cthelper.exe in windows directory, and blocks its functionality by putting it into detected threats because it see\’s it as a risk and a invader file. Once this file is released and put into the trusted zone, suddenly you can connect to messenger again.

  3. a says:

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  4. donna says:

    Y cant i geton msn??? 

  5. Agostina says:

    My msn account registers a 8100030d problem everytime that I want to connect at work, but at home it works just fine. What can I do? 

  6. Levi says:

    I recently deleted and blocked some of my conacts by mistake can you tell me how to get them back 

  7. Eugenia says:

    Hi, I\’m having problems trying to sign in to Windows Live Messenger, I\’ getting error 8004888d and I tried everything already I hope you can help me with this, I really enjoy messenger and I\’m frustrated with this error, PLEASE HELPP!!!!!

  8. MERY says:

    Quisiera saber porque no puedo entrar en hotmail. parece como si se hubiesen borrado todos mis mensajes. por favor les agradezco una solución 

  9. Charles says:

    Why can\’t I see when someone is online, when I know they are.
    When I sign into yahoo messenger , Windows Live says I apear to be offline.
    That doesn\’t happen with yahoo messenger. Why? 

  10. Daniel says:


  11. Unknown says:

    I just re-install Windows XP Proffesional and now everytime I insert a CD in the CDROM/DVD, My computer freeze. Please help!

  12. elfy says:

    ohhhhhhhhh i hope i am in the right place and someone can help me  plz   i can see my on line buddies in messenger (i have live messenger) but i cant see my off line ones?????????? what can i do?????????

  13. Wei says:

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    This space is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

    To find other spaces and people with similar interests, go to Spaces Central. set up a blog then it turned to the above situation all the time! Can you help me delete the space so that I can create a new one. Or how I can do that? Thanks a lot!

  14. Adele says:

    I  can\’t open messenger, \’cause I\’ve a 81000314…can someone give me some ekplications?
    I\’m Italian, but you can write me also in english, french or german…thanks a lot

  15. john says:

    why does my IM COSTANTLY drop out and give me a delivery notification notice when Im chatting with someone on yahoo

  16. anni says:

    i keep getting error code 8004888d and i dunno what to dooooo………………………….ive had no msn for over two months, but it will let me sign on my acount on a diffrent computer. whats wrong with ittt????????? i hope its not seriously ill. can anyone help mee? thankyou  xxx

  17. Adam says:

    im getting the stupid 81000359 error what do i do

  18. richard says:

    I keep getting Error code 81000359, ive tried changing my firewall, ive redownloaded messenger, and hit retry a hundred times. This hasnt happend before what do i do?

  19. Giancarlo says:

    I´ve been trying to sign into messenger for three days and i keep getting error code: 81000359….i know my own email address so i don´t know what the heel is going on can someone help me….thank you

  20. Natalie says:

    I cannot log into my Windows Live Messenger.  When I try to sign in error code 81000359 pops up.  Help!!

  21. magali says:

    je n\’arrive plus a ouvrir msn il est indiqué erreur 81000314.
    si vous pouvez m\’aider s\’il vous plait et me donner les explications en français.
    merci de votre collaboration.

  22. ツ Diana says:

    hola?? yo soy de mexico,y espero que algunos sepan hablar español o castellano jajajajjajja bueno bye bye bye bye

  23. SYLVIE says:

    Hello, I\’m trying to connect on msn… and it does not work….  The error code is 8100030d…. What does that mean?  I can\’t use msn anymore ….. help me  !

  24. monnox says:

    i have added my brother and sister-in-law who live in australia to my msn but i am unable to chat to them?? can you help me with this please???? thanks tracey 

  25. Abbygale says:

    Iam experiencing great trouble accessing my windows live messenger, i can sign into windows live messenger but i cant send or receice instant messages…someone please help me!

  26. carmelo says:

    perkè col nuovo msn tutte le operazioni tecniche da eseguire sono spiegate in inglese?….come si fa ad avere traduzioni in italiano?

  27. margarita says:

    hola  ,quisiera la esplicacion en español, es más facil para mcomprender para mi

  28. Saverio says:


  29. luis says:

    hola atodos yego el enamorador

  30. Ted and Suzanne says:

    how do you install active x for the windows live messengers to play our games

  31. Unknown says:

    Hey, Does anyone know why i can\’t sign in to msn because this is he 2nd time this week plz if u no add another comment thanks 

  32. marta says:

    madò, in inglese non ho capito nulla…….non si potrebbe avere qualcosa in ITALIANO!?!?!?!

  33. Unknown says:


  34. Unknown says:


  35. purificacion says:

    como puede salir el mensenger en español no entiendo nada de ingles

  36. Benny says:

    how can I solve problem code 80070005, ths

  37. Benny says:

    how can I solve problem code 80070005, ths

  38. Unknown says:

    I am trying to used msn with my wireless net work, but it dose not want to connect. it works when i am plug in to the net, but dose not work when i try to used my wireless connection the error which keeps comming up is 81000306. how do i fix this

  39. Unknown says:

    Me parece perdonen la expresion para poder escribir a traves del messenger,pofavor,si me pueden ayudar se los agradecere.

  40. Unknown says:

    Everyone is telling me that they are unable to send messages to me, they can get mine to them, but i cant receive any of theirs?
    i have tried re-installing msn, but nothing is working
    whats the problem? please HELP

  41. Steve says:

    Hi, i am having a problem with Windows Live Messenger 8.1. No one can talk to me unless i talk to them first. It sends them the error message "the following message could not be delivered to all recipients"   But if i type something to them, then it works…..Help please!!!

  42. Giuliana says:

    I can\’t access my windows live space. What Can I do?

  43. mohammed says:

    i have the same مشكل with the vista OS error :80070005

  44. Unknown says:

    hi i coudln\’t sign in m.s.n from a few days please can you help me and they send for me a error 8004005

  45. Unknown says:

    For windows Vista Ultimate and Kaspersky 6.X ensure you add Live Messenger to the trusted zones under Settings > Protection > Trusted Zones, ensuring it\’s set to not scan ALL network activity:Source: < Kaspersky FAQ

  46. Eric the says:

    I cannot sign on to messenger error code 80070005. The bods at microsoft have sent several replies none of which work !! I can\’t sign in from another location either even using V 7.5 / 8.0. Any help appreciated. I have removed and re installed  * note : my outlook mail is also screwed !!

  47. GismAlla says:

    My Messenger work properly but I need always time update which let the messenger compete with others messenger like google, skye yahoo.

  48. mahmoud says:

    Hi everybody
    I am not able to sign in with Windows Live MSGR, Wiindows Messenger and even Yahoo MSGR for two weeks. I have tried every possible recommendation I found in ppl comments, but non worked to resolve the problem. I keep receiving the error code 80048820 with extended error code 80048401. When I used the conection tester, I got the error code 80070197.

  49. Badr says:

    Hi everybody
    I am not able to sign in with Windows Live MSGR, Wiindows Messenger and even Yahoo MSGR for two weeks. I have tried every possible recommendation I found in ppl comments, but non worked to resolve the problem. I keep receiving the error code 80048820 with extended error code 80048401. When I used the conection tester, I got the error code 80070197.
    I am wondering if anybody can help me correcting this problem. BTW, I am using a school network computer and I have an internet user ID and password. I used them with the messenger.
    I really appreciate any help.

  50. Eddie says:

    Great job. I didn\’t know that kasperskey was even blocking MSNM. I never bothered to look there. Thanks for the help :)

  51. Jun says:

    Thank you it works!!!!!

  52. Bara2 says:

    thanks alot for ur help. it really worked.

  53. colin says:

    hi, i have had the problem where windows live messenger will not log me in  as it keeps coming up with the message saying that windows was unable to sign me
    in at this time. please try again later. also, its saying that my firewall maybe blocking messenger from
    connecting. i tried signing in again with the firewall off, still did not work, and so i contacted the technical support team with my problem and soon enough they replied giving me instructions which i followed, and getting relieved that the problem will finally be fixed, until i entered my usernme and password into WLM and then the same message came up, so i dont know what to do, all i know is i hope they fix this quickly.

  54. josh says:

    i have a temporary solution, just uninstall windows live messenger and use msn 7.5 untill they pull their fingers out and fix the problem, im hosting the installer, if you guys (microsoft/msn) wouldnt like me to do so just send me an e-mail at and ill gladly take it down… it will only be on here for a short while as a temporary fix.

  55. Hannah says:

    for a few days now my new version of msn windows live 8.0 hasnt been working and has been coming up with error type 8004005. how do i fix this problem?

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